What if Bitcoin Crashes?

what if Bitcoin crashes Bitcoin has a market cap of a hundred and thirty seven billion so what if Bitcoin crashed what impact would it have for reference the 2008 economic crisis resulted in Americans losing twelve point eight trillion dollars at the same time according to Bloomberg 40% of all bitcoins are held by approximately one thousand people the other sixty percent is primarily made up of speculative individual investors since much of the international financial system in place has been staying away from Bitcoin this means that Bitcoin crashing will have a minimal impact on the overall world economy so where will it have an impact while the crash of Bitcoin would not have a hefty impact on the world economy it would certainly be a wrecking ball for the crypto one the vast majority the crypto space relies on Bitcoin to seek profits and even though many projects have their own technologies most of them are not developed enough or well-known enough to survive on their own this means that much of the remaining crypto economy approximately another 150 billion would dwindle and to own the strongest companies with real life utility would survive this brings us to the question would this be a bad thing from 1997 to 2001 the world witnessed the me York rise and subsequent crash of the dot-com bubble if that had meant the end of the Internet you'd be watching this video between reruns of mash but instead those companies that were strongest and those that brought the world into a new age survived companies like Amazon eBay pull down the crash stronger than ever now the Internet's a thriving marketplace that provides the backbone for many of the world's biggest industries so in short if Bitcoin crashes many individual investors will lose money there will be blood sweat and tears Twitter would explode YouTube would cry out nor thousand Bitcoin whales would have a really bad day but life would go on and in the end would it be a bad thing No speculative investing is catnip for scammers and get-rich-quick schemes if Bitcoin crashes the companies that have strong support from their communities and who are on track with what they want to accomplish will bring about a new and more stable era of cryptocurrency it wouldn't hurt but in the end what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger coin Telegraph like subscribe and huddle you

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  1. bitcoiners are at war against worldwide corrupt govs, and against enemies' "cannon balls," this war machine keeps winning! you can see the size of victory on Bitnodes 😀

  2. BTC amd crypto’s will without a doubt crash eventually, then a bunch of hipsters/liberals can go get a real jawb q=]

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