Warning: Bitcoin will bottom out below $1000 then go to $100 000 in 2020 | Cheapest cryptocurrency

okay guys it's Nick I just witnessed a very dramatic price crash in Bitcoin on the non thoughts exchange mom Cox is the main Bitcoin exchanger it's the biggest at the moment I'm sitting on my computer I have a little window open to Bitcoin charts calm it shows me the mount GOx price live and it updates it every minute so I get to see what the prices and from the span of about less than five minutes it went from 1750 which is the range that has been trading in for the last 72 hours I went from 1750 all the way down to one penny why does Bitcoin keep on losing value why is the price of Bitcoin continuously dropping how low is the price of Bitcoin going to fall and once the price kind of hit the mid 5500 I think it was basically straight downhill the 4200 you're talking about this as if it's like a real thing and as if it's you know like the technicals I have a sort of maybe a larger question here which is are we in a moment where where people are saying the emperor has no clothes effectively you're watching it drop and the bottom here is not 4000 or 3000 or some technical but the bottom is much worse than that at this moment almost everybody is scared to invest in Bitcoin and the most disappointing thing about all this is that everybody's focused on the price of Bitcoin I really get it it's very frustrating to see the value of your portfolio decline ah daddy that's very important to focus on the future to always go back to the basics why did we get into Bitcoin why do we think bitcoin is very revolutionary the whole purpose of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin in general is getting rid of the system so that I think that the internet is going to be one of the major forces for reducing the role of government the one thing that's missing but that will soon be developed is a reliable ecash the method we're buying on the Internet you can transfer funds from A to B without a knowing B or B knowing a the way in which I can take a $20 bill and hand it over to you it's all about decentralization and giving power back to the people I really don't about the price of Bitcoin next year the other year all I care about is is Bitcoin improving is it making progress because by the end of the day regardless of what the price is going to be if Bitcoin is not really going to be improving the lives of people and already going to go anywhere if we're going to be competing against other platforms such as Visa we really need to step up our game for crying out loud Visa has got about 24,000 transactions per se if you compare that with Bitcoin we are way behind are we going to be able to achieve mass adoption when our technology is way below par high time we improved and started focusing on the technology side of Bitcoin instead of focusing on the price on it's all about providing value and making a difference how many more years they're going to keep on talking about the Lightning Network without them doing anything maybe the price of Bitcoin is going to continue falling happ's our next step is going to be 2,500 maybe we're going to drop as low as 1,000 US dollars but that doesn't really matter the time for speculating what the price of Bitcoin is going to be is like way down Bitcoin dropping as low as two thousand five hundred or even one thousand five hundred US dollars is actually a good thing because the more the price of Bitcoin is going to drop the better for everybody because everybody's going to have an equal opportunity to get in we're also approaching December which is going to be the end of the year and a lot of people are obviously going to be selling Bitcoin because a lot of people are going to be having a lot of expenses so do expect the price of Bitcoin to drop a little bit further the lowest price that I think Bitcoin can actually reach is about one thousand three hundred or even one thousand US dollars 2019 is going to be the year of accumulation and really just getting to test and see which companies are going to be providing the best value in case the price of Bitcoin really goes up high any time before June 2019 it's going to be like an added advantage to me investing and believing in blockchain technology be psychologically prepared for the price of Bitcoin to drop as low as one thousand US dollars then just keep on accumulating 2020 is going to be a very great year a lot of us are going to be rewarded because the price and the value of Bitcoin is going to increase you guys already know what really happened to the price of Bitcoin last time the block rewards got too right into – that's all I have for you today I go by the name of Munna that's mu and a and subscribe to my youtube channel hit the like button in case you guys have got any other questions for me you already know what to do so I guess I'm going to talk to you guys tomorrow later

12 thoughts on “Warning: Bitcoin will bottom out below $1000 then go to $100 000 in 2020 | Cheapest cryptocurrency”

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  2. Decentralization is more important than speed.. and Bitcoin is only 10 years old. The internet took more than 10 years to develop into what it is and it's still developing… If you look at the stats, the lightning network, it is growing exponentially… so what do you mean "they been talking about the lightning network for years" Bitcoin has never had as many developers building the infrastructure for it than they do today. Rome was not built in a day.. it was not even built in 10 years.. so chill out

  3. You couldnt find the top, now you trying to find the bottom. On top of that, you dare to predict the next top.
    It s youtubers like you that gonna make people keep losing money. Because as soon as btc start correcting you make a video saying “btc to 100K”

  4. You know what they say, buy when there's fear in the market. No 1 can predict the bottom. Better get it too early than too late

  5. Bit coin is for losers who don't want to work, its a fake currency implementing credit fraud in the market. Those who deal and use this currency for payment of services and product, should get a real job, and pay back the vested interest of initial payment equal to that of the product and or service.

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