hello my friends in this video I’m
going to tell you what is a ethereum cryptocurrency so guys a theorem is one
of the best currency it is the second best currency in the crypto world okay
and being holding the it second position I am going to tell in this video how it
started from 95 cents to over $1400 okay and how much it can go can it easily at
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coming to the point what is the theorem a theorem is basically a cryptocurrency
that was introduced for the purpose of like on that time building an app and
website although was familiar but not that much as it was there was no
decentralized platform for providing the for providing developers a platform
where they can create apps even if they don’t know much about that technology ok
so the main purpose of the etherium is to create a platform where anyone who
don’t even have technical skills can easily create app ok app or a platform
and ëthere IAM is a basically a platform for creating any kind of ER c20 based
tokens ok and many of the currencies are aetherium
based 20 it ERC 20 based ok and this there are two decentralized exchange i
think one is ID x and another one is ether delta so whenever you purchase any
of the coin from an IC o—- that and the token is of ERC 20 based then you
get it for sure on idec’s and ether delta okay
so what made them to feel that they should create
aetherium first of all it was hard to find a platform where they can ease it
to make the apps and all that and to earn a digital currency to create
digital tokens so that is why the etherium is made and it aetherium is
having great potential that in the past years that theorem is not too much old
it’s about four or less than that year so that etherium has come okay so before
we move to our this topic let’s first have a look at about the market okay
about the market of the etherium so here is the etherium let’s see it’s today’s
price is five hundred and thirty six dollars okay and you can see it’s down
the total supply of the etherium is a 98 million and that is too low and idioms
capitalization is 52 billion dollars that is absolutely very much less as
compared to its all-time high you can see it over here it’s all-time high
market cap was 134 billion dollars that means about 3x of now and it’s all-time
high price was about fourteen hundred dollars okay okay let’s just see it yeah
it’s about fourteen hundred dollars and it’s low price you can see over it was
introduced in 24:15 or 2014 yeah it was introduced before 2015 in 2014 okay so
aetherium is basically let us have a look at its website first after that we
are going to dig a little deeper this is their official website you can see over
here how the all this and over here you can see yeah etherium
is also having smart contracts we are going to talk about this a little later
and later we are also going to talk about the history of the etherium and
how much can it go in the future okay so this was the web there this is their
website you can visit it if you want to learn anything from here okay so now
comes what makes the theorem really different it theorem is basically
different as it basically focuses on creating a platform for creating digital
tokens for creating apps and all that okay and moving forward oh yeah now the
remain question comes what is a smart contract a smart contracts are contracts
written in code that are basically written in code by anyone for example if
you want to rent a car from a service and those they use is basically
etherium okay so a smart contract is generated when the phone is transferred
and then the key will be given to the funder transferor means who have
purchased if the key is not provided he will be refunded so that is basically a
smart contract okay and yeah whenever how much the etherium fees is charged
for and on what basis it is charged let’s talk about it for example if you
want to change something in the app that is that you have constructed on the
ethereal platform so how much the gas will be used in changing that what you
want to change on that more the amount of the gas will be used the more the
amount of the etherium tokens will be charged okay so this is the basically
all this and now I already suggest you you want to learn more about this I am
also going to tell you about this more but coin Telegraph is the best here is a
very lengthy article you can read here a lot it has given given over here
you can see over here in late 90s or even later in 2013
Vitalik butyrate introduced the eye theory ‘m okay he founded it with 30
other people and though these are some names given over here Charles Djou given
who would and all that so is it a cryptocurrency absolutely it is a
cryptocurrency that is formed after Bitcoin to solving the problem of the
software developing app developing program developing ERC 20 very tokens
and all that both all three these three things are totally based on software
burnt if they want to create the kind of tokens on the etsu 20 plan oh sorry
on the etherium platform then they need to learn their ether language as well
okay and easy theorem like Bitcoin yeah absolutely it is a cryptocurrency but it
is not a there its competitor it basically works on helping to create
smart contracts and helping to create ERC 20 tokens and all that it’s a supply
is too less and it takes about two 15 sec and yet about two minutes to trial
process a transaction okay now how a theorem basically works
he theorem basically works whenever there is a developer who wants to
develop a he or she 20 token or any kind of software on the e e theorem platform
then he can introduce it over there and the fees will be charged as per the gas
what amount has been taken over has been indulged in creating that application in
soft in creating that software okay what can you theorem be used for I have
already told you it is a decentralized application platform and all that and
now the advantages of aetherium he theorem is basically works on the
blockchain Najee okay it – it basically I have
already told you that it for in the secured yeah this point is very very
important that a theorem so a security is very tight
it has there have different kind they keep on upgrading their security okay so
it is it’s very hard for hacking that and it’s good for the developers to find
a place where they can easily create applications where they can create
easily top cons disadvantages or the disadvantage is that sometimes as a
human is doing that so there may be an error while writing the code language
and then it can be hacked okay so to avoid that new code languages to new
code is to be written so what apps whatever word any kind of dev app can be
developed you can see over here some other apps that have been already
developed Geonosis up or to augur allies bitte nation and all that the some work
it to actually the over works on forecast market allies works on
transferring the social funding and all that and ether it lance is for the
freelancers and all that lots of lots have been made so now how you can get
ethers Peters can be mined and can be purchased you can purchase it from big
exchanges like coinbase gemiini sects daughter your coin mama crack and G Dax
and all that now comes the past history a little past
history of the etherium and let’s we will also talk about the future and in
the first we need to talk about the future why okay so now it’s open okay it’s just taking the little I am very
very sorry why it is so I don’t come to know okay so you can see over here on it the
helium generally started from 95 cents I think on that time it was not listed on
the coin market cap that’s why it’s not showing on to 2016 its price was about
$2 and 57 cents okay and on on and on you can see over here on 1 January 2017
its price rose to $8 and 26 cents about 3.5 x oh and or like something like that
and then in the 2017 November 5 it rose to $300 and then after the pump comes of
the 2017 December and you all know that you can see over here in the December it
on this in December it rose to for about $500
it has fallen that’s why it’s showing four hundred and sixty seven dollars and
during the January it rose to over fourteen hundred dollars but now it has
again fallen to taozi $1,100 so this was the history and now let’s talk about
diet areum’s future he theorem switcher is generally very bright as in the
future more and more cryptocurrencies will come and it is basically trying to
reduce the technical knowledge to create the tokens platforms software okay so in
the future it can easily touch $10,000 as we can see over here it’s cap is
about fifty two billion dollar and if anything it will be awful market will be
of about two one trillion dollar it’s now it will be of 3x off now
then it will be easy as the market will grow at a very fast rate it went about
700 and $800 800 billion dollars during its boom so now next time it will go
very much high so by that 2019 can easily to $10,000 that I’m not just
our advising you do your own research don’t just rely on anyone else and don’t
forget to comment that what do you thing about aetherium how much it can go so if
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what is a theorem cryptocurrency so bye bye

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