hey everybody welcome to alternative media television book Sam thank you so much for tuning in today please thumb up share this video help us spread this message as far as possible now what we've been seeing over the last two and a half years is really reminiscent of what a lot of great leaders and even great presidents have been saying over the decades that this country has changed it's been varying off we are less free this is not what our American founding fathers wanted and look what we are where we're at today and with the events that are occurring now take for instance the 2016 election when you had the American people that rose up they voted for Donald Trump and look this was a big push against the establishment against the mainstream media it's not who they wanted it's not what they wanted and what have they done ever since Donald Trump was elected especially now with the arrest of Julian Assange everything that helped push Donald Trump to the presidency has literally been destroyed where you have social media censoring conservatives you have these news media organizations D platform nowhere to be found now you have the arrest of Julian Assange with WikiLeaks which all of these elements were a big push to help Donald Trump win the election and they're gone see the elite and the establishment a few families few corporations who controlled us put us in a police state have a literally brainwash they don't want what's best for the American people they actually are sitting up there laughing at us as we fight over things that are so petty where people who are wearing Donald Trump pads or Trump gear can't even go out in public without getting attacked and they're keeping us divided see there is no mainstream media these journalists are enemies of the state there is no freedom of press because if there was you wouldn't see what's happening right now with Julian Assange and WikiLeaks now Donald Trump given the fact that all of these things that helped him win the election are kind of done for what Donald Trump does have and look I support him what he does have is the fact that the Russian collusion hoax was obviously a big hoax so he has this on his side what else does he have that the majority of people in this country do not believe the mainstream media they think the news is full of it which absolutely they are which he has holes on his side but what has the deep state done just now what has this police state done just now Julian Assange the arrest of Julian Assange will keep the Russian collusion hoaxes alive for a very long time because what have they been doing they've connected Julian Assange to WikiLeaks and WikiLeaks to the Donald Trump cam pain see they keep us divided to keep this hoax going and to make sure that Donald Trump does not pardon Assange look we are so far off from what our founding fathers wanted that we might never ever be back on track ever again and ever since the Patriot Act was passed the surveillance state that was built against American citizens for God's sakes even that Donald Trump campaign was spied on and surveilled our freedoms are diminishing people aren't waking up to this as much as they should be we allowed this New World Order globalist formation to completely wipe out American interests so right now at the precipice of a huge event and we need to make sure that we're all involved and educated now obviously this open borders policy is a huge thing by the elite and the establishment to keep us to change this country because again they don't care about the American people they laugh at us they don't want what's best for us that's why they want this open borders policy Donald Trump has just tweeted basically that he was going to put out these you know people who are in detention centers and these illegal immigrants in detention centers in the sanctuary cities and the establishment went up in arms these people are the ones who want him in the country see they don't want them in their backyard they don't want them in their front yard or in their cities they just want them where they don't have to deal with it where it punishes the average worker the average family where they're struggling with wages and jobs and just getting by they want that the flood they want the Trump voter to diminish 100% so when it comes to them taking responsibility for it they're up in arms and they can't believe that Donald Trump would do such a thing again going back to the fact that the elite in establishment they brainwashed the people so even on the left remember a lot of your politicians who are saying all these things look at Bernie he's a millionaire he's a socialist he's a millionaire he's a socialist he doesn't even make any sense no it doesn't they are lying to you they are scamming you and they have been doing that for a very very long time so this is the situation we're in in this country what are we gonna do about it look Donald Trump has a civilian look he said a lot of things truthful 100 percent this is why we voted for him what does he see when he gets in the presidency does he have that much control does the president even matter anymore because if it did I would see a lot of things change I would see the declassification of a lot of these documents that show the abuse by the FBI okay by the DOJ regarding the FISA applications regarding this complete secret hidden coup that they covered up with an investigation to remove him he should declassify and release it to the American people right away should have done it a long time ago but he hasn't yet and I questioned that and I questioned with the fact that who made this decision to arrest Julian Assange I doubt that it was Donald Trump himself I know the deep state runs this situation but at the same time I don't see a pardon coming because at the end of the day they're holding Donald Trump's presidency hostage they did it with the investigation they'll do it with this and if he does basically pardon Julian Assange they're gonna see you see we told yourself he was a Russian traitor a treasonous president just like Julian Assange because the elite the establishment and the deep state control this country and always well now always been of the mindset that if the establishment doesn't like something if the media doesn't like something okay and if the central banks don't like something like blockchain technology and crypto currency that's what we should be on because behind closed doors these social media giants these banks they're gonna take it over eventually they know it they're downplaying it now and it's the most important thing to do when they're against it yet you're for it because it's going to provide help they see it as the future do not get left behind click the link below join our Bitcoin Academy join our course Christopher green goes over multiple topics an amazing course educate yourself about this breakthrough technology that the mainstream media and the establishment do not want you to learn about and we guys take you so much for tuning in again my name is Chad I am TV hard-hitting and in your face god bless


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  2. The History being written over the centuries is a lie, and that's what they are truly hiding.

