What Is Bitcoin and How Does It Work?

– – What is bitcoin? In this video, we’re gonna talk about what
is bitcoin, how it is created, where you store it, when it was created, and everything you
need to know about bitcoin. Check this out. All right, first of all, when was bitcoin
created? In 2008, someone, we don’t know if it’s a
man or a woman or who they are, even if it’s their real name, but Satoshi Nakamoto put
a paper up on the internet that describe the idea of bitcoin and the blockchain where bitcoin,
I guess you could say, resides. Bitcoin is a decentralized currency. What does mean? Think about it this way. If I wanted to pay you some money, I would
have to send that money through our bank. The bank is the middleman. Well, a decentralized currency, there is no
middleman, there is no government in between me and you. We are the currency. Bitcoin is a decentralized currency that runs
on technology known as the blockchain. Once bitcoin is exchanged or transferred to
somebody else, that transaction is verified by a miner and when the miners verify a certain
amount of transactions, they will actually earn bitcoins. Bitcoin was the first decentralized digital
cryptocurrency and one of the reasons for its success, it has low fees whenever you
transfer it, it can be in any country, your account can never be frozen. It is an exciting, exciting time. Bitcoin is a digital currency. It doesn’t actually exist. You can’t hold it in your hand. It’s only electronic. It is a digital currency. And unlike currencies produced by governments,
also known as fiat currencies, there is a limited supply of bitcoin. This means when your government wants to print
more money, they can just go print it and printing more and more and more money, sometimes
that will devalue the currency. One thing that has made the value of bitcoin
skyrocket is there is a limited supply. There will only be 21 million bitcoins ever
in existence. The last bitcoin will become available in
the year 2140, so we got a while. Now next, how are bitcoins created? They’re created through a process called mining. Just like gold miners will go and they will
mine in the mountains to get gold, bitcoin miners will mine on their computers to get
Bitcoins and this is done by setting up your computer and having it solve complex math
problems around the clock and whenever those problems get solved, you earn a bitcoin. Now in the early days, you could mine on your
laptop and everything was fine but now it takes much more energy and larger computers,
so it’s really not feasible, unless you have larger computers and access to very cheap
electricity. Now, if you don’t wanna mine bitcoin, how
can you get it? Well, you can just flat out purchase it, and
that’s what I do. Coinbase is a location online where you can
purchase bitcoin. It’s where I go. It’s what I have found to be the most trusted,
secure, and safe place to get bitcoin. Down below in the description, I have a link
set up where you can click that link and you can start purchasing bitcoin right away. Click that link. Now next, once you purchased your bitcoin
on Coinbase, where do you store it? You have a couple choices. You wanna typically take it off the exchange
and put it in something that’s more secure that you hold the security for. You could put that in a digital wallet, which
may be stored on your computer or even on a device that you plug into your computer. You can even store it in what is called a
paper wallet and what this is, is where you literally, on a piece of paper, print out
the details of your bitcoin with the password on that paper. Don’t lose that paper. Now, what keeps bitcoins safe? Everyone has a public key and a private key. Think about it this way. Think about it like a post box and you have
a letter that you wanna put in the mail. You can put that letter in the mail. That is like a public key. Anybody can put letter in that mailbox. Now, the private key would be owned by the
postman. Only the person with that private key can
get the mail out. So, everybody has a public key and that means
anyone who has that public key can put bitcoin in that address, just like anyone can put
mail in the mailbox, but only you have the private key to your bitcoin mailbox and only
you can withdraw the funds. Never let anyone get that private key. Recently, an internet marketer had a video
going and in the background on his computer, he had his private key displayed. Somebody zoomed in, got that private key,
and took over $15,000 of bitcoin from him. Do not let people get your private key. And here is an interesting fact about bitcoin. The first time bitcoin was ever used to purchase
anything was May 22, 2010. In a bitcoin forum, Laszlo Hanyecz offered
someone 10,000 bitcoin to order him a pizza. Someone took him up on that offer and they
ordered him two Papa John’s pizzas equivalent to about $25 in exchange for 10,000 bitcoins. Today, those 10,000 bitcoins would be worth
over $25 million. All right guys, so I’m sure you wanna get
some bitcoin. Even if you just wanna get a very small amount,
go ahead and get started right now. Click the Coinbase link below. This is the best place for you to get started. Click the link below. It’s the best link, and get started today. If you liked this video and if you learned
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100 thoughts on “What Is Bitcoin and How Does It Work?”

  1. So if there is a finite amount if Bitcoin, and it is calculated to be available at a specific date, and the only way to make a Bitcoin is to solve a mathematical problem, does that mean all remaining mathematical problems are solved by that date? That doesn't seem to make sense. Someone help me follow the path of logic on this please.

