18 thoughts on “Wells Fargo Is Now Blocking Coinbase (Bitcoin/Litecoin/Ethereum) Transactions???”

  1. Use the Cash app by Square. Wells Fargo blocked my Visa cards from being used on Coinbase… the ACH transfer still works, but it takes like a week for the funds to get there. Unacceptable.

  2. Brutha, I think Your on to something, because I can't buy it no more either, I think They're economically hijacking Us. Trump signed an Executive Order 2 weeks ago making it illegal to purchase the Petro from Venezuela.

  3. I see these issues for more business accounts than personal accounts, try using personal account instead. I'm 9+ years and they still allow me to sell and buy. Just sold a few grand to pay for bills and stuff recently. Plus try to call them it could just showing up as a simple scam error.

  4. Calling the bank is the solution, but it's pretty bullshit if you ask me. You would think that Coinbase and crypto has been around for long enough for Wells Fargo to realize that it's not a fraudulent charge. The delays etc. can really screw up someone's finances. Just lost quite a bit due to not being able to complete a transaction at the right time. GG Wells Fargo. Might as well have a separate bank account with a bank that isn't crypto-anal and just use that for your crypto trading.

  5. Wells Fargo closed my account after 20+ years! The did this after
    some mystical business decision.

    These big banks are frantically trying to stay alive because they see the
    cryptos becoming more main stream. That means the crumbling of their control.

    I hope you all boycott Wells Fargo and their banking services.

  6. Hey I just tried to open a Coinbase account with my Wells Fargo Account and it keeps saying Error….this is crazy. Shoot, I wanna be rich toooooooo. Its my money in there, I should be able to do what I want. I'm pissed???

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  8. Use a different bank account. Same here. I try to buy bitcoin about 2 weeks ago. Wells fargo block it and i have to use bank of America. Could have make money if wells fargo didnt block it. Wells fargo is very conservative.

  9. Call them man. My bank blocked it after the first transaction, they flagged it as a scam. I told them to allow the transactions and haven't had a problem since.

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