We are Re-branding to Forex Source

– Hi, I’m Jarratt Davis, and I’d like to welcome
you to our YouTube channel. Now you may have noticed that we are in the process
of rebranding our channel to the name of our new
business, Forex Source, and in this video, I’m gonna explain what it’s all about and ultimately why we decided to do it. Now there are two main reasons we decided to go with a rebrand. Firstly, we want to really make YouTube one of our main content channels
over the next few months, so that means more videos, more topics, more answers to your questions, and having the Forex Source team on hand mean that we can really
ramp up content production while keeping the content
really high quality. And secondly, the reason that my channel was so successful in the first place is because I focus heavily
on fundamental analysis which is just totally different from what most trading
experts focus on, right? Which is usually things like
technical analysis indicators and, you know, magical robots. So, Forex Source was literally created to help traders understand
why currency prices move and how to interpret breaking news into actionable trade ideas, so it’s a natural transition. So this is how the new format will work. We’re gonna be adding a
whole host of new playlists and video topics over the next few months, and everything will be super focused on how people understand how and why currency prices
move up and down every day because when you understand
the reasons behind those moves, it gets much easier to start
to predict them ahead of time. To do this, we’ll be explaining things like fundamental analysis and interpretation of
breaking market news. Now everyone new knows
that news moves prices, but our channel will help you
really understand that process on a deeper level, so that you can start making money from those moves yourself. We’ll also be encouraging your questions, comments and feedback because we want to try and
build a really strong community on YouTube based on the
real problems you face as a retail trader. If you’re wondering about
something we haven’t covered yet, leave a comment because we read them all, and we base all of our future videos on what you’re talking about today. And as for me, well I’ll still be here doing some videos and helping you answer your questions, but I’ll also be joined by the team of financial analysts at Forex Source which just allows us to
increase the production of the high quality content than just me on my own. If you’re interested in understanding the FX markets on a deeper level and adopting a professional
trading approach, please subscribe and follow our channel so that you’re notified every
time we release a new video, and if you have topics that
you’d like to know more about, then please leave a comment below.

14 thoughts on “We are Re-branding to Forex Source”

  1. Dope vid man, earned you a new sub. I've made a few tutorials on how to make $$$, please check them out on my channel ツ Thanks!!

  2. If you explain the fundamental drivers of Eur , Usd, cad, gbp, etc separately in separate video. It will be more helpful. Thank you, waiting for new updates.

  3. Can't wait to see the new content Jarratt! I've been following your channel for several years and a Forex Source subscriber for 6 months. Can't rate it highly enough. Thanks again!

  4. Thank you Jarrat, I have a problem with interpretation of fundamentals/risk event and how they affect currency market, I would like to understand more about these news. Thank you

  5. can you please add a calendar to forex source and make it more affordable to the retail trader. it would be great at $99 per month. maybe add a lower-tier version without the analysis chat

  6. Hey ther Jarratt can you make some movie how to prepare before some makro data from economic callendar and grab some pips before data like nfp or other important makro data?Thanks.Like you say in some movie buy the rumor sell the fact.

  7. I have been a follower of your channels both on twitter and here on youtube. A number of times I tried registering with forex source but on the trial package to see how it works. Although I considered the 200usd monthly very expensive and would have spoken to you about it to see how you can be fair to retail traders who cannot afford such kind of money to subscribe on a monthly basis. Unfortunately I blew my 3000pouds account twice and since then I've been battling with funds and not able to trade as my major source of income which I had planned it would be. Now I have started all over again with a 150pound account and how do you assist me to access these Information?

  8. Looks awesome. Maybe you should run a weekly podcast and interview verified traders. Is this a replacement for xenith and ransquawk?

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