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Hello, we are Bitkub Blockchain Technology Let get to know us and what services we offer We offer 3 major services as follow 1. Blockchain Services 2. ICO Consultant Services 3. Blockchain Training and Education For blockchain services, we design and create blockchain solution for corporates. Morever, we can audit smart contract and give consultation on blockchain technology application within corporates. Our blockchain solution starts with identifying the root causes of the problem to create a high-efficiency blockchain system that suit each company. Implementing blockchain has various benefits including faster payment while costing less because there is no need to include middle man which can eliminate fee. Furthermore, blockchain technology can also increase transparency of transactions since every transaction can be checked easily. Lastly, data storing in blockchain is very safe because it is very difficult to be hacked. For ICO services, we offer a one-stop service for ICO including transforming your asset into digital asset, and creating new coin/token Our staff team consist of blockchain engineers and financial experts Our services cover 4 main fields which are financial, technology, legal, and marketing. On financial side, we can create cryptocurrency economy, write a whitepaper, contact investors, fund raisings, and more. We can also help to make your token easier to trade by listing it to our own exchange For technology side, we expertise in creating smart contract on blockchain to Ethereum Our technology can be easily adapted to the systems that you are using. For legal services, we have expertise to give consultation and aid to make your company’s operation consistent with SEC’s policy. Moreover, we can assist your company on tax and KYC and AML audit and documentation. For marketing, we can organize roadshow events to attract investors. We also have media channel to promote your project to investors Finally, we can manage investor relation and communication after ICO ends. And for education, we will organize workshops to help people to better understand blockchain technology, ICO, and cryptocurrency. During workshop, all participants, from students, enterpreneurs, to investors, can consult or ask questions anytime. We believe that blockchain technology can make the world a better place. Let help improve the world with us.

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