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During a trip to China you might just find yourself in a digital detox but not by choice. Some of the world’s most popular apps and platforms are completely blocked. Facebook, Google, YouTube, Yahoo, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit. And it’s not just social media platforms and user generated videos. China’s internet restrictions are some of the most sophisticated in the world. Its far-reaching system not only blocks social media sites and search engines but routinely blocks news websites too. Apple’s iBooks and iTunes movie offerings have also been shut down. But LinkedIn is allowed. Why? Some experts say it’s because connecting China’s workforce with the world can only help Chinese companies. After all, they need to find foreign partners to import, export, and even recruit foreign talent. Plus political discourse doesn’t typically take place on LinkedIn and the company openly plays by the rules in China. Even creating a simplified Chinese version of its platform. Restrictions in China are not loosening up as the world becomes more interconnected online. In fact, they’re likely to get even tighter for the country’s 730 million internet users. China’s President Xi Jinping recently issued tighter rules for online news portals and network providers. Through China’s Cyberspace Administration, the government is overhauling its internet regulations for the first time in over a decade with new mandates. For example, you’ll need to obtain a license just to have something like your own website, an app, forum, blog, microblog or internet broadcast. Now, earlier this year, China’s president said thatprotectionismis like “locking oneself in a dark room.” He said this in an effort to push Chinese leadership on global trade. But when it comes to internet access in China, that’s pretty much what’s happening to a user… locking oneself in a dark room. Sort of. China’s internet is more like anintranet –a private network connected within an enterprise.In fact, an estimated 96% of online traffic in China goes to Chinese servers. But in its effort to block outsiders — many of China’s homegrown companies are actually benefiting quite well. Baidu, Tencent and Alibaba are not just some ofChina’sbiggest internet enterprises. They’re some of the biggest in theworld. By blocking international rivals like Google, Facebook and Amazon from the market, the world’s most populous country is discouraging competition and therefore helping its own companies. And more and more people continue to log on in China. Last year, the number of Chinese internet users increased at the fastest pace in several years. 43 million new internet users came online in China last year. That’s more than the entire populations of Canada and Costa Rica combined. Now of course many people access the internet anyway through virtual private networks or VPN. But China is cracking down, recently threatening to stop illegal internet activity, and some local governments warn they’ll impose heavy fines and are announcing vague forms of punishment for breaking the law. China has also introduced a new law requiring both domestic and foreign internet companies to practice censorship, register names of users, and even aid in government surveillance. But China isn’t just censoring the internet to prevent Western influences from sweeping through its country, but also, to improve its own image. The government says its initiatives will improve positive propaganda and even strengthen supervision over public opinion. So if you’re connected online in China there’s really no way of telling just how vast your experience is being filtered.

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  1. You stupid western media,everybody in China uses VPN,you are pretty safe if you don't try to challenge the gov

  2. If there is one thing you learn from this video: Don't visit China before visiting first VpnMentor to select a vpn for your trip.

  3. 共匪才是中国共产党的正确名称。共匪邪教毒害洗脑大陸人民,罪孽深重!消灭共匪,从你做起!


    chinese communist bandits want world domination. the usa government should shut down all chinese communist media in the usa. they don't allow voice of america, radio free asia to operate inside china, why should the usa government allows chinese communist propaganda machines working in the usa?

    it is better to ask voice of america and radio free asia to ask president trump directly instead of us signing the petition. so everyone should contact those two news media, and ask them to ask the president to shut down chinese propaganda machines in the usa.

    i wrote the following 10 months ago.
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  4. China blocking all companies from India and USA and it demanded free trade from Trump and European union..

  5. "Western influence" includes the following dangers…

    1. Mass shootings
    2. Zombified people caused from social media
    3. Riots
    4. Feminists
    5. The list goes on and on lol

  6. Twitter … Disappears More Americans / Censor
    Twitter Disappears More Americans … American Holocaust

    A piling on by the Secret Cabal is intensifying.

    Social Media has joined the J.P.Morgan control of newspaper’s editorials back in 1917 with Tom Braden’s (CIA) Operation Mockingbird by inserting “facts” and “fake news”.

    In the early part of the last Century …those from secret societies ran the newspapers. Norman Chandler, Henry Luce, Henry Davenport.

    They use cut outs from Mexico and Hungary and surround themselves with a gaggle of “sweet sounding foundations” deadly as Belladonna.

