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check that out now let’s move over to some Bitcoin technical analysis I want
to give you guys what I’m looking at the targets I’m looking at where I think
bitcoin could actually get to before we see a reverse so now let me be clear I
do believe a reversal is going to be probably the healthiest option for the
market by HealthEast I mean I think that’s going to one get people a reality
check I think there’s a lot of euphoria going on a lot of news a lot a lot of
hype going on right now and I don’t think we’ve fully started the bull run
yet I’m not saying we have 100% I can’t confirm obviously I could be wrong but
to me I don’t think we’ve started the bull run yet I think early to mid 2020
is when we’re going to see the bull run I’ve said this several several times so
to me a pullback would be very healthy for the prices overall especially for
all coins we’re seeing all coins stuff for a ton with his recent Bitcoin move a
lot of people dumping all coins to get into Bitcoin and so I’m going to talk a
little bit more about that in a bit for to me anything up until
this range now we’ve hit the target that I was looking at $6,000 on BitFenix was
what we’ve been looking at where we were expecting they’re going to go too and
well we’ve hit it so that targets been complete and from here I said I was
going to analyze the market and see and give you guys an update whenever I have
one well this is what I have as of right now anything up until six thousand seven
hundred dollars between six thousand five hundred six thousand seven hundred
dollars I believe is some is an area we could see Bitcoin hit very simple reason
I think the resistance we’re gonna get up here it’s going to be very very
strong but I am not counting out the possibility of us going up here to test
this zone but inevitably I do believe a pullback is going to be healthy for the
market so so one of the situations we could see unfold first is potentially a
pullback here before bouncing up to this range and then coming back down that’s
one thing we could see we could also just completely explode here we all know
how Bitcoin has been very volatile recently and from there have that
pullback but in summary this is the upside target I’m looking at right now
but I don’t think this is as likely as it is that we will have a pullback so I
think the pullback is most likely right now we can see the stochastic still at
very very high levels we can see the RSI same thing as well it’s getting to those
it’s definitely definitely into the higher levels roughly around 75 right
now not as high as it was back here but again it is definitely in that high
territory and a pullback would let these indicators breathe right could take our
stochastic a little bit down it could take the RSI a little down and not have
to hover around these high ranges as usually when we are in these ranges we
are expecting eventually to see a pullback for Bitcoin be very difficult
to see something that’s already up here seeing the RSI at you know 75 have an
explosion for bitcoins bull run to start but again as always we could be wrong I
am aiming for a pullback though so hopefully that does make a little bit of
sense for you guys and also looking at the price though on BitFenix which is
what I usually use for charting especially in these videos we’re
currently at 6,000 and $64 and if we move over to another let’s say let’s go
to bid stand for example if we go BTC USD and we go to bitstamp we’ll see that
where it’s seven five thousand seven hundred and seven dollars so there is a
big difference between sorry for the mess
there is a big difference between the pricing right now so make sure you do
know what exchange exactly you are looking at so the range that we are kind
of trading sideways between again if we move back to BitFenix we’ll see we are
trading in a pretty narrow region especially going to the four hour you’ll
see there is a strong strong strong resistance at this upper level and there
is also strong support at this level over here so a very tight range that we
are trading that you know it the same thing can be said if we look at the
bitstamp chart or on the other charges before next is little inflated right now
with the price all the way up at six thousand and sixty seven six six
thousand sixty-nine we are obviously a little higher than we are on other
exchanges but the same thing you’ll still find a resistance you’ll still
find support on the other exchange you’ll still find a narrow a narrow
price range that we are trading between so a break down from here will confirm
that we are having that pullback that we that I am expecting a break above
obviously it could take us to the other levels that we are not counting out up
in this range so hopefully that did make a little bit of sense as always I want
to keep you guys updated with the technical analysis with what I’m seeing
unfold and if I have more clear targets like I did for the six thousand dollar
target and on our way out there that I was updating you guys all the time with
then obviously I’m going to bring that to you as soon as I can
now one hundred and seventy seven billion dollars in mark F we look at
open market cap and if we move to coin market cap and give it a refresh just to
make sure we have the up-to-date news right the up up-to-date super up-to-date
news 55.3% big point dominance it’s still really high if you guys remember
Bitcoin diamonds at one point was in the 30s right now it’s at fifty five like we
were saying before all coins absolutely suffering all coin suffering a lot not
necessarily to the USD value USD value we’re seeing some pretty small changes
but if we move over to BTC so comparing the the old coins not to their US
devaluation but to the BTC pairing this last month has been very difficult for
all points taking the first of April which is when Bitcoin started to explode
started to have it’s a bullish run-up all coins have had pretty much the
opposite where they’ve been suffering a lot more than they
been gaming but the biggest change of the day chain-linked up 7.9% etherium up
here as well cool to see the number two usually isn’t one of the biggest movers
but it is today loom Network again performing very very well next so Ark
eternity nulls and so forth a pretty green day in the market
definitely more green than red biggest losers maximize coin down 15.6 percent
basic attention token it’s been down this week down six percent today to
thirty four cents just under thirty five cents
good opportunity and if you want to look at picking some up same can be said with
finance coin still a lot higher than it was when it was five dollars obviously
all the way back several months ago but again another cryptocurrency that I I
bought it at around five dollars and I plan on holding it until significantly
