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What is NATO and why are the world’s most
powerful leaders suddenly so worried about it? It’s a political and military alliance between
North America and Europe that was born out of World War Two and signed into effect in
1949. Its main aim back then? To push back against any future aggression
from the Soviet Union. ‘The development of the North Atlantic Pact
may have been reflected in the recent changes in the Soviet high command.’ This became particularly important in 1955,
when the Soviet Union and seven other European countries signed the Warsaw Pact. Communism was spreading across Eastern and
Central Europe – and this pact promised military support for Soviet satellite states. There were 12 original NATO member countries
– today there are 28. Seven of those are former Warsaw Pact countries. Each member of NATO has an equal say in discussions
and decisions. One of the most important principles of the
NATO Treaty is Article 5. It states that an attack on one country is,
in theory, an attack against all members. In theory all troops and equipment in each
nation is available for NATO to use. That means there are
3.5 million active personnel and another 3.7 million in reserve. So if it really came down to it, 7.3 million
‘NATO forces’ could be mobilized. But Article 5 has been invoked only once in
its nearly 70 year history – the day after 9/11. It led to NATO action in Afghanistan. Collectively, NATO member states account for
most of the globe’s military spending – just under one trillion dollars. In 2006 all 28 member states agreed to spend
2% of their GDP for the alliance’s defense spending. But in fact, in reality, that target is rarely
met. In 2015 the median spend was just 1.18%.
The United States spent a whopping 3.7%. That means that America accounted for some
70% of the alliance’s total defence spending and it is only one of 5 countries to spend
more than 2%. NATO admits the funding imbalance has been
an issue since the start of the alliance, and that it does cause friction. During his Presidential election campaign,
Donald Trump threatened to pull out of the treaty, calling it ‘obsolete.’ He also said the U.S. would only help countries
that paid their fair share. ‘Because we’re protecting these countries. We have the seal of the United States on these
countries.’ A major test of Trump’s tough stance could
come in 2017, when US troops are due to be deployed in Eastern Europe under Washington’s
European Reassurance Initiative. The U.S. had gradually withdrawn its military
presence from Europe since the fall of the Soviet Union… But that all changed in 2014 when Russia seized
Crimea and started conducting military operations in eastern Ukraine. The U.S. responded with a $1 billion emergency
response. Next year, that budget is set to triple to
$3.4 billion. But will President-elect Trump follow through? We’ll have to wait and see… Phil Han, CNBC London.

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  1. NATO was ostensibly created for the mutual defense of Europe. Looking at the numbers of Allied deployment, it's the Commonwealth of Nations, rather than the United States that has born the brunt of the wars the United States has been involved in. This has been true as far back as WWII. I took a look at the numbers and was staggered. Then I recently remembered GI Joe, I was stupefied when I realized that Fort Bragg is in Australia.
    "Government issue" is an Australian phrase.

  2. Enough dancing around. Georgia has clearly shown it's worth and commitment to NATO. Let us join already!!
    Finally, bring Georgia to NATO in a speedy manner. give us a membership already! There is no need for a map here, just do not use the 5th paragraph yet on the occupied territories, while we are not reunited fully….

  3. NATO sits on top of the Euro; and the Euro sits on top of an ailing banking system in the EU. Prophecy shows the Euros being thrown into the streets; at a time famine arrives. Ezekiel 7: 19-22. Furthermore, the region dissolves into war with Russia, at the time 25 countries and small municipalities all bankrupt together. NATO is flat on its back when the Euro crashes into the abyss. Don't expect Mr Trump to fight for the EU, and make it stand up again. What is NATO? It is the Titanic, and its already struck the iceberg. This would make a good plot for a farce comedy. The military body prepared for war forever; and when war arrived, it was subject to a bankrupt Euro, and couldn't get off its….. and onto its feet.

  4. ..it's a evil War Machinery, and they do not have to fear consequences for their illegal wars ? But everybody knows these days – FACT!

  5. But didnt George Washington say to not make close alliances with other countries in order to avoid siding with a country?

  6. What is NATO? NATO is a imperialist gang of western powers who are too afraid to face Russia and always bully the weak countries and exploit their resources. I cant literally think of any other definition more precise.

  7. What NATO did to yugoslavia was a crime,I wish soviet union returns and crush that organization like watermelon.

  8. So horrible as we a worldly members still see propagandistic recruitement that states it can't be avoided the kill of innocents, it will be eternal hell if this wouldn't change, communism to empower the allied forces, compete madness 2019!

  9. Ruusia , china , pakistan , india & iran should also make an organization like NATO so that Asia can get progress & prosperity & remove American Terrisom in Asia

  10. Nato is shit. Almost all of you live in a global neo-feudal society. Freedom is an illusion, wake up guys.

  11. NATO is American hammer for breaking up countries who refuse to be enslaved by Judeo-American corporations.

  12. এই হল ন্যাটোর অবস্থা।

    ন্যাটোকে ধ্বংস করতে পারলেই ইহুদি-খৃষ্টানদের বংশবিস্তার বন্ধ হয়ে যাবে।

    Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom and United States.

