Weekly Crypto News from BTC TV | Week #37

[Applause] [Applause] hi thanks for taking your time for watching top weekly news from BTC TV and in this episode you will see the next top stories from the previous week Bitcoin price drop it down from seven point four thousand dollars to six point three during the last couple of days you want to remind you that one week ago price of Bitcoin was close to seven point four thousand dollars however it could halt for a long time and by weekend price went down to six point three thousand dollars total market cap also went down and now it is at level one hundred ninety billion United States dollars at another site Italian price even for more down to level 180-190 United States dollars during the last couple days the last such low price was on the market during the June of 2017 more than one year ago why Italian price falling sold down my neck spurts believe that this is the massive sell-off of ethereum initiated by IC o—- security because i ciose wanted to cash out at areum to hear can I tell him goal even down more or can it go up we will see during the next couple of weeks I co bench sent us a new weekly report on eyes on market during the last week this Phi Phi cos collected over 32 million dollars and they are pets alone boo steroid extras Western point inbox finance as about top 5 places which are ranked right now accordingly to I co bench they are Avatara world with bank genell's pearl face boom starter Network and lastly about ICO market size per month in August have been only 52 ICO which collected 550 million dollars this is the lowest number of isil's and plans Reza during the last 12 months despite downfall of cryptic coins and market in general 72% of krypton investors are willing to buy more cryptos and you service against that a majority of accredited cryptocurrency investors and nearly 3/4 of retail investors plan to increase the cryptocurrency Holden in the next 12 months base it on our server crypto investor having lost face and applying to buy more site manager director and head of research at shares post in statement investors remain bullish on Bitcoin and interim over the next 18 months is because they are leading digital currency globally in response to claims that etherium cryptocurrency is headed for collapse and that the protocol change ethereum co-founder vitalik retiring agrees for now in the terraeum as it presently exists this is absolutely true and in fact if ethereum were not to change all parts of author's argument would be correct which are enrolled in a reddit post still a theorem is already looking into ways to solve its problems however with Helen concluded that twist storms by saying that there is no formal timeline for its implementation which could mean a prolonged period of uncertainty for ethereum cryptocurrency whose Pakistan's go fishing for Bitcoin exchanges an effort to boost its market-based economy the government of Uzbekistan has decided to take initiatives favorable to the growing cryptocurrency industry the legalization came in the wake of presidential decree that was signed to encourage the use of cryptocurrency and blockchain in the uzbek expand the stake has confirmed that it will not treat cryptocurrencies like securities therefore the laws that are common for security exchanges will not bother cryptic currency exchanges the presidential decree also legalized cryptocurrency mining in Uzbekistan and has ordered estate control at energy companies to allocate lands for mining operations Cindy Putin exchanged q coin has market his foray into Australia with a multi-million investment in aggravated domestic exchange part of a new joint venture the Australian Financial Review is reporting that hip cuckoo has invested three million investment dollars in Bitcoin Australia domestic exchange that enables Bitcoin trading and material bind and even the Asian exchange operator enter Australian market with a market focus on high-end advanced investors while targeting different markets both companies have clear synergies leading to join when to the exit of site telling it will effectively create an exchange from intermediate and advanced traders while we are must market approach making us quite synergistic will build the consumer friendly retail experience for people entering the market while supporting q point for advanced traders the coinbase chief executive was responding to a question about cryptocurrency international out switch at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco to which he predicted that 1 billion people would eventually be using cryptocurrencies in the next five years coin based the United States company Armstrong has is one of the world's largest Bitcoin and I'll coin exchanges by trading voila Armstrong plans to expand coinbase to more global territories they have recently announced that they are plans to open new offices in Africa in long term Armstrong believe that they will function like the New York Stock Exchange with probably millions of tokens in their portfolio a Hong Kong company is said to issue 100,000 cryptocurrency visa debit cards over the next two months in what it claims to be the first for Asia the company crypted that comp formerly known as Monaco has partnered with Germany wire card bank for the project it and will begin issuing the cards in the Singapore with a you for spreading globally we to the calm says it will first apply for money in licenses in boss Singapore and Hong Kong it will then look to roll out its cryptocurrencies debit cards which will allow with the currency Beckett landing the company said cut overs will be able to take out Bitcoin Beckett loans or use its negative talking visit for today don't forget to subscribe to our youtube channel BTC TV for such more weekly news and more stories bye for now [Applause]

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