What Can You Trade on Etoro?

Hey, so a quick overview of what we can trade
on Etoro… People sort of things about stocks and shares
and there’s currencies and there’s cryptos, and I just want to give you a bit of an overview
of what we can trade on Etoro and where you can find them. So, here you go to your “Trade Markets” page
as always – it’s kind of a main page, landing page for finding out what you want to trade
and what the markets are. So up here, you see this here – “Cryptos, ETFs,
Stocks, Indices, Commodities, Currencies” That is the sort of main headings for the
main ways of classifying what it is you can trade. If you’re unfamiliar with these, I’ll do some
videos afterwards which briefly explain what each one of those are, if you’re completely
unfamiliar… You probably you already know much more than me
– I’m still learning, I’m still new to this, but I’ll show you how to find your way around
the system here… The first one is the Cryptos – the cryptos,
obviously, it’s a – they’ve been going for a long time – Bitcoin has at least … It’s
a kind of burgeoning, growing, expanding asset class at the moment. People are really into it, so a lot of people
want to trade cryptos and it’s something that’s available on Etoro. Now the way you trade cryptos on Etoro is
different from how you trade them on the more “traditional” … traditional … They’re
brand new, all of them, but the traditional cryptocurrency exchanges, you know, like Bittrex
and Poloniex, and Bitfinex, and Coinbase and whatever, all those exchanges – you
buy the real coins and you actually, you have to store them securely in a sort of piece
of software called a wallet, and all the rest of it. Coming here, to trade cryptocurrencies is
different. Hey, so I have to interrupt quickly, sorry
to interrupt myself there, but they’ve changed it – so up until a few weeks ago, on Etoro
you didn’t trade the real cryptos, you traded CFDs of the cryptos – Contracts for Difference. And I uploaded that video and I’ve had to
take it down because kind of the same week, they changed it, and it was a bit wrong. They now trade real cryptos on Etoro … So
you go to the same screen – here we are in crypto screen and you see Bitcoin, DASH – DASH
became available for trading, just 2 days ago or yesterday I think, so that’s a pretty
new one to be able to trade although it was listed on the site before. You’ve got Ethereum Classic, Ethereum, Litecoin,
and Ripple. So, in the past it was CFDs, now it’s more
like those other exchanges – as I was saying, on those other crypto exchanges, you buy the
coins, you store them in a secure wallet. So here on Etoro, you’re actually buying the
real underlying fundamental assets – the coins – you’re buying the coins themselves. Etoro’s just moved to this – obviously, they’re getting really into the Crypto-sphere now, it’s such a big part of the market that they’re moving fult-tilt into it and I’ll make a video explaining what’s going on there. They’re keeping the coins apparently in segregated
accounts for safety, you still don’t have a wallet like on other exchanges – they sort
of take care of that… Anyhow… You wanna trade cryptos, here they are – there’s
Bitcoin, DASH, Ethereum Classic, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple. And you can choose, you can go to any one,
and there’s the trade button, there’s the charts, stats – same sort of stuff… So that’s a brief introduction to cryptos… The move to trading underlying real cryptos
is a big thing for Etoro, that’s a huge change from just trading CFDs. So, that’s the first one, the second heading
is ETFs – Exchange Traded Funds. Again, I’m going to make another video which
explains a bit more what they are, but you can sort of see here some of the exchange
traded funds that are available …. Again, just by clicking on any one of them you get
the familiar sort of trading stuff, the stats, charts, and you can open a trade, and there’s
the normal trading parameters there, which I’ll explain later. So that’s ETFs really… I don’t trade them much, I mean I mostly trade
stocks and cryptos, but they’re here and they’re useful, and a lot of people like them… and
they’re available on Etoro. Stocks … stocks is probably the largest
section, stocks – I’m not sure how many companies they have available in Etoro – obviously in
the world there are many many many companies which are listed which you can trade on various
exchanges around the world – they don’t have them all on Etoro, but they have a wide selection
and the selection kind of does incorporate different markets, so there’s agricultural
ones, there’s financial ones, there’s technology ones, there’s basic materials, conglomerates… So you can see here – you can search by industry,
here you can see industry types, or by exchange because they also represent different stocks
which are traded in different parts of the world on different major exchanges… So you’ve got New York Tech, New York Stock
Exchange, Frankfurt, London, Paris, Madrid, Milan and Zurich. So, there’s a lot of stocks available and
I’ll go into that – more about that later, but they can be easily traded. Same thing… Pick one, same stuff – stats, chart, and the
research button. Quite useful… And you just click “Trade” to open it, same
stuff – you can either sell it – short sell it which is betting that the value will go
down and you make money as it goes down, or you can buy it where you’re betting that the
value will go up and you make money as the value goes up. There we are, a simple overview of them… Trade markets – back to it – Indices… Indices track groups of companies on major,
on stock exchanges around the world, and they are available here for trading – again, I’ll
go into it more in another video, but you can find them there as well. Quite useful because they represent indices
from around the world – we’ve got Australia, China, that’s America, Spain, Europe, Japan,
Germany, France – there’s quite a lot available. Not THAT many, but there’s enough that if
you’re really, if that’s what you’re looking for, it’s available on the system. Commodities … Major materials or commodities
which are used in industrial and other processes around the world. The major ones here – Copper, Gold, Natural
