What is Lisk? A Blockchain Platform for DApps in JavaScript

Liske is a platform on which developers can build publish distribute and monetize their own blockchain applications a blockchain application looks and feels like a regular application but it's built on top of a blockchain or decentralized network rather than hosted and managed by a single entity however a number of challenges associated with developing blockchain applications such as a lack of tooling and frameworks prevents it from being widely adopted liske aims to remove these obstacles by providing developers with an easy-to-use side-chain development kit to build their own blocks and applications each blockchain application runs on top of its own sidechain a fully customizable blockchain that is connected to lists main chain and the SDK is completely written in JavaScript the most commonly used programming language in the world so with lists everyone can develop decentralized social networks messengers games exchanges storage platforms and much more without the complexity of developing a blockchain from scratch access the power of blockchain with Liske

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