13 thoughts on “What is cryptocurrency? | IN 60 SECONDS”

  1. Cryptocurrency is like Facebook, it's value based on nothing other than an internet cyberspace. people are living in the digi world end time.

  2. First thing about ever making it is taking a risk, i wonder why most crypto people buy in and hold their coin out of fear of loosing it, its like buying a property and just hoping it appreciates when you can actually do more like rent it off while watching it appreciate, however i believe making investments that ring back daily profits is the way to go, invested 7btc back in July but now its worth over 12btc, so why hold when you can invest promptly,  for a successful and profitable CryptoCurrency Trading kindly email me however so you dont fall into the wrong hands, i'll tell you about it.. I am also offering Crypto Course for beginners and professionals alike.
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  3. wasn't there some hacking going on a few weeks ago? the prices suddenly dropped because of it, not too sure

  4. Good video Mark Jamison. I knew very little about cryptocurrency and this was a good 1st lesson. Do you recommend getting into it?

  5. There's a free airdrop going on for the next month people, sign up while it's not too late 🙂 http://ternio.me/drop

  6. What is crypto currency? Get rich fast scheme that doesnt work and has only empty promises and fake propaganda

  7. Crypto is putting a major dent into the Rothschild dollar debt plantation and another big dent into slavery in general.

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