Wenatchee Washington – Crypto Mining Goldrush Town – 2018 the Year when USA Crypto Mining Booms?

whoo the gold rush is real guys the gold rush is real and now the gold rush is hitting the miners hey move out west get that gold get that precious mining gold yo I've can dig it guys what's up crypto nation its Peter with decentralized TV your best place for news on Bitcoin blockchain and cryptocurrency tech today's crypto news but cool news of the day Bitcoin mining boom hits a small town in Washington State now we have actually covered this on previous DC TV crypto news bits talking about the cost of electricity and mining and we what we did in that episode is we ran through the cheapest states to mine Bitcoin most of those states are in the south but one of them was actually Washington State well looks like there's more to the story than meets the eye guys a small town in Washington when not when not she is seeing a Bitcoin mining boom due to low powered prices and cooler temperatures yo there's quite a few reasons why people choose to move to a small town they may wish to get away from the hustle bustle of the big city perhaps they wish to simplify their life and get back to basics kind of like my life guys or as it may be in the case of why not why not chief Washington that people may be looking to join a Bitcoin mining boom yo I can dig it guys look at that house isn't that that type of house that you've always dreamed about you could have picked a better picture than that guys a small town in Washington state that lies a few hours away from Seattle was becoming the center of cryptocurrency mining for the United States whoa listen to that it appears that the rural town of why not chief is experiencing a major Bitcoin mining boom as people are flocking to the area to start up operations Steve Wright the head of a local power utility says that are already a dozen major two cryptocurrency miners in the area that number is set to explode as he notes that another 75 have made inquiries about moving to Wenatchee Wright says we've come from just a few people out there who have been knocking down the door all of a sudden two people who are banging on the door pretty loudly why when not gee well moving too small in the name of high-tech crypto mining may sound counterintuitive there are some great reasons why miners are choosing why not cheap the first reason is cost of power electricity is extremely cheap for the town costing only 2 to 3 cents per kilowatt-hour holy crap it's really good guys I would know I mine at scale that's really good that's really good power so cheap as there is plenty of hydroelectric power do the series of dams on the Columbia River that makes sense another reason why why not she is a prime location is that boast cooler temperatures that keep the mining servers at the right temperature to cap it all off the town also has a tremendous Internet capacity when you factor power costs internet capacity an average temperature together you can see why why not she is a great spot to open up your very own crypto a mining operations guys think about it Plus Seattle is only three hours away if you want to take advantage of everything that major metropolis and has to offer hmm have you guys hung out at one and in Seattle let you guys be decide that for yourself however Steve Wright is worried about the area's new status of Bitcoin mining boom in town he says we don't want people we don't want what we don't want is people who come here to make a quick buck off our low-cost electricity and then leave town and leave us holding the bag and leave the people of this community holding the bag well guess what guess what Steve right in the long run miners just like every other business go about go to where they can generate a maximum profit by lowering costs perhaps why not she should be happy then they can broaden their tax base a little bit with the increased industry absolutely guys so this is an intriguing article apparently the small town of we're not she in Washington state of all places is going to be maybe the center of a huge Gold Rush a mining boom in cryptocurrency the question really is is why the hell why not she there's got to be other places to go but apparently hey when word gets around people that listen and when they listen they listen well and there seems to be a big fervent about moving out to Washington because things aren't cheap now with the price of that wattage to the three cents man I'll tell you guys I would know that's a spanking good deal so imma throw it back to you guys what do you think about the future of mining in America we've talked about this previously on DC TV crypto news bits that Chinese miners are now having a great exodus and looking to Canada and even America has a place to mine crypto currency so what do you think is 2018 going to be a huge year for American industries and mining crypto currencies so certainly John McVie has a huge operation up in Seattle as well so could this be the 2018 of you American miners huh you guys let me know your opinions and here's a question would you move would you move to a small city just to make those crypto mining gains let me know in the Bitcoin dot pub or the or the comments section below and thanks for joining us in today's crypto newsmen brought to you by decentralized TV your best place for news on Bitcoin blockchain and cryptocurrency tech if you're new here guys make sure you subscribe and join the crypto nation and check out the 10 days of Bitcoin calm for the rest of you guys you know what to do smash the like button for American mining operations booming in America maybe maybe

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  2. AS someone who lives in Wenatchee, I can tell you that it is no longer attractive here for mining. The city passed a ban on crypto mining.

  3. I'm from Wenatchee and a 1983 graduate. But now live in Seattle. I doubt this is sustainable. We'll see.

  4. I would move there if I could get a good job there and do the mining on the side for extra income. I already live in western Washington state, so it is a small transition for me.

  5. Wyoming is also on par with Washington's average electricity cost, and is in the northern cool regions of USA.

  6. If Wenatchee was on the ball, they would embrace the tech and like Estonia, as well as some other European countries have and start using Crypto for retail payments.

  7. Love our Wenatchee Valley which is also the Apple Capital of the World! Awesome video Thanks so much! We have land for sale!

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