Weekly Cryptocurrency and Blockchain News Round-up by Discourze_4.6.18

Hi, this is Jonathan here in HK with Discourze,
the all in one social media crypto app of the future. We are here for another edition of our ongoing
and exciting weekly crypto news roundup. In the US this week, in the State of Arizona,
a bill was passed that allows businesses in share and hold data on a blockchain backed
distributed ledger. Arizona is considering other bills that would
potentially allow for cryptocurrency mining, recognize virtual money as having really value
and one that would even allow its citizens to pay taxes in BitCoin. All of these bills are “aimed at opening
the door to for emerging technologies”, quoted Arizona representative Jeff Weninger. As the Federal government in the US is unsure
of what and how to regulate blockchain and cryptocurrencies, the state governments are
passing liberal legislation on blockchain and crypto. The States of New Hampshire and Wyoming have
recently passed some very progressive laws, including exempting of crypto traders from
money transmission regulations in New Hampshire to exempting virtual currencies from property
tax in Wyoming. Also in the US, BitCoin Depot, a company that
makes and installs Crypto ATM’s has just opened in 125th crypto ATM in the US, allowing
what they say over 85 million Americans in 15 states to access the cryptocurrency market. All one simply needs is cash, and one can
go to an ATM and make a purchase of various cryptocurrencies via the ATM. The transactions are instantaneous and require
no ID, bank account, or credit cards, simply a phone number. And lastly out of the US this week, a recent
poll found that the most popular Xmas gift this past year in Nevada was the Ledger Nano
crypto hardware wallet. A hardware wallet securely stores private
keys of user’s cryptocurrencies offline, rather than online, protecting against potential
online threats. Nevada recently passed a bill to ban local
blockchain taxes and to recognize smart contracts, making Nevada another very friendly crypto
and blockchain state. In Asia this week, a new study shows that
around 14% of Japanese males under the age of 30 participate in cryptocurrency exchange. Although their investments by and large remain
small, under $500USD, 47% of those surveys said that they would like to more actively
invest in the future. With a population of around 127M. this means
that there is still a huge market out there for crypto companies to potentially engage
and attract new customers. Also in Japan this week, a group at TAMA university
released a set of guidelines for regulation and legalization of ICO’s. This government backed group released rules
that include ways to ID investors, stopping money laundering, tracking project progress,
and protecting investors and guideline for trading of crypto currency. While this certainly isn’t a law, it will
be reviewed by Japan’s financial services agency and is a drastic change from neighboring
countries like China and South Korea, that banned ICO’s altogether last year. In Taiwan this week, the tech and cell phone
giant FoxConn has found a company to create their newest blockchain backed cell phone. This new smart phone is designed to securely
store digital currency and will allow for multiple token exchanges This phone may circumvent
complex wallet address by using iris or fingerprint scans for Identification. This will be a game changer for more overall
adoption of cryptocurrencies making the market even more viable for new comers. And lastly, in China this week, a blockchain
backed shipment of gasoline was completed between China and Singapore, marking the first
ever fully blockchain backed commodity trade will all key participants being supported
by blockchain technology. These are all really big stories around the
world, showcasing how quickly blockchain backed technologies and cryptocurrencies are taking
off in the main stream market. This is a really exciting time for companies
like Discourze, as we will continue to grow with the market, and position ourselves to
drastically change the way people interact with cryptocurrencies and social media, Thanks
for watching this weeks’ addition of our crypto news roundup. Stay tuned next week for another edition of
our weekly news segment. And for more in discouze, please visit our
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