What Are the Challenges of Constructing the 2key Smart Contracts?

If you consider even a small or medium
campaign this might be a real challenge because on the one hand we would like to
record every referral into the ethereum blockchain in order to enjoy its
benefits. Something which is immutable and something which is trust less and on
the other hand if we consider even a small to medium campaign with
tens of thousands of referrals you encounter a situation in which every
action of referral will be recorded plainly on the blockchain would require
time it might be in a delay and it raises an issue of
scale blockchain is not built to handle massive amounts of Rights into the
blockchain concurrently and over any action on a blockchain such as recording
your film consumes gas and this gas is something
which costs ethereum which means it costs money so it’s a major
technical challenge how to do such referral processes first by recording
them into the blockchain and then being able to take this accumulation of
referrals once a conversion occurs and reward the people doing the
referrals the influencers in an appropriate way. Since we’ve built a very
sophisticated incentive model was going to enroll the right people for the
referrals this accumulation of information and computational
information in a trusts manner is a challenge. So we have two challenges, one is to encountering the fundamental
challenges for noodle obstacles or problems of a blockchains in
general which is doing things fast enough in a large enough scale and with
low fees another one which is a specific to 2key but actually more general is how
do you do computation in efficient way on information which is spread in a
decentralized blockchain. We are working on these challenges and we hope
to solve them and by doing that we’ll be providing and we believe a major
contribution to the ethereum blockchain and ethereum ecosystem in general.

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