what is dash cryptocurrency? How DASH is Different from Bitcoin | Cryptocurrency

So one of the more popular crypto currencies
out there is dash. And for those of you not familiar with the
cryptocurrency world you may wonder what the difference is between dash and bitcoin for
example or dash and light going well each of these crypto currencies are structurally
different. It’s a bit disingenuous to say they’re all
the same and Dash is a perfect example. So Dash is number one it’s very fast it’s
almost instantaneous. The Bitcoin process is a little bit slower. It’s based on Bitcoin software but it has
two tiers. So the most important one at least for differentiation
is that there is no blank chain. Now Bitcoin has a block chain that it publishes
and it shows you every transaction that occurs. And the main reason for this is that it makes
sure that there’s only 21 million the error or less cut there can only be the 21 million. So it has anonymous numbers from wallet to
wallet on the block chain and publishes as well. Dash doesn’t do that if you’re familiar with
the Tor network. It’s a network that is decentralized and these
would all represent what they would call master nodes which is a computer for example. This could be in the United States. It could be Japan Hong Kong Belgium Finland
South Africa and they’re all over the world and they’re connected through this network. Their users their end users people like you
and I. And there’s no actual full block chain. There’s a bit here there’s a bit here there’s
a bit here there’s a bit here and then they’re all kind of compiled by doing so it gives
you a second layer of protection and privacy. That’s one of the biggest things that they
push. Now there’s low fees in fact they say it’s
free most of the time it’s peer to peer. So it’s you know if I owed you money or wanted
to buy something from you I could send you a certain amount of dash that is the main
departure from bitcoin. It’s about one tenth of value. You can see here on this chart as I record
this word about a tenth the value of bitcoin. So it does make it a little bit more accessible
for newer traders. It does move in a little bit exaggerated moves
at times it’s a little thinner market than bitcoin but it is popular enough that over
time. It is very stable. So it’s something that people like to invest
in. It’s available through most cryptocurrency
exchanges. This one is this is a chart of added crack
in which most of you should be familiar with. But there are several other ones you can trade
dash at Dash is very popular. Certainly in the top tier of crypto currencies
and although can be a bit exaggerated in a short amount of time overall is very stable
as you can see on this daily chart.

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