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    The Open Court, Vol. XI (no. 5) May 1897, NO 492, (2ND PDF) Historical Sketch of the Jews Since Their Return from Babylon. With Illustrations of Jewish Customs
    Historical Sketch of the Jews Since Their Return from Babylon. With Illustrations of Jewish Customs (page 270 – last sentence, & onto page 271) —- six million Jews lost their lives, together with the famous Rabbi Akiba, one of the pseudo messiah’s most ardent adherents (135 A.D.).

    Henry Ford tells it like it is in 1920:
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  3. Donald Trump is no different. He is a liar, too. Pushing poisonous 5g and making Israel great again, being a Zionist puppet, part of the plan to bring down America and the NWO. He is no different. Call upon Jesus and beg him to save you in repentance of your sins now! Rapture is at hand.

  4. Get Assange under Trump's heavy protection and 24hr guard asap. NOW. Storm the place where he is trapped. No UK.
    Boycott every Ecuadorean product for sale in US. Bananas, papayas,melons..investigate and boycott; their president took the DeepState bribe.

  5. Since 9/11 everything changed, just as they planned. That is why they did it! And people of US and Europe are brain dead (hypnotized) more than ever before.

  6. "Your country prays to Israel and that is why they have the greatest GDP credit among all nations while yours remains the lowest … yet the MOSSAD cannot fix Trumps troubles … make me laugh !"

  7. What can you do when they tell you they will cut your entire living family into little pieces if you don't comply?

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  9. Trump said so many times he loves wiki leaks and always reads their reports and now he says he knows nothing about wikileaks now..Another lie he told caught on camera….when assagane was been dragged out of the embassy one of things he shouted out "" trumps administration is doing this.. resist trump"

  10. Refugees are not enemies, as Trump calls them. And the fact is that Trump's wall will not stop a real enemy. Nuclear weapons, EMPs, HAARP, Chemtrails, Biological weapons, Chemical weapons…Billions wasted on a wall, but Trump has another BIG thing to put his name on.
    Bernie wrote a book that people wanted to read, so you think he has no right to it???
    It appears you have no clue how Democratic Socialism works. I suggest you check out the nations that ALWAYS top the lists of best places to live…despite high taxes.
    Your lying hero. Trump, always touted Wikileaks during his campaign. Now he says he has no idea who or what it is. Maybe you should raise your worship standards.
    You use the Deep State as your way to protect the liar in chief. During his first year, he averaged 5.9 lies a day. He hit 16.5/day in 2018. So far this year, he's averaging 22 lies a day.
    Maybe you should advocate he get therapy or be institutionalized instead of praising him as he destroys America.

  11. The Democrats are the ones committing Treason against The United States, they are Traitors!!! We won’t have a country if we don’t put a stop to this invasion!

  12. Lol? I thought the course stopped taking applicants like 4 times already. This is worse than an infomercial.

  13. It’s been proven that Julian Assange “Wikileaks” been 100% accurate.. Julian will NOT disclose his “sources” however imho Seth Rich who was murdered is one of his sources.. think about it as Seth Rich was an employee of the Democratic National Committee and clearly had a wealth of information on the DemoNrats!🤔

  14. You know
    That's right

    Did you know the US Soecial Forces revolted
    And Canadas Go To guys revolted
    And France halo elite forces
    If and Russians

    We had enough of democracy
    We are Royals
    England Australia and damn
    Even China and Taiwan girls dating jap dudes
    So point is
    America dies the death it deserves
    So does Rome
    And all the vile filth of this dark shit disturbing stain

    So point is
    The Kingdom of God
    The Temple of Christ
    The King of Zion
    The Daughters, Queens of the Lion

    You not one if us
    Too bad for you
    You disagree?
    Too bad for you

    A kingdom is absolutely Sovereign
    The Queen and King obeyed
    The Law of God
    Simply truth
    Prosperous and dancing children
    A world reborn
    Do you know me yet?
    I'm the White Lion
    When the children cry
    Then the children sing
    Then a new age begins
    No more presidents
    No more wars
    One United world under God

    Get it?

    You not invited
    You wont like our place very much
    Eye for eye
    Bone for bone
    That's the justice we practice
    Did you kill my human family war pigs?
    Then you should fucking run
    Ain't this fun?

  15. Heard Julian Assange do NOT want to be extradited to the U.S. as he feels US Authorities will imprison him for many years!! If true that this is the intent of US Authorities then this is WRONG on so many levels as Julian made Americans very aware of Hilderbeast corruption, PODESTA brothers child sex slave racket and soooo many other issues.. we must ALL pray for Julian Assange!!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  16. Just came back from my local new York city park in middle Village Queens New York eight out of 10 conversations were in a foreign language I felt like I was the foreigner they proudly call Queens New York a melting pot,This is not the America I was willing to give my life for Proud and lucky US Air Force veteran… disenchanted in America today,Used to love football if they can’t stand for the flag I can’t sit to watch

  17. The Bitcoin Academy School offered here is somewhat helpful. But it doesn't cover the simple things about buying and selling of cryptos. The why. The who. The what's of crypto is not covered in Chris's school. I move that Chris adds some meat to his courses by answering students individual questions either online or by email. Whaddya think?

  18. The deep state will NOT always control this nation. This nation will run into oblivion like Rome did..and guess what, Rome doesn't exist anymore.

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