    Belladonna is he name of espionage collaborator’s Leon Panetta’s “ranch”.

    Since they know our names we and our children should know theirs.

  7. 1.mainly block the one who againsts china.
    2.the google system and social media(easy become tools for the first reason.)
    3.then porn webs..(easy hacked by hacker).
    That all chinese average people consider why our governments built the great fire wall. Of cause it annoying sometimes. But at the other hand it makes Internet more clean..

  8. When government's attempt to control the information and content people can receive,

    how is it positive to block your citizens from seeing and interacting with the world outside of China?? It's analogous to Plato's allegory of the cave. Smh

  9. US censors their evil wars and killings of innocent people throughout the world. You're even censored about their corrupt government, court systems, Policing and prisons.

  10. China is a molch with over 1300 millionen people = bigger as the whole "free west" together.

    On top of that it's under constant attack since meanwhile hundreds of years by this "free west", who had showed, how much they love to push countries into chaos, including massive abuse of the internet.

    It's absolutely no wonder, that a giant like this does not allow western media to just do their usual shit…

  11. But chinese citizens can freely travel to any country right? If they go to, say, the U.S they can access YT, Google, etc and browse content that's censored in China. So… isn't it useless to block all these platforms when their citizens can perfectly use in another country??

  12. Governments Like China continue to be able to control citizen’s access to the internet and social media?


  13. A Blockchain SOLUTION To Online Censorship Has Arrived And It’s Called POCKETNET! Watch it here: https://youtu.be/5SRGKMk7_VU

  14. South korea also is about to control and suppress the mass media soon. South korea president moon jae in is tiny xi jin ping.

  15. If you were smart enough to tell right from wrong, solve the problem simply by getting a VPN;
    If you couldn't even figure out what is a VPN, then you'd better not connect with outside world in China because you are also easily contaminated by all those comments/judgements.

    BTW all the keyboard players out there in the comments, judge before you actually get yourself a flight ticket and see the world. You are the one who's blocked by your media. Peace.

  16. All countries censor and repress their population to a greater or lesser degree. And this is good by the way. Otherwise there would be no country. Stop saying China is the only one that does it. Even the US does it.

    China's censorship is blown out of proportion to portray China as a backward repressive regime. The US also has mechanisms of control and repression. But we're not going to portray ourselves as the evil guy in front of the world. This is nothing but propaganda against China.

    How else is a country supposed to protect itself if there are no laws and no limits? The US is just being a hypocrite. We also have rules and limitations. Stop playing the pretended good guy.

  17. The firewall gets in the way of their education, yet education is a basic need. I have so much sympathy for the Chinese people.

  18. "Whoever controls the image and information of the past determines what and how future generations will think; whoever controls the information and images of the present determines how those same people will view the past."
    – George Orwell

  19. It is hypocritical to speak of another country censoring social media from a platform where it is practiced in the U.S. such as this site, facebook, and every other social media site. This unwanted control is similar to biased or untrue reports by the media, meant to mislead or distract and it is encouraging the building of platforms that will take their place. It's much better to present the truth and downplay it than it is to make something bigger than life with a scandal based withheld information or a lie. This results in the loss of credibility and people don't like to waste time on false reports meant to confuse or sway opinion,that's why they no longer tune in.

  20. In discussing censorship in other countries, it should give rise to question the massive effort to suppress the voices of those in the USA.

  21. China censors the Internet for one reason…to stop the spread of information that can harm the Chinese Communist Party's control of the Chinese people and the country. It is true that stopping foreign internet service providers will help their domestic internet service providers prosper through their business ventures but ultimately it is about oppressing the freedom of sharing information rather than about corporate profit margins. If the Chinese population had unrestricted access to the internet then all Chinese Internet users will be able to find information on the Chinese Communist Party's oppressive practices against freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and even human rights violations committed against the Chinese population. China's public education system indoctrinates a positive image of the Chinese Communist Party into their students so unrestricted access to the internet not only expose that the Chinese Communist Party is lying to the Chinese people but also may persuade civil rights movements and anti-government revolutions within China. China's Internet restrictions is one of the reasons why the 2011 Jasmine Revolution did not happen in China but were happening in other countries with oppressive government regimes.

  22. look at all the big tech company they have …. it is good ….look at other part of the world basically just google monopoly

  23. wait a minute you're confused here China North Korea Russia is now a government of freedom of speech and democracy it's the United States that is an oppressive dictatorial fascist nazi government

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