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it is time you guys know what time it is go time it’s time to do this so thanks for joining me you know we’re gonna have a nice quiet mid to late evening here over central Oklahoma and the receipts and storms still roll and they’re just way late to the party soaring into the details on that day what happen today and we’re and go from there so thanks for joining me on the road to start title it is Saturday nights and it is par one of our weekend is coming to a conclusion part two is just around the corner so see what’s in your future for that all right let’s get on with it shall we it’s what you here for so the first thing I want to talk to you about is the reason why today was a I’m a call it a bust because there really was a bust as far as the way things are supposed to go we had this will call MCV was basically a leftover conglomerate of storms that has a little spin in the atmosphere is an area of low pressure nothing moved up here to the north of this cloud bank so out the day today and it fired up all the showers and storms along the low in points the north and east so in other words this tract that it takes from here to here along the track and points to the east as well the lift is in the low on the backside of the low is seeking air so the words all these cloud cover you notice back out here the west as it moved up in Oklahoma dissipated well this is supposed to be the area we’re gonna see severe storms develop so in this low because of what goes up must come down the road you can’t have barely goes up everywhere so where does go up the other side of it has to come down that subsidies are seeking here crates kind of like a reason of high pressure right here over Oklahoma and that basically put it lived to all the thunderstorm development here for this afternoon that’s that’s what things didn’t really get fired up at all and that’s why things into being pretty nice around here for most of the data the worst storms out here he’s in Oklahoma and there were some Northwestel on but the four large the by the state state storm free all right so now the deal is still storms expected here for struggling to center still has a moderate or seizing an enhanced risk across Kansas if our northwest Oklahoma for a round two that’s coming in off of Colorado that’s the storms out here American the way to the east and then kind of back building a little bit more to show you how much the back bill here to a second but the threat for Sunday hasn’t really changed too much yet they’re going to update here later on the PM how tonight’s conditions go what I would expect is of this moderates or sees me and risk is pretty much right long forty four in the points south and east here into Oklahoma so it’s going to kind of set to this fashion for Sunday so here is again a look at the current situation and we’re gonna to have these thunderstorms out here to continue to develop and they will move east now what I think will happen with time here is that as they get into this region over this over worked there already they should start to weaken quite a bit we have some storms out here in the panhandle these are going gang busters now there really late to the party in some ways a probably drift in the southwest Oklahoma you know through in the say midnight hour so what they should kind of fall apart as they do so all right and that’s kind of the big picture how of look today and how things are currently so this is how we’ll take it into the forecast into your future so it’ll storms out northwest Oklahoma should kind of fits along storms up in Kansas keep moving on you can ignore that stuff there in southeast Oklahoma it never really materialized that’s that’s for this evening that’s not happening but you can focus on this activity up here and this is for the early morning hours this is talking after four five o’clock in the morning now that blind kind of falls apart but what you see is a strong outflow boundary slash cold front with it so this boundaries is going to kick things off for tomorrow so all depends on where it stops so if I go through about this year’s wanted a two o’clock in the afternoon three o’clock four o’clock the front has actually push from about Tulsa down the turnpike to the south side of the city back down toward Lawton Insull storms of formal along that boundary points the southeast which means no storms but north and west of that boundary for Sunday afternoon and evening so we you live in the north and northwest Oklahoma you’re to be fine it’s going along that boundary and points east pretty nasty school and rolling on through southeast Oklahoma during the late afternoon and evening hours so here’s a little more aggressive model which is a little too gung ho I think on how strongly ball here for tonight but even then it starts to weaken them a little bit now that heads into tomorrow it’s a lot faster so it’s got him through the daybreak hours here for Sunday so some people trying to head out to church this still says we need some showers forms a roll through and they just keep on rolling through and what that means is it forces all the action down the south Oklahoma during the mid to late morning hours and that’s it we don’t even get anything else in new over the afternoon hours all you down across the southeast this is the most aggressive of those two models I’m actually you one one and make forecasting and call it good that’s what I want to is this one so this was kind of a similar situation storms of northwestern Oklahoma overnight they will fall apart as a move in the central but this is for the late morning to lunch time our it’s got to redeveloping search here cross that line eastern Oklahoma I forty corridor back here and now central Oklahoma and the metro about two o’clock in the afternoon so it’s got some rough thunderstorms going through here between say three and four o’clock across Oklahoma City the entire metro area then it really kind of moved to the south and east and then slams it Dallas is a pretty nasty school on a big win producer private nine or ten o’clock at night Sunday night then that clears on out in the taxes and it’s out of here and things get quiet so that’s a pretty good solution which I kind of like a hybrid of the other two and I’m kind of leaning more toward it this is bigger brother I only want to show you this is because the show you how close it’s going to be in other words here is that boundary right here I mean just kind of split the town and half so it’s totally possible Piedmont wouldn’t sing a single drop of rain or as Norman you know you guys do a flash flooding it could be something just like that but regardless the storms will erupt quickly and then former a squall line within a few hours but initially he’s really does form of the potential for some large hail and we’re talking the giant size hail and also potential for tornadoes not as high the way things are looked