Welcome to the Advanced Certificate in Managing Virtual Currency and Financial Crime Risks

hello welcome my name is Li Bern I am the founder and managing director of great Chatwal Academy of learning and I'm delighted to welcome you to this program of learning first of all i'd personaly I'd like to thank you for choosing great Channel Academy of learning we are delighted to have you with us and we take our responsibilities very seriously the course has been designed working with some virtual currency technology businesses and and we rather hope that it's going to prove to be not only fun and stimulating but really quite practical in terms of the learning outcomes that you're achieved by working through this program I hope and expectation will be that at the end of the course you'll reflect upon what has been a meaningful a commitment on your site in terms of time and that the lessons and the learning is then helpful and translates into real outcomes in the workplace as you work through the course you'll understand that we very much structured the program so it's a read watch listen do you will find in each segment manuals of learning and supporting webinars and then an ability to practice some questions in preparation for final assessment so good luck with the journey and no doubt you'll see me further on into the course the first question you may have in your mind right now is how am I going to be successful we're absolutely committed to your success throughout this program and therefore at any point are you needing support and assistance remember we're just an email away the course has been structured so that you have a body of learning and reading to do that you can conduct and perform at your own leisure outside of work for example weekends stolen moments on your commute to work additionally we've got the webinars that hopefully provide a context to that learning and then there's a sample MCQ a multiple-choice question there 25 questions that you'll be asked to complete within one hour it is a timed open book assessment you will therefore be able to use your notes that you've made throughout the course we'd encourage you to do that in a structured fashion 80% is the pass mark of success the benchmark of success current pass rates are very favorable and the secret to success in my opinion is to do the reading that's required to make sure that you truly understand the complex nature of managing financial crime compliance some of the nuances of virtual currencies and when you already be selfish set some time aside press the button take the assessment and then enjoy the satisfaction of passing goals and achieving the designations of the certificate of success from the University of Gloucestershire so what does lie ahead well the small matter of approximately 20 to 30 hours of your time and commitment in reading a small matter of 70,000 words which have been constructed to cry what we hope will be a voyage of discovery and we genuinely do hope that you enjoy the learning the overwhelming feedback so far from delegates who've been through the course and the program of learning has been enormous ly positive and supportive so our hope and expectation is this journey will be fun stimulating and worthwhile in brief what you must do in order to be successful is read the full extent of the course mind you the final assessment will draw upon the learning and the materials within the manual itself there is of course the opportunity to go beyond that to do the optional reading which I believe would help to reinforce and cement your key understanding of key concepts nothing that's gonna be quite important the majority of people who've been successful very successful the course so far have actually taken that opportunity to go beyond the manual but in the first instance the assessment is of the manual and the manual the team and I absolutely committed to supporting your success on a personal and a business level if at any point you need any support from us and that's quite natural because it is an extensive body of work and you may well find that some work some concerts quite further clarification then please send an email to us reach out to us on info at great Chappell academy lucam the team and I will endeavor to respond to that almost immediately and often outside of business has a sentimental so we don't encourage that

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