Waves Monthly Digest: September 2019

Hello Waves community! I’m Daniel, Waves ambassador, and I’m going to be hosting this digest! We are in Zurich, Switzerland, where Waves community have organized a workshop. Amazing, right? A truly community-driven event, focused on writing dApps using Ride language. I’m so excited to be here and teach people to develop Web 3 applications. But as you know, the digest is about what’s been going on with Waves overall, so let’s go to the news… Let’s start with node development. The Waves team has updated the node. In the new version, governance for decentralized monetary policy was included. This feature is designed to enable the community to make major monetary decisions by casting votes. Specifically, the community is able to set the size of the block generation reward for miners. Voting on the new governance policy has now concluded. The feature was accepted by the community and will be available on mainnet! Waves is a democratic platform and it’s right that the community should have their say on this kind of major decision, one way or the other. We have also launched a new experimental blockchain, the stagenet. All new, experimental functionality will now be tested on stagenet, resolving the issue of possible rollbacks of blockchain height on testnet and making the testing process much smoother. Hey everyone! I’m Sebastian, a Waves ambassador in Switzerland, and I’m here to tell you what’s going on with Waves applications. The web and desktop versions of Waves DEX now support multiple accounts. A user can have just one password for all their accounts. Switching between accounts has never been so easy because you no longer have to log out every time. We have embedded Waves Keeper into our mobile app, enabling mobile interaction with Waves dApps. The launch was made quietly for developers, and we are now testing it. You’ll find a link to an article on Waves blog with all the details. There has been a major update to Waves Token Rating, a collective, community-driven ratings system for tokens issued on the Waves Platform. Over the five months since its launch, Waves Token Rating has also become a convenient directory of most popular tokens. Now, we’ve added functionality allowing issuers of most highly-rated tokens to set tickers – unique identifiers, used by exchanges and as a currency code by users. We have also added a ticker oracle, which collects information from four sources – BetterTokens, TrustAmust Verification Center, Waves Data Service and Waves Token Rating. It will also be able to collect data from tickers added by token issuers. We’ve also released a manual on creating oracles, and several oracles have already been created with its help. Last month we announced an event in Paris, but unfortunately it had to be postponed. Organizing such events is a lot of work, and many different factors must be considered. We still want to hold a workshop in Paris, so stay tuned. We are planning a series of events at universities in the USA with our partner Major League Hacking – one of the largest organizers of hackathons around the world. We will also participate in the San Francisco Blockchain Week at the Epicenter event. Most importantly, we want our community to know that we are starting to promote Waves in the US and will increase our presence and community there. Well, that’s all for this month. If you enjoyed this community-driven digest, smash the Like button, and go apply for the Waves ambassadors program… who knows, maybe one day you’ll be hosting a video like this one. Thank you for watching. Bye!

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