earlier on but it can sometimes sometimes it depends on how things look and how things go overnight tonight the kind of fine tune that so probably a daytime fine tune for tomorrow’s as far as the title threat goes but for sure the wind and hail as Kate values are through the roof today we have the cloud cover and that little substance so between the two of those things for the first half a day the second half the day that that you raced what instability we had to work with and that will not be the case with tomorrow it’s a different story so just because you know today was okay for most of you I will not be the case tomorrow now and then east Oklahoma they’re gonna wait a minute we didn’t get a good day today I know yes thunderstorms and some brief flooding in some towns but as far as a a more widespread event they did not happen for today’s they last hours okay I think that was the main points I want to drive home of training there’s anything else on the show you I you know I did not look at the wind potential I don’t think I did let me go look at that real quick I haven’t seen it so I don’t know if the smiles and I do for for tomorrow the same thing impressive sometimes they do sometimes they don’t it’s got millions around sixty knots so gusts maybe seventy miles per hour for any those storms tomorrow and then the hail sizes the atmosphere should support up to ten a small size models minute always indicate that but then again they don’t always do a great job either but looking here I see some orange and that’s in the two to two and a half inch range so that’s getting close to tennis ball size it’s over in egg so L. size up over golf ball goes to an ig never Maggie goes up to douse ball so I we have a lot of interesting places for hailstones so there you go all right that is it and not shell other than that hot humid standard you know center stuff around here I was just going to cover for tomorrow I in would be on tomorrow on the money I was it was and I didn’t pay much attention to long term after that prior looks the four casket nearly as active but I could no actually I’m not avoiding the being able don’t worry there will always be a being killed there you guys are funny so if you don’t know that the they I patrons here my supporters a plane bingo some of the words of the get this but it’s good it’s cute Sharon’s watching shared tell Popple said hello I’ll be spilling good today fireworks going off already man is not even July or those people big help an afternoon is clear Melissa if you’re in north and west of Oklahoma City then yes if you’re not then you know now that the is I wish I could give you this two eighty fine tooth comb as far as the exact so yeah you know them was going to pull this up just to give you a visual so called women want that one I want this okay so just to give you a visual so you can have that front like this and then storms erupting you know here here here here here and they all moved south east and south okay or you could have the front right here and you can have storm storm storms moving south and east neither one is typically found someone table we are do not have the ability to tell you where that outflow front slash is going to be because it depends on of those in CS type of that hold together strong enough to drive down here earlier in the day if they don’t it stays lingering more north and west all it does is put more of the Oakland city metro area under the gun person nasty storms in the app so these will be the big hail makers in the US and damaging winds could we see a title yeah that’s possible this you know in the in the cards I’ll take a look at the for that by the way the I look at sounding here on this broadcast yet but I shall do that that’s so let’s just pick here this may two o’clock in the afternoon sampling that cause fear and at that point in time so that Mr does have some decent sheer not much turning up the lowest levels which is different from before they had a lot more during the lowest levels caper still up the charts six thousand the the rates here as far as getting some hail to former bird the center not overly up the charts but still not bad and that’s a little bit of a weak tornado so the parameters here based off this model aren’t as gung ho as they were for Sunday but I did caution you this is just one around and all the prior rounds were more much more robust and probably is because this this I got a hard time handling how things go tonight and tomorrow anyway so I was prepared for can I want to tell you before sometimes you get lost the minutia of this kind of stuff and then yet look more a bigger picture and paying a big brush big brush stroke you on a very narrow brushstrokes wanna be one in the summertime in the spring time we can get those little narrow brush strokes out and really pontine stuff in the the nature of the beast to get a little bit more to little more broad not as specific because it’s things are different physics is different in summertime storms and they are in spring storms the atmosphere doesn’t always play well then it can be very frustrating the trial of the yourself you’re going to you’re gonna find yourself out of your thanks so you can only do what you can only do alright listen I it’s about ten o’clock sure some you’re dying to watch the news so the straight based and yeah and also let you go for that says that I’m to go watch a movie so I need to sit back relax and I’ve been working this even I need to quit working hello that’s all do the work so I need to go and let the mind T. compressed hi I was just checking the couple yes comments real quick so if you are sound of the city by the way for tonight do not expecting a and really even open the sea itself or even just north of here until we’re talking way the late toward work early morning hours kind of deal and those should be following apart even if they make it this far or at least very very weak and that’s a that’s a big if on both of those so my now most models is keeping that kind of stuff north and dine out what’s latency on girls all get up you know the morning and and and check on things and give you a post an update then we’ll go from there and if it turns out looks like a B. some decent storms with some trade up the tension or some crazy hail and wind and broadcast live for you both on the Facebook page or watch now most of you also my you tube channel so give us about my you tube channel it’s really easy to find me a missing just type in my name to searcher just Erin total okay so if you want to you to com then just not that slash at the end just type in Erin total okay take your right there you can sign up hit the billion get notified because sometimes Facebook one always notify you we’ve been through this you too right now seem to do a pretty good job at that so I guess a couple of back up so you know when I go live also usually a broadcast on my app the weather app I usually will head out a message for about