4 thoughts on “Weekend Tarot October 26 – 27, 2019 ~ Standing Up For Yourself”

  1. ☼ I think the duel reverse is not that there is nothing to learn, perse. It is the re-learning this same bs AGAIN. & both w/the duel fire gift. The lover contract, getting there this way, thru the hashing of the conflict (from caused by one of them lying for…inexplicable reasons). But i do think it gets there. Wish me luck.

    But this is such a perfect representation of what i have been feeling about this wkend. Gr8 entry.

  2. ☼ Sometimes while meditating, or if stuck, ill put on general readings in the back ground to help re-connect to source. I heard you say dressing up w/the signs: sounds awesome! You could do comic book representations, next yr maybe. or the yr after. There will be marvel or DC characters that could be chosen to represent each sign. Also those things are popular.

    Youd need to know the comics a bit tho, or the shows. But you can always ask for suggestions of comic book characters that represent people signs of course. & lastly, you could ask comickbook YTers to suggest for their sign – or in general. It would take more planning tho. Just a random idea. Just watched Titans , and Deathstroke would be a left-field Gemini. Loves his family, but is an assassin of other peoples' families.

    Tho anyone who wears a mask, you can can make a decent Gemini argument. I could have been more creative.

  3. ☼ Also, all comic book characters have birthdays! You could work out their signs, and let people vote on which comic book chr w/that sign you should dress as. Hey: Im an ideas man <3. L8trs! ^^

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