What is Blockchain Lunar Registry, DIANA Token ?

Let’s talk about mankind’s common heritage. Particularly, the moon! In today’s world, capital and talent from around the world is being put towards lunar exploration and development. But why? This is because the moon has an accumulation of minerals that can bring tremendous wealth and has the potential to be the new place for people from the earth. Owing to these facts, many global businesses and countries are eyeing the moon and there are clear signs that a battle over the gains will soon take place. But how do we decide who owns the moon and hence, the wealth that comes with it? So far, nobody does. No single nation or group can call it their property. And thus, by default, the moon is our common heritage. Even so, what happens if none of us assert our ownership over such common assets? Well, we end up forfeiting them. Now, would you just silently look on if someone were to take your assets from you before your very eyes? You won’t! And that is why the mankind needs a solution to define the ownership of the moon. Thus, we introduce to you, Diana! The first ever solution to provide a basis for collective ownership of the moon for us all. Diana, a cryptocurrency, is the first citizens’ participation campaign aimed at mankind’s common heritage. We have used the Blockchain and distributed ledger technology to decentralize the ownership of the moon by creating the first extraterrestrial cadastral map and constructing a 3-word lunar address system. In the process of achieving this, the moon, with a total surface area 37.93 trillion m², is divided into cells of approximately 10,000m², hence creating a total of approximately 3.8 billion cells. Now, when you sign up for the ownership of the moon, one Diana is issued for every cell. Then, you will be registered in the blockchain and the record will be permanent. The Diana registration cost will vary according to the total amount issued. Hence, the more Diana you own, the more real your own moon is and the more wealth you acquire! But this opportunity will not last forever. It’s time to wake up and act to secure our asset. So, join in the citizens’ campaign, get a Diana token and register your piece of the moon NOW!

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  1. You don't stumble upon your heritage.
    It's there, just waiting to be explored and shared.

    by Robbie Robertson

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