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  3. A Bitcoin is a serial number associated with certain part of a blockchain, which, in turn, is simply a digital ledger of transactions. Pretty much the same as a page number on an old fashioned paper ledger. There will be 21 million blocks (pages) and 21 million serial numbers in this particular blockchain. After that, the program with seize to exist as it will not be able to record any more transactions. It is a clever computer game to sell digital serial numbers for money, but is is not indefinite, and it is not currency. There is a reason why the creator wants to remain anonymous – once people realize how they are being fooled, what do you think they would want to do with this guy?

  4. I won $13,000 Bitcoin and what do I do? Can I exchange it for real money?

  5. So Bitcoin was basically just a bullshit made up coin worth nothing back then in 2008 it had nothing to back it up no true value then some how now its worth thousands of dollars how did it get it's value

  6. From what I understand Bitcoin had no value it was worth nothing till one Guy sold a pizza in exchange for bitcoins lol that's how it gots it's value and now it's worth thousands of dollars how did the government let this shit happen that's why the guy or girl that created it no one know how the fuck it is bc they sold you a internet coin that at the time had no value no way to back its worth my god I can't believe this became a real thing it's like me making a make believe coin I'm going to call it kikicoin and I will sell it to you for a dollar for 10,000 kikicoins then it's your job to find a dumbass that will pay you two dollars for 10,000 kikicoins it wasn't real it was just an idea to see how much would people pay it wasn't a company it's wasn't a product it was just a make believe coin lol I can't believe this became real the guy that started this at the beginning had all the real money and sold y'all made up bitcoins numbers which he made millions of fake bitcoins numbers that was just an idea of money to sell

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  8. This is a better explanation than I have seen . not 100% on it but got the idea . thanks but its said it can't be held in your hand like money but wt about when you store it and print it on paper with the password like you said can that be a form of currency can you trade that 4 something else of value

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  10. No middleman? What? Do you hold the coin in your hand? No! Do you control the internet? No! Do you actually have your capital insured? No! ………

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  14. This is just called blackmail scam. Bitcoin is information that holds information about people. They sell the information to government and blackmail other people.

  15. Funny how no one knows who created or came up with it. They are reworded it so it sounds pleasant to other. And mining please you are hacking into people information. That's why they have a code. Which contains information. The information is valuable to someone who can use it against others.

  16. Bitcoin is a virtual commodity and not a currency created through the NSA by unknown developers to us. All transactions are routed through the central authority of bitcoin, the NSA. There is absolutely no anonymity with bitcoin, all users information and identities are know to the NSA and stored at the NSA data facility in Utah. NSAs Back up and recovery is thought to be located in Iceland where there is an abundance of hydro power and geothermal energy . Bitcoin is decentralized from its centralized control in Utah to nodes around the world. Corporate Branches from the nodes are currently being developed i.e. Lighting Network.  To purchase bitcoin with dollars you can go to a third party; they are called exchanges and some charge fees. Currently bitcoin can process 7 transactions per second world wide. The NSA has total oversight and control over your bitcoin bank account. There is no limited supply of bitcoin; it is divisible infinitely with the simple change of code as authorized by the NSA. When you buy bitcoin you make a private key in your mind and you give that private key to the NSA to have access to your bitcoin which is stored ultimately on a node of the mainframe. As more information can be confirmed, the definition will be added to. Got your bitcoin?

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  21. This still doesn't explain in detail what is a bitcoin and how much is one worth in actual currency? Plus I'm just getting into Bitcoin and I wanted to know how many points your need to get a whole bitcoin? 0.000010 👈🏾 does this mean I have 10 bitcoins?

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  23. In simple terms, Bitcoin is a digital representation of money. It has value because we give it value. Just like we do (our government does rather) with the dollar today, considering our dollars are no longer backed by the Gold Standard. The scarcity obviously affects the value, as does the demand for bitcoin. The demand is essentially created by people being convinced it's worth using/buying. The blockchain is simply a public ledger of transactions made. The reason Bitcoin is a "big deal" is because it is decentralized and completely digital.

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  25. Ok so awesome video and well explained . So my question is can you ever ever ever cash those 25 million dollars ? Would a bank accept it ?

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  33. 1) What are these "math problems" that bitcoin miners solve? What is so important about these math problems?
    2) Why do people get paid for "verifying" other people's bitcoin transactions?
    3) How do you "cash in" bitcoin?
    4) Money is supposedly backed by gold and maybe other materials. It is also regulated by people's services; in other words, I do something for a fellow member of society, like selling him a tomato or teaching him chinese, then that member or somebody he deals with, such as my employer, pays me. As for bitcoin, how has this currency grown into something? What kind of services or products were performed or made as trade for this make-believe currency? Explain how this thing gained any traction. I can't imagine "bitcoin mining" as being the thing that jump-started bitcoin.
    5)Why is there "only" 21 million bitcoin in existence? How can a make-believe currency be incapable of multiplying if it's as intangible as the internet? How can it be incapable of multiplying if so much of it is still not 'mined'???

    This speaker is very charismatic, but his explanation is so full of holes, I feel like I just watched a flat-earther invite me to join him in bungee-jumping off the edge of the world when there's no edge.

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