What Is Driving People To Cryptocurrency?

Good morning grab your coffee. Let’s chat. I’m fishy culture on steaming. I’m a mom I must on YouTube it unclear if you’re running to me in the street I want to talk a little more today about the currency the things we started touching on the other day Now as this market gets dicey in That market heats up People will begin talking the investors the professionals begin talking to you about the flight to safety the flight to quality of different currencies So I want to just read a couple quick things. I’ll include the links here first I want to talk about flight to safety. This is from first line effects calm It appears the flight to safety trade in the currency market is the Euro this time around stuff like this from May of 2017 Brett said it already happened. We’ve seen what’s happened Portugal agrees and The euro is currently and they’re calling that the safe investment as of May The flight to quality now This is from investopedia same thing all politically Flight to quality is the action of investors moving their capital away from riskier investments to the safest possible investment vehicles So we’re talking about Moving out of currency into stocks bonds metals whatever they consider safe at the moment hardly ever metals for some mysterious reason But both of these concepts are always talking about going from currency to bonds to things that are traditional investments When we talk about the cryptocurrency and what’s happening in that market all we ever hear is bubble bubble bubble bubble bubble well I Was sort of in that camp until pretty recently. I just didn’t really understand kryptos, and I’m still not pretending I do do not take anything. I’m saying as investment advice these are random thoughts of a housewife chicken But if we’re going to talk about a safe currency So the government is doing things to protect the value of their currency like put a plunge Protection team in place do bail is do bail outs too big to fail banks this stuff is not making a currency safe With cryptocurrency you hear a lot about all security security you’ve got to keep your own account safe That’s safety when it’s in your hands your control, and it’s on you to keep your currency safe. You’re gonna do a better job You’re gonna be serious about it You might screw up once or twice But after you’ve been burned a few times you’ll figure out how to do it and do it, right Now then the flight to quality You know they we are talking about going from currency to bonds. That’s ridiculous These are all still part of that fiat matrix. It’s all part of that How versus have not a scarcity based currency If we could shift our paradigm to an abundant economy based on a currency of abundance crypto currencies become this incredibly high-quality vehicle of investment You know the touch briefly on that third-world thing again you Know there are people are concerned that taking money steam it out of the platform and starting to spend it in their real world will devalue the overall platform, and if that is a Scarcity based mindset if you stop and think about the abundance More and more people out in the street this guy doesn’t have enough of his dollars to buy whatever he needed But then he watches that guy walk over with his telephone and make this transaction with these steam it dollars. He says Where did you get those dogs? He says I’ve logged for him. I earned him how fast will this spread and The idea is these people didn’t just go into the reward pool and take this money They earned it they put something of quality in to steam it and they get something of value back out That is how an economy should be based and there should not be a limiting factor? Is there a limit to how much quality the humans produced? Not so much every day people are having new ideas and doing new beautiful wonderful things Every day there should be a way for them to be rewarded for that in cryptocurrency is that vehicle so when people are talking to you about flights to safety and especially flights to quality and then telling you to move the bonds the stocks the Diversify get into cryptocurrency There is safety there the safety in numbers the safety of all of us getting in this together even the banksters behind ya They’re gonna play their games, but I think it’s gonna backfire on them spectacular fashion and that selective quality we have to invest our Quality’s the best quality of us into these industry men to get the quality to be reflected in the currency But I think we’re really on to something Really excited to be a part of this one. We courage you if you not join steam it yet keep on awesome community

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  1. Im so done with government issued currency. Im all over the cryptos not just trade and barter. The cryptocurrency market hasn't even hit the trillion fiat dollar point and once bitcoin reaches 100k we wont even care about fiat dollars unless were still paying taxes with them. Your awesome and ahead of the game, ive learned soo much so feel free to ask me anything. I have a channel i talk about this stuff on if your interested its The Silver Psy Op. Have a great day, i lost my steemit recovery early on so im mot sure when ill be able to get back on it lol

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