What Are Bitcoins? How Do Bitcoins Work? virtual currency global financial market trading stock

currency that's catching the eyes of investors it's a virtual currency if you saw the Financial Times today you see it on the front page this here it's traded like a stock designed to allow global payments with low processing costs Bitcoin investors have been pouring into bitcoins recently as confidence in the banking sector sinks you can really see their volatility take a look at how much the price has skyrocketed since March I'm going to show that to you now according to mount GOx its main trading exchange one Bitcoin was worth forty seven dollars two weeks ago that its value moved from 106 to as high as 147 dollars in overnight trading on Wednesday in a minute we're gonna speak with someone who tracks bitcoins for a living but Charles I tell me how this works and how it's not like tulips you know were centuries ago yeah yes coms were perhaps 13 or 18 years ago yeah bitcoins were created by an anonymous developer we don't know who actually in 2009 s only four years ago as a real-world currency free from governments so it's a person-to-person transaction no central bank in between to back it up so this is how it it works you download a virtual wallet onto your computer or phone it gives you an address which you can exchange with others to make payments you can also buy or sell bitcoins for other currencies well the rise of Bitcoin came just to Cyprus ran into trouble digital currency may be an attractive option for Europeans or anyone in the world worried about the possibility that their banks may shut I think it's this is actually very interesting alley because it's funny how sometimes people invent currencies for themselves I'm told that in Spain they use successful winning lottery tickets as in effect currencies as chips if you like because they are exchangeable for cash when you need it anyway a media entrepreneur now says that he is developing Bitcoin cash machines and he expects the first batch to open in

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