What is Kyber Network?

[Music] let me show you a quick overview of cable network kind of looking towards the future where any tokens is usable anytime anywhere today there are already thousands of different of guns and protocols and we expect this number to explode over the next few years the innovation is obviously amazing however there’s one major problem that we need to address the vast majority of these students are only used on agendas all for their own specific use cases leading to a fragmented ecosystem where the usability of both tokens and applications I tremely admitted what Kaiba is doing is becoming the bridge between the whole universe of tokens and applications and allowing the tokens to be used seamlessly anyway for example for go to the notice they should be able to use the tokens to buy a t-shirt to play video games or even invest in hedge funds and of course it’s not just about of defense but any kind of tokens that one might hold so let me explain a little bit on how things work at the heart of khyber they said decentralized Akriti network which enables anyone to openly contribute liquidity by being a reserve and at the same time any applications can freely integrate and access to the lucrative pool top guns supported by the network will become instantly usable across all the interpreted applications I know it sounds a little bit uptight so let me just give you a few example say you have a lot of obesity pants and you want to user but your favorite t-shirt store only want to accept you know stable coins so once the store integrates with khyber you can purchase t-shirt using oMG or any token of your choice when the same connection that will receive the payment in their preferred okay you know II die eater or true USD this is possible because chiral security network supports instant token token collections similarly for any decentralized financial locations including agendas index fund that have integrated with khyber you wouldn’t be able to contribute to the fund in different events that are available on cable and in the same connection the fund can instantly rebalance is portfolio into its desire mix of tokens everything is done on this man contract and fully on chain leading to a fully secure just parent and verifiable financial system and as you can see from these two simple examples what Kaiba focuses on is removing as much friction as possible for the uses of any kind of defense across any kind of use case and we do so by enabling three things first of all making it easy for any applications to integrate with khyber secondly removing risk and uncertainty from every single transaction and lastly by making a whole process transparent and secure we believe that the removal of these barriers is critical for mainstream adoption of decentralized applications we do not see a future in which you have to hold and buy 50 different events in order to use 50 different apps token holders should be able to use an independence they have to access all the use cases available and on the flipside the centralized applications should be you know dramatically expanded that user base by interpreting with khyber and accepting any kind of tokens let me end with some thoughts on how we view the rock in space today first off we believe liquidity is not about reading but it’s that Liberty really boils down to usability or how seamlessly tokens can be used across many different applications and use cases with at least Oh friction as possible and when that is achieved the entire central core system will be able to work much better together to realize his full potential secondly we believe that the first phase of the tokenize will really arrived when we co-create that is first event as we know following which material are selected the evolution by making it easy for developers and s elders to create the token without replying is you know their own new chain and where we are now is a word that has an exploding about tokens with many more to come as a result the next phase has to be one where tokens not to scare created but become usable and accepted in as many ways as possible and this is the future that carbon is cooking towards one where the decentralized ecosystem operates together seamlessly and where any tokens is usable anytime anyway [Music]

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