What is my TronLink Tron Address?

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what’s going on guys tonight’s video is very essential and basic to
understanding how the Tron link wallet works and that is is how do I get funds
into my Tron link and what is my address well you simply click on Tron link and
then you have your desired account and then you hit receive so when you hit the
receive a button that will give you your address and that is the value this value
right here this is if you scan it with a QR reader this is if you send it to
somebody so if I hit copy address that is my unique address on the Tron
blockchain that I use in order to receive funds so if I wanted to get some
Tron or send some Tron I would send it to the receive address so that is all
there is to it you hit copy address and it’s on your clipboard and then you can
send it to your friend and he can send you some Tron this is crypto slo if your not talking gains then were were not talking

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