more than twenty two dollars so I do see the long-term upside potential there as
always there is a difference between the upside potential in the short term and
the long term short term you’re looking at trades long term you are not you’re
looking at something you don’t mind you know if it’s if it’s at twenty two right
now long term it might come down to fifteen and then explode up four by next
coin for example that could be the case that’s something you would have to hold
through if you are really looking at the long term because timing it perfectly
knowing exactly when the bottom is in you’re gonna get in Ramos off the nine
you’re gonna miss out on a lot of opportunities more often more often than
not just because you were trying to time things perfectly so the number one
advice that I can give to anybody who’s new to this anybody’s getting started do
not try to time the market you will get it wrong and if you you know if you get
it right one time you missed out on so many other opportunities that you would
have made more money had you just dollar cost average had you just not tried to
time the market now coin mark cap speaking of coin markets we were just on
the website it removed BitFenix from its exchange calculations now I do want to
preface this by saying a lot of people aren’t going to take my call a lot of
questions about this when this article came out a lot of people came out to me
and asked and I want to clear up what exactly is happening they’ve removed it
just because of the difference there was in the price that’s it
we saw BitFenix compared to other exchanges big for bitcoins of a price on
BitFenix is inflated they Rue Britain they took that away so that we
have a more clear price that’s more realistic as the other exchanges are
that’s the only reason for that happening so I did want to clear that up
and more bullish news PayPal international transactions cost 30 times
the fees for blockchain transactions so again some good news coming in for the
crypto space for blockchain so while blocking technology is by far superior
to any technology that has been in existence there are some who still doubt
the superiority of the technology nevertheless one of the areas where
blockchain technology has proven helpful is in international payments so again if
it works it’s going it’s going to be around that’s a simple thing for people
who still haven’t gone in people who still don’t believe in this thought at
some point eventually you got to start feeling bad for people who haven’t done
their research in this space if you have done your research and you really
dislike it for some reason that’s cool if you haven’t done your research and
you’re just kind of following along with some misinformation you got to
eventually feel bad for these peoples they’re going to miss out on the big
change that is coming to the world that we believe is coming to the world when
things just work they’re going to get adopted when the technology just works
and it improves things it’s going to get adopted it’s really only a matter of
time when you have people like the New York Stock Exchange owner who was buying
Bitcoin at cheap prices this came out a few months ago the news and when we have
whales like I was saying in the title the video whales quietly stockpile
150,000 Bitcoin not dollars worth a Bitcoin bitcoin 150,000 Bitcoin in the
last two months that’s absolutely insane so the hundred largest wallets holding
between ten thousand to a hundred thousand Bitcoin trying to let that sink
in for a little bit excluding exchange is obviously accumulated over 150,000
Bitcoin in the past two months so non exchanges where they got this
information from if you guys have not checked it out yet you can go to the
Bitcoin rich list it’s really just bit info charts calm where you can go on
Google type in Bitcoin rich list it’ll bring you to this website is actually
pretty cool just to see how much money is actually out there and how much money
some people actually hold so you’ll have the big tricks cold wallet you know the
finance cold wallet all these we’re not going to account because their exchanges
but if you go down you have a lot of these that are actual
those wallets usually people who got in early and had you have benefited
significantly from what this space has been able to do from what crypto with
what crypto has been able to do in the last several years but if you look at
the last in which is the last time stuff came in you can also look at the last
out first out number of ins first in but if you look at the last name which is
the most recent time stuff has moved in you’ll notice a lot of these are 2019 a
lot of these are 20 MIT and if you look over you know just some very very large
balances and like they mentioned some of the top once the top 100 believe the
article was saying but over 150,000 Bitcoin in the last two months you can
see here plus 200 BTC plus 500 BTC and you can get look at this plus 15,000
that’s insane right that just came in so again they could be one person who has
split walls and wants to split their funds up whatever reason obviously this
is not this doesn’t tell you whose it is we don’t know for sure who it is we
don’t know whose is what but that’s a lot of money that’s a lot of money
that’s a lot of Bitcoin that’s been bought in the last two weeks so these
guys got in early the first time more bitcoins being bought at this moment
will they be correct again in timing the right time to get in obviously I don’t
believe these guys are buying 150,000 Bitcoin just to try and trade for next
month I do believe it is adding more to a
long-term portfolio but that’s absolutely say moving on margin trading
for a Bitcoin finance coin a theory of Tron and XRP could soon be coming to
finance a little bit of an update obviously once we get more information
on this I will share with you guys but that would be really really cool to see
and lastly bullish news fidelity is going to start institutional Bitcoin
trading within weeks bringing more and more big-money institutional money to
the space there’s just a lot of good news going on overall again just because
bitcoins prize I believe will have a pull back does not mean that I don’t
love all the good news that’s coming and i 100% believe we will be seeing
all-time highs again in the coming years if not in just one year I just think
things have to be timed out correctly and I’m very excited for 2020 when I do
if things do play out the way I believe I’m very very excited
what’s going to happen but guys hopefully did enjoy this video if you
did don’t forget to leave a thumbs up and leave a comment down below and in
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guys tomorrow for another video

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