Warning: Bitcoin to $2,500? 66 000 BTC Dump Incoming? Is Bezant Coin the next Ripple $XRP, $XLM

the show is Elva bitcoin is not going to recover anytime soon somebody just moved about 66,000 bitcoins from an old wallet and I'm assuming they really want to cash out if I'm right expect 2500 bitcoins soon is busy talking the South Korean version of repo what's up everybody my name is Munna and welcome to be on 10x where we get to talk about cryptocurrency related material feel free to be part of the 10x family by simply hitting the like button and subscribing as well this is not financial advice and this video has not been sponsored or paid for all opinions expressed in this video are strictly my own the longest Bitcoin crash ever lasted about 19 months we saw the price of Bitcoin drop from about $35 all the way down to about $2 in 2011 then it stayed bearish to 2013 when it hit a new all-time high price of about 260 dollars so my only question is how long is this bear market going to last we're almost about one year in and it seems we are far from bottoming out if we compare with the previous crashes the scenario has changed a little bit and I don't really think there is really an urge for big players to raise the price of Bitcoin immediately because they have been making my during the bear market by kind of shorting Bitcoin the smart money already left Bitcoin above the 17,000 threshold and ever since have been shorting it the whole time so technically speaking they've been having a bull run in this bear market Charlie showed his light coin at all-time high look at this twit it's highly likely he cashed out a letter on shorted Bitcoin using different platforms such as bit makes you think that charlie is the only guy that did this a lot of these people are actually rooting for the price of Bitcoin to go as low as it can they do not really care because they are far from being broke like we are besides that six to six thousand Bitcoin has just moved from a 2014 wallet the only thing to assume is of course is going to be sewed via OTC trade I mean what else can you really do with such a large amount of Bitcoin a lot of people are comparing it to stellar lumens or repo its core team is actually from South Korea and it has got quite some influential names as well these guys have done quite a lot of good stuff and they are very well respected especially in the South Korean coups currency scenario for the past few weeks it has been pumping and recovering like crazy I really do not want to sound like a shield you know how as EC is not playing around when it comes to cryptocurrencies influenzas talking about tokens so if you really want to find out more information about B's and please check it out and to be honest with you guys I do own quite a little bit of B's on myself and I've been buying it at the bottom so I'm actually impressed at its performance I'm hoping that I'm going to continue scooping up some more because I really think this token can do a hundred x well it has a small market cap of only about 16 million US dollars and my byzant price prediction by December 2019 is about 1.6 billion US dollars so that's like literally a hundred eggs from now if you really have the time to check out B's and please do because these guys have got very exciting material and I'm really excited about this cryptocurrency we're done for today hope you guys loved it if you did feel free to smash the like button and subscribe as well be blessed be good and see you guys tomorrow because I'm going to be coming up with another Banga take care and good luck we can touch of thigh

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