What is Dash?

If you’re watching this, you’re probably wondering:
“What is Dash?” Or maybe even: “What is digital currency?” Well, Dash is Digital Cash Money exchanged on a highly secure, open-source, peer-to-peer network, much like Bitcoin But unlike Bitcoin, it’s really the first form of digital cash that works just like physical cash Your money isn’t held in a central banking organisation Instead, you hold your money in a safe and easy way, maintaining full control This means that you have total privacy when it comes to your purchases Your transactions can’t be tracked by any organisation or curious 3rd parties Instead, your information is private! Another great benefit is that transactions can occur instantaneously There’s no wait or lag Money changes hands right away, just like handing over physical cash when making a purchase And because Dash is truly fungible, it’s the first real working form of true digital cash That means Dash really is private, instantaneous and secure With Dash, fees are extremely low, or completely non-existent No bank is sitting in the middle of everything and charging you to hold or use your money Instead, you’ve got the power Anyone can use Dash, anywhere around the world, at any time Just download the wallet for free and get started You can buy yourself goods and services contribute to projects or charities, send
money to family and friends and more! All without boundaries And this is just the beginning Dash is Digital Cash To learn more on how Dash is building the future of money Visit us online at www.dash.org

58 thoughts on “What is Dash?”

  1. I don't think it works on the local economies, markets, and villiages. <it would be useless for small businesses. they want cash only. Also, there would be gimmicks included for foreign exchanges. These are just good for crooks, and money launderers.

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  3. This video told me nothing about how it works and how it's different from Bitcoin and other blockchain coins.

  4. bitcoin, dash, smash, crash,…. i prefer CA$H, Silver/Gold… if the net goes down or gets hacked im still sleeping soundly 🙂

  5. all those cryptocurrency groups are fighting to replace the bankers and take their spot as money printing gods

  6. Watched the whole video and still don't understand why I should choose this one over any other cryptocurrency. What is special about it? The video just explained what basically every cryptocurrency does by default.

  7. WOW! I thought this was really something different. What the video describes is just the same as almost all other Digital Coins. It is really just another MARKETING SCAM. No real difference in any way. To create a truly Smart SMART CONTRACT takes much more than a decent video and an "exciting new form of digital cash" – WHAT A JOKE.

  8. WOMAN DASH DOWNLOAD HERE https://www.dash.org/wallets/#wallets !!! LEARN TUMS TO USE and you can save money on purchases can not pay taxes and multiply your CAPITAL by investing some money in DASH !!! THE MAP OF SHOPS is also on the site and in the wallet !!!

  9. Fools buying into universal currency will destroy national sovereignty and economic sovereignty. Fools. Short term gains for long term losses

  10. 0:12 – How is Dash unlike bitcoin because it is digital cash. In this regard it is exactly the same as bitcoin. Why even mention this when its a complete lie and not needed?

  11. Nice short introduction video, it remains me of the video on bitcoin.org. But the hard part starts for those that have not they research crypto and wish to know everything. I did my years of study and will continue to do so, but for now Dash is the best version of trust-less decentralized cash available.

  12. Everyone can issue the digital money, what is the point? and once the big company of the word issues their own digital money, eventually the word will be monopolized the word.

  13. Trash coin …. its all pure marketing.
    Also some people in the dash teamed allready had millions of supply before even starting, nice shit*SCAM* coin to say the least.
    Secondly it has a shit name… and a SHITwebsite.. buy washpowder!! dash aka trash.
    and they have bankers as friends,, please fuck off please

  14. Thanks to this video i noticed that the d in "dash" is just a c turned around and a dash ( <— funny) in between it…

  15. Hell in the world of Scam Crap. Making money on your back. The NSA has already a grip on all these transaction to trace you. Anywhere in the world they can close you down. Robocop OCP tricks. Good for money hungry people thinking they can get rich??? Joke!
    Snowball system

  16. "DASH" is a poor choice of name for money. Because in Nigeria, "dash" means baksheesh, bribe, graft, etc. Money you pay under the table to get what the other person has the power to grant, but they don't really deserve.

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  18. No entiendo mucho el ingles… pero, hice click en el comercial porque me pareció interesante. Por favor podrían hacer una versión en ESPAÑOL? el mismo vídeo pero con subtítulos en español, por favor! Que realmente me interesa esta moneda… realmente la encuentro diferente a las demás.

  19. Maybe you are interested. #DASH is currently trading on Coinoda with 0% transaction fee forever! Visit coinsoda.io and start trading immediately. This is a new exchange. It is different from other exchange sites

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