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well check this out the value of Bitcoin has been surging lately in fact bitcoin is closing in on a record high what might this tell us about where more conventional assets are headed welcome to trading nation I'm Brian Sullivan Matt Meili and Dennis davit are your team today with military back and harvest volatility management respectively Dennis I'll begin with you Bitcoin age you have a view on Bitcoin a lot of people do it's a totally different animal but a lot of people do and be regardless of that do you think that bitcoin is correlated with anything else yes I really like Bitcoin I love the the fact that it moves into a more legitimate currency it moves away from something where you buy drugs and kidneys on the internet the thing about Bitcoin that people don't really put together that I feel is we're moving into an inflationary environment and I think Bitcoin where oftentimes it's compared to cash on the internet I look at it as gold on the internet so as far as a currency that can be exchanged on the Internet Bitcoin is one of those currencies if you're going to give gold a classification as a currency then Bitcoin very much as a classification as a currency the big fear around bitcoin is just one day when the government's come out and say we're no longer going to allow this and we're going to shut it down but in a world of Armageddon where the world ends currencies will go by the way of the countries Bitcoin like gold will still have value because of the the block chaining that goes on behind it you had a pretty good movie trailer in there I think but I can't do the voice in a world of Armageddon when no other currencies would last with kidneys and drop Bitcoin survive Matt Malley any view on Bitcoin other than something you watch is it correlated to the stock market in any way well it's it is an interesting way they're both discretize or near them and and that's certainly a positive thing because it's interesting because in the in the past when it first came out it was kind of like hey this is going to this is going to be the thing to have when the world comes to an end and it just kind of whipped around because it came out in 2008 just as going through the crisis and and then of course and then it had another kind of resurgence when they where the European crisis in 2011 2012 in 2013 it kind of went away everybody thought what's going to die and but the big thing that's really happened is that it's become more mainstream you have you have many more companies accepting it many more companies using it and in terms of retailers and things like that so that's it's become more mainstream there therefore it has become more correlated with the markets rather than being inversely correlated it's now highly correlated with the markets and I think it's something that could keep an eye on the one thing that I totally agree with what Dennis was saying about about gold is that we still you know we have a situation not only where people worry about Jesus's things the world come to an end but you also have a situation or several countries including the US and Europe especially are talking about cashless societies and this just makes things easier for everybody so it's hard to be that bearish especially now let's become more mainstream a little bit coin love here on trading nation we like the cool thing about this shows we can talk about whatever we want we talked about Bitcoin I know a lot of people out there are fanatical they don't just like it they're fanatical about Bitcoin certainly it has been volatile Dennis and Matt thank you both very much interesting view there on Bitcoin Umbra and Sullivan folks thank you for watching we'll see you next time hey there thanks for checking out CNBC on YouTube be sure to subscribe to stay up-to-date on all of the day's biggest stories you can also click on any of the videos around me to watch the latest from CNBC thanks for watching

22 thoughts on “What Bitcoin’s Surge Is Telling Us About Stocks | Trading Nation | CNBC”

  1. If Bitcoin is a currency FOR THE PLANET…..That's going to be MUCH more valuable than the currency of ONE nation…….That including The U.S Dollar…and the United States..

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  3. Dennis Davitt has got it all wrong. In a "world of armageddon where the world ends" the internet won't exist at least in the short term. Where, exactly, does bitcoin fit into a situation like that? Gold and silver are the only ways to go in that scenario. Bitcoin is for a modernized world that thrives off of the internet, not a world that has completely collapsed. What is more important about bitcoin is how it will react to the next market collapse because that is where its true colors will show.

  4. that guy slipped in that comment about a "cashless society being easier for everybody"… more like easier for big government to heard us like tax farm animals!

  5. Properly secured, bitcoins are yours in a way that nothing else in this world can ever be yours. Everything else, bank accounts, family, property, friends, even precious metals, can be taken

  6. With ICONOMI releasing their index funds this year, people can finally invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital assets and profit from the general uptrend of the crypto currencies, without worrying about the technical fundamentals. I´m so looking forward to it =)

  7. I understand that only thing driving BTC price is the idea that in
    future it will be worth more. Just like tulip mania in Holand. BTC does
    not function as money right now, I doubt people use it as savings. Roumors have it
    that about 1000 people hold 20% (I am being conservative here) of BTC,
    which by no means is not a sign of fair "money system"!!! Is it a modern
    day tulip mania???

  8. GET INTO BITCOIN NOW! Do you guys see the exponentiality of the market curve? Yea… That's not a fluke. That's taken 8 years to build.

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  10. blockchain is the agenda of elite next step will be related to RFID Chips planted underskin with crypto currency…

  11. WTF is up with that deceptive chart at 2:15 mark? Seriously? Bitcoin has dramatically outperformed the SP 500 and is not a correlated asset class as you pretend to misrepresent.

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