Warning to Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Users of Coinbase

what's up guys and welcome to this channel coin start 1 3 3 7 so I'm making this video as to serve as a warning to anyone out there who's using coinbase just recently they acquired this company called neutrino which is a spyware company and they have been known to in the past violate human rights and work with governments to do such now I feel like this is a slap in the face to people in the Bitcoin and the crypto community because coinbase was one of the first companies out there to make it very easy for Americans to be on boarded into the crypto space it was very simple you install an app you can hook up your bank account deposit money and get involved in crypto now they have acquired this technology where they can tie your real world identity to your crypto address and track the flow of money now if you know anything about crypto the whole purpose is to have a system where you can spend your money freely without being tracked or censored and by including by an including this technology inside of the coin base app they are doing everything but the spirit of crypto so that's why I think I feel like this is a slap in the face that that coin base is doing this so the hash tag delete coin base has been trending on Twitter and rightfully so because at the end of the day that's the only thing that a lot of these companies can hear is when users leave and when users find an alternative and go somewhere else the company must then have to work to regain your trust that they want you to come back which is a lot harder than just doing the right thing to begin with but you know that's the course that some of these companies decide to take I'm going to leave a link to this website that I've been working on coin tool box calm it's still new it's still under development but it is a starting guide on where you can find some alternative ways to navigate the crypto eco space for instance this tab here has a link to different sites where you can spend your bitcoins on everyday things like gifts paying your bills things like that there's games there's wallets out here that have been tested and trusted by different people there's different alternatives out here this link here these are two different places where you can purchase trip bills directly okay and you can even do trades directly this is just a start there's many other that you can do out there it just takes a few minutes I would say 15 minutes to do some searches online to find the alternatives out there but guys there are plenty of alternative ways to get to get bitcoins and to to get into the space besides using coin base Bitcoin was 10 years old now litecoin is I believe eight almost eight years this year coming up and and yeah we just got to do something else so go ahead and spread this video around let people know what's going on if they if you know anybody with a coin base account last I checked I believe there's 13 million coinbase accounts in in creation so if we can just get this to like a million accounts there's a little less than 10% and maybe get the ball rolling so I'm gonna be posting this around on social media letting you guys know what's going on also like the video leave a comment and get the word out I'll believe in the link to this article in the description down below so you can go ahead and read up on this do your own research actually go ahead and fact check this stuff out because this is in my opinion the biggest slap in the face that coinbase could do to the crypto community all right guys that's gonna go ahead and wrap this one up remember if you don't control the keys it is not your crypto piece you

3 thoughts on “Warning to Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Users of Coinbase”

  1. If you want actual Bitcoin, you should be getting BSV.
    BTC is a fake, the only thing it has is Bitcoin label, but it doesn't work as Bitcoin any more.

    BTC no longer works as Bitcoin thanks to SegWit, which literally changed it into an Altcoin, then also RBF and small blocks and removal of OP Codes removed its functionality as Peer-to-Peer Cash system, removed it ability to be mass adopted, and over time as economic subsidy, which is in block rewards, disappears, and there is no economic activity (transactions) on the BTC blockchain, BTC is guaranteed to cease to exist, as no one will be willing to mine it when they can't get income.

    The only thing Blockstream corporation, who are the ones fully responsible for this sabotage of the Bitcoin system in BTC, to keep the blockchain going, is to remove the limit of BTC being mined, which will literally create unlimited supply of money, but also, as they are forcing users into using the Lightning network, which doesn't have ANY common working principles with the Bitcoin system (not a single one) Lightning can only work as centralised system, where you don't have P2P payment system, you will have centralised middlemen, you will have ability for bankers to do fractional reserve but also to hide transactions (so that Pentagon missing 21 trillions type thefts can keep going) and you will be right back in centralised system, and you will even have your funds locked in it, as you wont be able to get out, as BTC is getting even less on-chain transactional capacity, as Blockstream's employees in Core, already have planed to reduce the block size from 1MB to 300KB… which will result in those fees being stupidly high, to come sooner, last longer and you won't even be able to transact or close LN channel… so there you go… be careful what you believe, and start doing some proper research.

    Don't say later you weren't aware of these things, you've been warned now, its up to you what you are going to do. Have a nice day.

  2. its better to earn bitcoin from services or sell some of your stuff for bitcoin. avoid the centralized exchanges.

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