uses my weather app eighties will it to go sell anyone I’m gonna go live that’s another way to get information feel him Abby I get it now still eighties whether to go a Google play and then finally if you like to be a patron by joining patrie on or subscribe star even Facebook pants instructions the links are in this video broadcasts and then I’ll give you access to our close group Facebook page I got fifteen hundred or so of you have joined up and now if you become a supporter but you haven’t got an access a message and I’ll get a gets the link to that been those folks are wanted to get access to that group page you can’t do it until you become a supporter so you got I can’t have one without the other that’s where ward for everybody that supports means bonus contents fun stuff on there will be more what time is this is all new this year so what kinda is evolving and growing and this is really cool community you guys are pretty awesome so that’s been anything and Amy I just saw you you’re so sweet on you too so you too bye have a super chat turned on in top chat in learning still on all that stuff and so she does said to me and that was really cool thanks Amy so I do work very hard this is not my job by the way guys this is not something I do to get paid this is something I do for you guys to Sir so it’s nice to feel some back this kind of help you know but the bill you have no idea expense of this bill is weather is a multi billion dollar industry there’s a lot of money made and weather but that’s usually from the weather data providers in the big help it’s not like somebody like me unless to pay those out bids to get what I need to give it to you I’m just the middle man I listen I’d love to chat more but I said I’m gonna go to decompress I need some time away because I’m have a feeling tomorrow quite busy trying to a lot of things that once and one of my bonus content so I’ll do you guys coming up I will show you the behind the scenes on everything that I do and how I do it pretty cool now this is my only my fans can see this might give us to everybody because I don’t I’m not gonna let all my secrets out because I got too many you know people out there trying to copy what I do this but in the last me doesn’t mean messages in this hair I know you’ve done all the work you figure out all in your own can you just go ahead tell me well you people get lost go figure out here so just like idea you could do it but just to let you know what it takes to to do this because it from you guys when you watch this video thing I’ll just a guy with a camera should too hard tell him about my old boss Rick Mitchell we’re taxing back and forth from the storms in Dallas the day and how can be when you have to do so many different things and multi tasking is actually the negative things what research says now course research also says if you eat eggs you’ll die so you don’t wanna always listen to research on these types of stories sometimes a ridiculous but the latest one says it it keeps you to distracted while on a situation like this that’s not accurate they didn’t they can come in and research me because there is so much you got to do and you gotta be like a laser focus to be able to do it all so you can’t be distracted you’re just basically taking in all these different sources of information your talking at the same time you’re thinking at the same time analyzing and you’re communicating in the style that helpful and lows blowers things you’re getting the right information across make sure I’m getting it wrong for your costly scanning helicopter shots lactate storm chasing you’re punching up your own show jewel like a director would do so the worst I pick my own graphics something different sources button back and forth between two and three radars I mean and I’m monitor the National Weather Service chat room and just like how the world is anyone to this day and but somehow able to do it so it works for me and I do a lot so also you kind of how it works behind the scenes on the bonus content video but again you have to get access that just became a supporter of their patron on subscribe star or you can go to PayPal if you go to my house weather website here in total weather dot com there’s a donate tab and there’s all those options you can pick from whatever you floats your boat whatever you know whatever suits your fancy some of you may not like one platform is in the problem of the Netherlands that’s why I put so many on there use my right idea which is the page on itself in the symbol in like patriotic understand it’s says okay then I’ll describe star and circle I mean what that is okay then Facebook Vance’s Christians came up and he said I think we want you to be a part of our community of prison tryout this beta things that I’m in so I signed up for that and then so my so why are you giving your you know a percentage of your money so whoever whatever their fees and like okay I’ll do pay pal and course they got these two ready of fees and then finally some S. as one to bitcoin okay so now I got bit coin just like the all that stuff most of these though that’s a whole nother aspect you got to be a techie you got to be the knowledge of all this other kind of financial stuff you gotta know about marketing production promotion nine a one spent by the end of spring storm season oh oh my goodness oh by the way last thing I’m trying to loose I’ve been beta testing a new version out app for android users this how to cure the but you guys had a few the bugs in its not in this weird is only a handful of you each certain bug not not the majority which is good but still it’s annoying so it’s like it’s taking awhile track alls down take some also the test the beta here for the last twenty four hours on the test and again the moral sale does everything’s well probably a reason on Monday or Tuesday of next week to look for that if you have an iPhone there’s no what they require you’re still good there and then I’ll be turning off that they add on the app because of so many of you have come on to support me financially I can now turn that adds up on them so that way you guys will still school page ads anymore and all right that’s all the housekeeping or sometimes I say house cleaning whichever the once that’s done give me the forecast if you missed it just stop and watch three play here in just a second I get right into this pretty sure I think I do a whole whether five minutes which is probably one of the fastest once were done usually talk too much unless he has been great get things your support and hope everything is well if you want to make sure you have a backup plan and late afternoon or I should say late afternoon in the mid afternoon so after about really last time so let’s say from one o’clock onwards you can expect storm start building up along that boundary and we’ll just watch it track it see I guess I guess in a great not

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