Week in Review: BITCOIN NEO ETHEREUM ⚡ Free Bitcoin Trading Tips Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis

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26 thoughts on “Week in Review: BITCOIN NEO ETHEREUM ⚡ Free Bitcoin Trading Tips Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis”

  1. Question…

    I am going to be selling some ALT Coins to some contacts that
    I have.
    I just want to know a smart way of calculating the mark up price
    for the ALT Coin which I am selling..

    I will be buying 2 BTC and then transferring that to an
    exchange like Kraken and then I will be trading BTC for the alt coins which my
    contacts who would like to purchase.

    Due to the high fluctuation of bitcoin when I trade it
    against an alt coin I do not know what markup price to use?

    Or is it smarter to use USD to buy ALT coins rather than
    BTC? As the USD does not fluctuate that much?

    For an example
    If a contact of mine wants to buy 1 Ethereum for 310 – I will
    buy 1 ETH from an exchange using BTC.

    Ofcourse BTC fluctuates and I do not want to buy and sell at
    a loss so whats a fair bitcoin markup price that I should charge when I sell my
    ETH to my contact?

    Cheers J

  2. Thank you Brandon. Could you please do an analysis on OmiseGo? Much talk about it especially having Vitalik Buterin on the team. Cheers!

  3. Lol.. When the fuck will people wake up and see that IOTA is the most superior coin out there, by far! If you understood the tech (tangle – NOT blockchain), you'd sell all your other coins and go all in on IOTA – it's THAT superior.

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  5. thats how you indeed chart like a boss good one bro. You think Ripple is still a sleeping giant? Buying and Hodl is still a good idea?

  6. Thank you, I never saw anybody do TA like you!
    Can you please make TA on Stratis? I would really appreciate it.

  7. I thank you sincerely Brandon, for all your great insights and enthusiasm. My mission is focused. One day I'll find you and shake your hand. Peace.

  8. i'm not sure how to phrase the question i have so i'll just say you fib is custom, how what why? lol. it pretty different than the default.

  9. I was live listening when you said Bitcoin would be 4k in the week start on the 14th of August and you were right. Please do one on Doge and Britcoin. I've been using your methods in trading and i'm winning BIG so Thanks for the FREE lessons

  10. i dont know why use stopp losses, let it all like it is and watch next year again your portfolio and smile all day long.. that simple it is 🙂

  11. 10 days a week, break it down man! I like your analytic skill and style. You have some natural talent. I hope you are able to do well at YouTube.

  12. Been following for a month. Still am not sure what to make of these videos. We are dealing with a manipulated market for one. I get my info from a bunch of different sources. Just sold neo at.0124 bc. After watching the video last night I see cyptotrader boss maybe on to something

  13. Just found your channel and wow I wish I found you earlier! you called Neo and CVC this time and NEO's 78 bounce on the last vid. I'll jump on your next advice and give you a solid tip on my gains! +1

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