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So what got you first interested
in cryptocurrencies? When I was studying IT in university, then I had a schoolmate who was, who was telling me about this.
That was in 2010. I think so, and… he was using university servers at night
to mine for bitcoin and some other coins. And he took me to join with him
on this venture, I wasn’t really interested. And then a few years after that, when cryptocurrency started
to get more attraction in the media, I started to look more into it.
And then, then there were some companies that, started promoting different cryptocurrencies and it caught my attention. I started learning about it,
seeing what there is on the market experimenting, testing here and there. So for the past, I think now
about four, four or five years, I have been somewhat in the industry looking around and seeing what companies
are doing, how they’re developing what they’re focusing on. it was quite, quite fast when I understood that, the vision, the initial goal of cryptocurrency and then I understood what it can do, how much it can influence the whole world,
how much it can change. But unfortunately, there are not too many
companies focusing on the right things. And that is one thing that pushed me to work stronger in the industry, and to create something that
would have the focus on, on the real purpose of what
cryptocurrency really is about. So, in that respect, what would you say
the real purpose of cryptocurrency is? The real purpose is creating
a better version of money. Simple as that. Not that being a financial instrument or not a being a speculative tool.
It’s just money. same things that we, that we use euros
or dollars or, or shillings for the same thing, we have to
be able to use cryptocurrency for and we have to be able
to rely on the currency, trust it. Obviously in that respect, you know, if you talk
about, because the mainstream world, you know, every, most people on the street,
they don’t really trust cryptocurrencies, – at least not right now.
– Absolutely not. Why would you say they don’t trust them? And how would you say that
Dagcoin could build that trust that other cryptocurrencies haven’t? I believe there’s a few reasons
why people don’t trust. One of the main ones is the price volatility how much the price fluctuates. I think this is so far the biggest obstacle for people to really start using cryptocurrency, which actually by nature it’s much more
convenient than faster way to, and much more liberated way to use your money. On the other hand, if you accept, let’s say you get paid in cryptocurrency and after a few days the price is 10% less
or 20% less or even more then what, what do you do? You won’t have
enough money to actually survive the whole month. So stability is something that is
crucial when it comes to money and I believe where everything went
wrong is that the community has they want to think that cryptocurrency
is same as money. if fiat currencies, they are are valued
based on supply and demand then crypto should be valued the same way. But you know, how did fiat currencies get started at first place? They were backed by something.
They were backed by a fundamental value. Initially it was, it was metals, it was gold. So once once
the community was huge and stable. That is when the valuation model
for fiat currencies changed. So I believe the same way should be done with cryptocurrencies. In the beginning, it should be, let’s say based
on some fundamental value and once the community is huge, and
huge is not millions or tens of millions, the community should
be hundreds of millions of people only then it is wise to go,
on the free market valuation model because then everything is stable. You know, media cannot
affect a currency that much then right now whatever you want to write,
you can put it up on the Internet whether people believe it or not,
it depends where you put it up and there is so much rubbish
and there’s so much noise about about different currencies and people
don’t know what to believe. They like to believe the good things, but there
are also a lot of bad things going out there. So, that is something that really,
affects the belief into the currency. Therefore, also the price changes, It is something that
should be avoided, I believe. And that that is one thing that
we really want to avoid. therefore Dagcoin is valued
by fundamental parameters. The size of the community, users and merchants and in a later stage and, of course
there will be usage as well how many transactions are being done and different features of the ecosystem, like
possibilities what you can do with the currency and the final stage is, of course, the free market. But for that the community
has to be big, it has to be stable and that’s, that’s the only way how
to actually build up the currency.

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