Gas, Oil, Platinum, Silver available for trading on Etoro. Again, it’s CFDs on the value of those, but
you can trade them if you know enough about them to not lose tons of money – you can go
ahead and trade them on here. And finally we’ve got currencies – currency
pairs. So, there’s a lot, there’s 47 currency pairs
listed, so there we are, if you’re into FOREX and you’re looking to trade FOREX, you can
trade FOREX on this. Again, I’ll make a video which goes into a
bit about what that is. But yeah, FOREX is available – there’s good
leverage on FOREX, you can see again Stats, the chart … You go in to trade it and look 100
– it goes up to times 200 leverage. Traditionally not the most volatile thing
to trade – it doesn’t go up and down so it’s harder to make money. Recently though it’s been all over the place. Again, I’ll make a video explaining a bit
more about that later… You can sell it, you can buy it, you can trade
it or you can set an order – so you can define the rate you want to buy it at, so yeah, same
stuff there with that. So, those are the things you can trade, those
are the major groups. Cryptos, ETFs, Stocks, Indices, Commodities,
and Currencies. And together, they sort of – that really brings
in a really broad range of all the things that you might want to trade you know, different
people like different trade different things. Some people stick to cryptos, some people
stick to stocks, some people love the ETFs and indices. You know, there’s a lot of people like currencies
and just stick to that, some people just stick to not even all the currencies but Euro against
U.S Dollar or whatever, but they’re all, they’re available here. Not always the largest selection of them,
but enough that, you know, it’s comfortable… You can sort of choose different parts of
the world, different regions, different … depending on your strategy. So, obviously also – things you trade, you
know, the beauty, the major beauty of this is copytrading – you can actually just invest
in people. I still think this is an absolutely fantastic
idea and it’s why I came here. And so what this basically means is each person
you copy becomes like a fund manager for you… So you choose a person, you look at their
stats, you look at all – there’s lots of statistics about them, you can find out all about their
performance and their risk – how risky they are… What they trade, and if you want to copy them,
very very simple, you just copy them with whatever amount of money you want – minimum
$100 but you can copy them with any amount you want. You set a copy stop loss which is an automatic
sort of kill switch on the copy, so if they ever lose $50 or if they ever lose $100 or
whatever you want, then it’ll automatically stop the copy, you don’t have to stay at your
computer all the time. All profits that they make in the copy get
sort of ploughed, automatically, back into that copy – it’s like a fund, it just grows
and so they make bigger trades with your money and they can make bigger trades and they can
make more money. Obviously it’s not always a win – sometimes
they lose, that’s why you have to look at their statistics, find a good trader, but
copying is absolutely I think magnificent, and it’s another investment opportunity on
Etoro. Instead of having to just sort of trade into
the actual asset itself, you can actually have people you’re copying as sort of little
fund managers and you can have, I think it’s up to 100 of them. I’m not sure … but you can have lots and
lots and lots – copy lots of people with different amounts of money and those people – some of
them might invest in FOREX, some might invest in cryptos, some might invest in stocks, some
in indices – so you can spread your risk about, it’s amazing. Another thing you can invest in here is copyfunds… So again this is like a traditional fund manager. A fund would be where – I didn’t explain what
ETFs are … Did I explain what ETFS are? ETFS… I’ll explain in the other video anyhow, but
this sort of a fund – it’s like someone’s got a basket and they’ve filled it with lots of
different things, so instead of buying an individual stock, or an individual company,
you say alright this guy here who’s the fund manager has put together a basket of lots
of different companies – I trust him or her to have picked the right one, I’m going to
buy the whole basket – I’ll buy shares in the whole basket and if they all in general
go up that’s good, and if they go down oh no, not so good. And this is a way of sort of spreading your
risk, so you’re not just invested in one thing, you can spread your risk out so if one
goes up, another one might be going down but if another one goes down sharply, others are going up so you – it’s meant to mitigate and sort of lessen your risk. Problem with the copyfunds is that you have
to invest $5000 as a minimum. I don’t have $5000 so I can’t do it… But it’s another thing – if you want sort
of … It’s meant to be a more medium to long term investment, so it won’t have, you know
– 60, 70% returns each year, but it might have 15, 20% and it’ll be safer. And Etoro sort of manages these funds, so
it manages what’s in the different funds. You find things like Quarterly Gainers – Traders,
that’s about people you can copy, trending people you can copy, then there’s actually
ones based on the market. So the Cryptofund, Gaming Industry Fund, which
takes like a range of gaming industry companies and sort of puts them into one fund …
Big Tech… So there’s things you can do. This one’s basically loosely based on Warren
Buffet’s strategy … There we go, so there’s funds as well that you can invest in. And you can find them here, so ‘Trade Markets’
brings you to this one with all the actual markets you can directly trade in. ‘Copy People’ brings you to this where there’s
search parameters and you can find people to copy, which is amazing, and ‘Copyfunds’
is down there, where you can see the funds that they’ve put together – Etoro themselves,
and they manage and update. So that’s just a brief introduction to what
you can – the sort of things you can trade on Etoro. And I think I’ll make some videos about each
one of those now and go into a bit more detail. That’s it …

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