What does the SEC really think about Cryptocurrency?

on Tuesday SEC chairman Jake Layton reiterated his strict stance on digital currency ETFs citing fears of a theft and market manipulation speaking at New York's consensus invest conference clayton emphasized that he would not be comfortable with a Bitcoin easier until he saw better market surveillance and custody for cryptocurrencies we've seen some thefts around digital assets that make you scratch your head he said we care that the assets underlying the ETF have good custody and that they're not going to disappear the Chairman skepticism is not surprising given that the SEC has repeatedly rejected crypto ETF bids in the past custody concerns and worries about the potential of market manipulation have been offered as reasons for ejections in the past but not everyone at the SEC is in agreement about these rejections SEC Commissioner Hester Pearce criticized the agency's disapproval of a Winklevoss backed Bitcoin ETF back in August there's also concern in the crypto community about the lack of clarity provided by the SEC regarding what does and doesn't constitute a security back in 2017 the SEC announced that the tokens issued by the decentralized autonomous organization the Dow were securities and then commented that aetherium was not these definitions were later put on shaky ground when Clayton remarks that while SEC employees are authorized to provide guidance to industry stakeholders on how regulations apply to specific circumstances this guidance is non-binding and creates no enforceable legal rights many were hoping to gain some clarity with Clayton's remarks at the conference but he was quick to point out at the beginning that these views are my own and do not represent the SEC he further avoided questions throughout the discussion and when pressed about how to classify XRP a controversial and popular cryptocurrency Clayton declined to answer one thing that is clear however is that the SEC is going to continue to aggressively pursue any company that they deem to be skirting SEC regulations in an interview that I did with Clayton immediately following his conference appear he said this technology that we're talking about today is a powerful technology but if you're going to raise money in America you need to follow our securities laws and then he added this warning the defense I didn't know is no longer really viable but all the latest news on cryptocurrency regulations please subscribe to my channel and don't forget to click the bell for notifications thanks so much for watching if you like my channel please hit the like button and be sure to subscribe I also have a patreon account and wanted to give a special shout-out to all the awesome people there and a huge thank you to the sponsors of the show for making these videos possible thanks so much for watching

25 thoughts on “What does the SEC really think about Cryptocurrency?”

  1. Market manipulation lolllll. The markets right now from gold to stock markets to housing markets are all manipulated since the 1920s from central banks and governments themselves loll

  2. Nice Naomiii:)) idk Sounds like big banks are behind the delay of an ETF, so not holding my breath for that ha! By saying he wants better market surveillance and custody solutions, it seems like Clayton is being told what to say by banks and institutions anyway. They know it’s a slow losing game now so they wanna put themselves in the best possible position to control an inevitable outcome
    Yeh their his own views and not the SEC’s .. but what he says goes lol ?

  3. Sounds like someone (SEC) is following their rules. "Just Because" Almost just so someone has power and the final say. But at same time, will admit, the solutions are out there for better success. However that success won't be pursued. So someone else doesn't lose their crown. Just a indirect thought. Sincerely JR

  4. The SEC will be a thing of the past…. Jay Clayton you're going to be irrelevant son. Crypto Anarchy will win.

  5. Crypto Currency ETFs REALLY rub me the wrong way at the state they're in. From what I understand, people are using them to buy Bitcoin under the table and it skews the value making it less than it actually should be.

  6. They want to have all bigcoin in Their custodian and Then sell paper etf to US. Lafable! I want my ripple Futures now, give me xrp etf!

  7. Do we want ETF'S?? My honest opinion is that they should be baned by law!!! Or maybe most of us are to greedy and waiting for the price pump!?!

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