  13. A bunch of thugs, kept by bigger thugs using common tax payers money. CNBC as usual peddling lies and bullshit.

  14. Most Countries in NATO hav a population smaller than 10 million. NATO is a bunch of small countries clubbing together in an mutual defence alliance. LONG LIV NATO!

    NATO USES MICROSOFT WHICH IS ALL COMPROMISED BY China’s National University of Defense Technology (NUDT).
    Microsoft Worked with Chinese Military University on AI Development

  16. My previous teacher was doing teaching on the side as he prepared to join the military. One day we talked about NATO and i brought up what he thinks about the possibility of him going to fight for another country just because of something similar to article 5. He said "For me its not about fighting for one spesific flag or language that i grew up with, but for the human race as a whole. A country halfway across the continent that speaks a language i dont understand still contains mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and possibly someone to fall in love with. I fight so everyone no matter where they are can wake up everyday, have their bitter coffee and bland breakfast, go to their boring work then come back home to watch TV till they fall asleep again."

  17. Well who we think that have most power army:ALLAH or nato?
    Well Allah created human and now human fells that he is strong and also he will diee who will be stronger then stronger is Allah who is for forever. NATO is controled by illuminati satans.
    Allah punishmented Izrael with Fire
    NATO have no balls to do that so shut the fuk up. You need to thank Allah that he is mercyfull otherways he burn evryone who is agaist hem Also In other world we will see how nato will save you from Hell fire who disbelivers nonMuslims will be there forever fukin nato we dont need hem We Need Allah Only hem no one other i hope you understand

  18. ** Sensational book about NATO!
    NATO – a monster on a disaster course.
    Written by, Hans Myrebro.
    "NATO – a monster on disaster course" is an easy-to-read and well-documented depiction of NATO's destructive and morbid activities for 15-20 years ".

  19. Good America created the need for defense spending and Its not another leader's problem when Obama destabilizes Libya for a decorate

  20. Nato is a Western Jewdeo-Christian Zionists alliance the army of the Dajjal Anti-christ the military arm of the Satanic Zionist Jew bankers

  21. United Nations lies about the climate change, about co2, creates a global govermment to recieve taxes from all. It is all about geopolitics.

  22. United Nations lies about the climate change, about co2, creates a global govermment to recieve taxes from all. It is all about geopolitics.

  23. United Nations lies about the climate change, about co2, creates a global govermment to recieve taxes from all. It is all about geopolitics.

  24. Each time when there is real possibility for peace or an agreement, some shit happens and here we go again, war, military exercises etc.

  25. In year 1991 usa;s foregin minister Baker made an agreement with former sovjet president Gorbatjov, that " Nato will not expand one inch to the east". Year 1989 there was sixteen nato countries , now it´s twentynine ! A nice agreement ! And they all are afraid of Russian agression. What many european politician dont understand or/and are to stupid or/and corrupted is that, IF Russia should attack and invade an european nato country the other nato countries will bomb that country to crumbs and thousands of civilians children and other innocent would die in so called collateral damage. And after the bombing nato army´s will come and "help", with even more innocent people killed and the country in ruins ! I say, what this nato is all about is money and corruption all to make more money to the arms industry, and how many countries have russia attacked/invaded since ww 2 ? Usa, at least, at least twenty ! So the biggest threath to worldpeace is not russia, it´s usa, fuck them !

  26. Does any steam / uplay and electronic art / android/iOS store mobile application and apps or game/ comics relatively to this military alliance?

    How many ethical and language does those European central bank they spoking?

    Does Africa and middle east and south America and far east have that similar contract?

    It looks like pay as you go or life contract?

    Why getty image and alliance french press and alliance press ( usa) and stock alarm photos always about
    war and conflict image ?

    As a dummy , will china and Taiwan and North Korea and south korea and japan and Indonesia and Singapore and india and Nepal and Mongolia and tajastian , tajastian and ubersktian and India and butan and east yellow Russia ( Siberian) sign a treated of (east Pacific treater association) APTS for defend capitalist and monopoly and capitalism ??

    When will human going to moon and outer space for space tourism?

  27. Hey Trump. At this time, america and NATO…are confronting bellicose and aggressive Russia, greedy and cruel China, iran, stupid NK…. America and NATO must unite to prove the strongest organization to win future wars. I strongly recommend this.

  28. this guy Stoltenberg became the biggest clown in Europe, no one want to listen his nonsense anymore, the only countries which still support NATO are Romania, Poland, Ukraine and Kosovo. and when EU make their own army NATO will become useless, as it is now, and it'll fall apart.

  29. Time for nato step in remove Madura by force or declare war-he s making a fool of all rights that other countries follow his regime is over-war

  30. I came here because im a college student who was never really taught history of any kind…except of the history of about one state. Ugh

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