20 thoughts on “What are NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)? + Next Bull Run”

  1. Best video I ever seen in your channel Ivan!! Full of practical and theoretical knowledge, really made me think and have all sort of ideas. Thank you. By the way, totally in favour for the next course be about games!

  2. You should really cover mlbcrypto. They parrnered witb major league baseball this year. Its been number two to cryprokittes for volume and real users for two months. Baseball collectors are huge. Currenhly their are only 683 holders of mlbcrypto nfts and several days it has almost overtaken cryptokittes in volume. It is being seriously overlooked.

  3. I collect NFTs got some land in decentraland I can’t wait for the game to be released.
    The best NFT blockchaingames so far are Mythereum and ChibiFighters. War riders is coming out this fall and it will be epic.

  4. Amazing video Ivan! I've been following you for a long time now, your videos are always awesome, but with CryptoKitties content, it's Pawsome! Meow

  5. but could it be done and it still be bitcoin not btc cash or private or any other sh*tcoin maybe burning btc transactions if it went over 21mil until it was regulated at a constant 21 mil i want to learn programming on your course and this is what i planned on focusing on

  6. Mr ivan, tks for education. NFT is really a game changer and special in Decentralized network. Btw, good haircut which make you look younger

  7. In regards to the fungibility of Bitcoin you touched on moral valuation via your example of traces of a criminal history but you didn't mention UTXO fork dividends which are an actual calculable value differentiation.

  8. Great video! One comment on the OpenSea part: OpenSea does let you filter by generation (it's in the left-hand side bar). Also, while we do include data from the CryptoKitties marketplace, OpenSea is not just an aggregator of other marketplaces: there are many games where OpenSea is the primary marketplace for the items. These include ETH TOWN, Etheremon Adventure, Player Tokens, War Riders, CryptoVoxels, and many others.

    Would love to hear more feedback from you about how we can improve your experience on OpenSea! Feel free to reach out to us on our Discord channel 🙂

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