Week 1 – How to Increase your Faucet Earnings with Poloniex Trading

hello guys welcome and thank you for watching this tutorial on how to increase your faucet earnings with Poloniex. Poloniex is an exchange website where you can exchange your Bitcoins for other types of crypto-currencies. Currently I am collecting from seven different faucets and transferring all my earnings to Poloniex. The crypto-currencies I am collecting include Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin and Curecoin. Once the coins are in my Poloniex account I then proceed with placing sell orders in order to get more Bitcoins from my Dogecoin, Litecoin and Curecoin. You will notice on the screen some deposits I’ve receives over the past week. These are all faucet earnings which are the whole point of this experiment. I want to see if i can get more bitcoins without spending any money. Some of the faucets I’ve been collecting from include Moon Bitcoin, Moon Dogecoin, and Moon Litecoin. What I enjoyed about these three faucets is the fact that you don’t have to claim every five minutes. If you click on more info under claim amount you will be able to see the current claim rates. I prefer to claim every five minutes because you get more as opposed to letting it build up. I am also using Paid Books which is a faucet that pays you 90 Satoshi every five minutes for reading books. So far I have managed to get two payouts from this site. As you can see the last payout was for 19620 Satoshi. Payout from this faucet goes directly to my Eobot Cloud Mining account. I am mining Curecoin through my one year Cloud Folding contract on Eobot mainly because it’s quicker to get to the one Curecoin minimum payout amount. All Curecoin from Eobot will be transferred to Poloniex once I’ve reached the minimum payout amount. I will then exchange the Curecoin for Bitcoin when the price of Bitcoin is favorable. I intend on purchasing more Cloud Folding PPD with my nineteen thousand six hundred and twenty Satoshi I have earned from Paid Books once the price for Cloud Folding drops below 4000 Satoshi. If the price drops then I will get more points per day. What I enjoy about Eobot is 1 Dogecoin per day just for visiting the website and they also have a built in faucet. I get all my faucet claims in the form of Curecoin because I have Curecoin selected as the crypto-currency I want to mine on Eobot. A link to the site will be available in the description so be sure to check them out. I am also collecting faucet earnings from a site called Freebitco.in and Dogefaucet. Freebitco.in dispenses free Satoshi after every hour while Dogefaucet dispenses free Satoshi after every two hours. I really like Dogefaucet because whatever Dogecoin you earn gets transferred immediately to your wallet I transfer all Dogefaucet earnings directly to my Dogecoin wallet on Poloniex in order to save on any fees I might incur. Poloniex doesn’t charge any deposit fees so that is really great for me. So now i think i’m going to show you guys the order I placed on Poloniex with the ten thousand nine hundred and sixty Satoshi I received from the Moon Bitcoin faucet. The currency I want to buy is called STEEM and I placed a buy order at 0.00016340 which means I will get 0.66364749 when my buy order goes through. I will then place a sell order when the price of STEEM goes up in order to make a profit as you guys can see at the bottom the price is still fluctuating this that’s currently trading at -3.2 seven percent so I think this is going to go down that’s why I decided to place a buy order when the prices at 0.00016340 steam coins yeah that’s it guys thanks for watching. I plan on making one video every week to show progress with this experiment . If you guys would like to contribute and speed up the process then please use the links in the description when joining any of the sites I mentioned in this video tutorial. I will get a small referral bonus so please join. Donations are also welcome. All donations can be sent to the addresses provided in the video description. I am currently accepting only Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin and Curecoin but if you want to contribute with any other crypto-currency then feel free to send me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible so thanks guys thanks for watching and out to see you next week cheers alright guys thank you for watching and leave the like if you enjoyed this video click here to subscribe for more videos

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