Waves Monthly Digest: July 2019

Hello, Waves community! Inal Kardanov here. I’m going to be updating you on what’s been happening in the Waves ecosystem over the past month. We’ve got a lot of exciting stuff to share with you! First up, the big news. Waves founder Sasha Ivanov has sold the Vostok brand. The network and VST tokens remain within the Waves ecosystem and we will deploy the technology in the future. Waves has always been a global project – just like our amazing community. And the Vostok deal frees up resources for a global marketing effort. We will focus on the global market and continue to develop solutions for the corporate sector. Our new division, Waves Enterprise, will be in charge of that. Another major development is the Game of Nodes competition. To help develop the network, we want full nodes to attract new WAVES leases – using any legitimate means. Three winners will receive leases of 1 million, 600,000 and 400,000 WAVES, respectively, for 12 months. They will get to keep all the revenues from these leased WAVES. The challenge is designed so that big miners can’t displace smaller ones. We’ve also relaunched our node support programme. This is good news for those who want to start mining. Nodes with a generating balance of at least 1,000 WAVES can apply, and collect up to 50,000 WAVES! Links are in the description of this video. And now it’s time for our development news. Ilya Smagin is here with all the details. Hi! The most important updates are about Waves DEX. First of all, market orders are now being tested. Another long-awaited feature, the option of paying order fees in ETH and BTC as well as WAVES, is already available on testnet. Waves DEX also saw an important fix to tick size. We discovered that for currency pairs, it was possible to constantly change orders’ ranking without decreasing spreads. The update enables token issuers to configure tick size – how many digits are taken into account when ranking offers by exchange rate. Thanks Ilya. Our developers are working hard and I’m sure we’ll hear more exciting news from them soon. Now for frontend news – over to you, Dmitry. Hi! Let’s start with updates to Waves Keeper. Automatic calculation of transaction fees has been added to Keeper. This makes developing apps and interacting with the Waves blockchain more convenient than ever. Waves Explorer update 2.8 sees improved pagination for the transaction list. Previously, users could only see the 100 most recent transactions for a specific address. Now, all transactions can be displayed, making operations on the Waves blockchain totally transparent.
In addition, a separate tab displays detailed information about our newly-introduced non-fungible tokens (NTFs). The mobile app now has a gateway for VST tokens, and supports paying exchange fees in BTC and ETH. The next release will feature Market Pulse, a widget for convenient display of exchange rates. And finally, we’ve released the long-awaited mobile SDK, part 1. So, if you want to develop a Waves-integrated mobile app, go ahead and start right now! Github links are below, in the description of this video. Thanks Dmitry! Meanwhile, a lot has been happening in our community. Alexei Pupyshev, our new community director, is here to give you an update. Hi everyone! We want to make Web 3.0 technologies available to everyone, regardless of where they live and what language they speak. So, we have launched a campaign to translate our “Mastering Web 3.0 with Waves” course into popular languages, including German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, Chinese and Hindi.
Waves tech ambassadors – the Jedi – are helping us spread Web 3.0 technologies around the world. If you have questions about developing dApps on RIDE, reach out to them! As Waves is going global, we’re creating a new special role within our ambassador programme: Regional Consuls. These will be the Waves community’s most active members, who have a large network in their region and who work mainly on Waves-based projects. Regional Consuls will operate on a contract basis. Finally, we’ve launched the first decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) on the Waves blockchain, in collaboration with Waves Incubator. If you have a promising idea for a dApp, join the DAO and share it with the community. You’ll be eligible for support from the community as well as from Waves Labs. That’s all for this month. As usual, if you think this video was helpful, please hit the “Like” button and share it on social media. See you next month. Bye!

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  1. Waves platform is over all easy to use, so we should have also a easy to use tool that help people with installation of the full node, maybe something like Powershell installation script for Window's users and bash script for Linux?

  2. Waves future is as HOT as the SONORAN DESERT in ARIZONA good things coming web 3.0 waves enterprise ALways Good volume on the exchange easy to trade out love the DIRECTION GREAT USE CASE AND ADOPTION all those great DAPPS coming im excited and web 3,0 and of course waves ENTERPRISE on the vostok token

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