What is GMB’s Dual-Cryptocurrency?

We would like to introduce GMB Platform’s
Cryptocurrency that can be used in real life. What do you think of first when Bitcoin is mentioned? A dream of hitting it big
through the rise in currency value? Or a foolish idea that deceives the public? The real meaning of cryptocurrency is not an illusion or an unreliable scam. Cryptocurrency is a new form of currency
that reflects a new era. So why can’t it be valued as real money? The reason is because cryptocurrency has more
asset functions for storing value than the function of regular money
for transferring value. Let’s take Alice for example. Suppose Alice orders a cup of coffee from a café and calculates the coffee price
with 1 coin of cryptocurrency. If 1 coin of cryptocurrency was $5 when ordering, Alice is drinking a cup of coffee for $5. But what happens if the price
of cryptocurrency keeps changing? Some people may pay more than 5 dollars, and some may pay less. Depending on the time, others will have to pay
different prices for the same cup of coffee. For this reason, it is difficult to say
that cryptocurrency is real money. For it to be used like real currency in everyday life, it must have a stable value that anyone can trust in. Not to mention, it must also have the value of assets that existing cryptocurrencies have for the creation of the cryptocurrency Ecosystem. To solve this issue, GMB Platform created
a Dual-Cryptocurrency system that meets both the functions of real money and assets. This system consists of Master Coin and Branch Coin. Master Coin acts as the key currency of GMB Platform and has the ability to store asset values
like existing cryptocurrencies. Branch Coin always has the same value as fiat currency, eliminating the volatility of cryptocurrency and allowing people to use them
like money anytime and anywhere. Since Branch Coin is issued based
on the fiat currency of each country, it can be spent the same way
as the currency of that country. Master Coin and Branch Coin can be exchanged
and immediately used whenever it is necessary because they can be exchanged through
GMB Platform’s own Decentralized Exchange, otherwise known as GMB DEX. If we go back to Alice ordering a cup of coffee, Alice will now be able to pay 5 Branch Coins,
which is equivalent to 5 dollars. Since Branch Coin always maintains the same value, the price of coffee when calculated in Branch Coin, will always be the same. Through Master and Branch Coin,
GMB Platform seeks to make cryptocurrency not just a means of value for specific individuals, but a currency that can be used in our daily lives. GMB Platform A new cryptocurrency beginning.

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