‘Warlords Will Take Over’ and Other Lines Libertarians Are Tired of Hearing

Libertarians just want to take care of themselves
and not take care of other people. You must hate the poor you must love the rich. You must be a pacifist. They’re different from what you are. I want everybody to die from tainted liquor
or from food poisoning. For Reason I’m Justin Monticello, I’m here
in New Hampshire for PorcFest or the Porcupine Freedom Festival put on by
the free state project. It’s an annual week long gathering of liberty
minded individuals from anarchists to libertarians. I’m here to ask people what’s one thing you’re
tired of hearing when you tell other people your political
beliefs? Sometimes people say things like ‘oh anarchists
are all violent. Without government warlords would take over
society. It bothers me because with government warlords
have already taken over society. My mom she pretty much just asks ‘why are you a libertarian? we’re supposed
to be Democrats.’ They’re like ‘normally black people aren’t
libertarians.’ But I’m like ‘nah some people are just way
different than others. Being a Democrat it’s kind of a trap you know? They tell you one thing and then do something
else. I really dislike when people say ‘well Venezuela
didn’t fall because it wasn’t real socialism.’ You know, marijuana’s evil. How will people build public roads without
government. The taxes that you pay as a business are the
price that you pay to be a part of a civilized society. I grew up in the north of Mexico, my parents
are cattle ranchers and no one maintained the road, no government
did. The local ranchers got together, decided to
pool their funds to hire a tractor to go pave the road. So who will build the roads? Well I’ve already answered that question in
my own lifetime. Definitely I’m transitioning into a crypto
based company. I’m really tired of hearing all of people’s
fear excuses. People that say that the bailouts that we
did, you know, that these banks were too big to fail. The rich don’t pay for this stuff, you know,
it’s regular people. You know the people that can basically least
afford it. I shouldn’t object to paying 26 thousand dollars
a year in taxes to run a small restaurant so that I can have employees that can barely
read. What I’m most tired of hearing is that I don’t
care about the environment, charity just because I don’t want government doing
anything about it. Small changes in the amount of decentralization
or centralization changes how happy our society is, how healthy our children are, how long you’ll
live, that sort of thing. I actually care more than the person who’s
not willing to question how they go about accomplishing those goals. I’d say I’m tired of maybe a lack of openness? You know, what are your philosophies rather
than your labels. I know the only thing that the universe really
cares about is how we treat each other. Using coercive government, just, it’s time
to move beyond that. There’s much less harmful, much more efficient
ways of doing that. I mean I like being free.

100 thoughts on “‘Warlords Will Take Over’ and Other Lines Libertarians Are Tired of Hearing”

  1. I'm sick of being told that we're isolationists and I always reply that we are anti-interventionist, not isolationist.

  2. "the only thing that the universe really cares about is how we treat each other."
    really? is that why the universe made evolution, survival of the fittest, the necessity to eat other living things to survive, and the innate desire to wage war and kill mercilessly all features of life on earth? god I fucking hate emptyheaded hippies, lefty or libertarian.

  3. Some of the dumbest shit I have ever heard. "The war lords already taken over" meaning the government…. I've in African countries like Somalia and some parts of Nigeria that the real war lords have taken over. Go try it.

  4. Are you tired of hearing that you fucked up when it came to net neutrality? Because you fucking did.

  5. The thing that I'm tired of hearing is the connection between libertarians and open borders. I do not see how libertarian principles lead to open borders. Property rights alone dictate that borders not be open. My land is private. Why can't my country be as well?

  6. Without Government Warlords did take over, that has what has happened for centuries in every case a location didn't have a government a superior power came in and took over.

  7. Holy shit, never found a place that seems so fitting. While trivial, I always felt like despite more right-wing politics, I'm drawn to more "liberal/lefty" culture and things. Art, nerdy stuff, cafe stuff, and yet here the first thing you see is some crazy gypsy stuff and a guy with guns and coffee starbucks parody shirt. Flowery artsy blankets, pop culture shirts, and yet that bit of conservative flea market stuff I'm used to seeing with pro-'murica stuff, coin collections, and pro-gun rhetoric. It feels really good.

    That said, if I were to argue just a bit, I'm not exactly an anarchist (or an-cap, if we're to be technical) and I will say there's still a point when the warlord argument is used. Its not just about "warlords" though, and the thing is their answer here isn't exactly debunking it. The point of the warlord argument isn't "but what if", it's rather a nod to human nature, its just that warlord is the biggest hyperbole in expressing that. The real idea is groups, or groups of strong power. Maybe warlords, maybe companies, maybe a self-appointed mayor entirely selfaware that he's trying to restate a government, or maybe a combined effect of it all. Actually, probably a combined effect of it all. Eventually it becomes a powerhouse that owns or rules over a vast amount and becomes the exact equivalent of some kind of government, throwing out the anarchy. People will gravitate to the safety of these groups, or their propaganda, and then the act of anarchy isn't a politically grounded work, but a phase towards transitioning out an old and into a new. At its very strongest, you'll have a small community holding itself up well as idealized, until a bigger power hits it, maybe even foreign from a place that never underwent an anarchy.

    That's why I'd much rather just settle for a stricter republic. You have a solid nation and government that defends its people, and upholds the freedoms you set. They, like the warlord scenario, could still try to grab at more power, but you've still got the actual outlines for the ideal society. By the very fact of the matter that countless libertarians are going strong on the words of the constitution, regardless of how much its being trampled on, is a show of such power that a lawless nation does not have. By its nature, the anarchy will be bound by nothing, and will fade in due time, whereas a constitution is history and preserved to be fought over and won another day. It better understands we're social, structure our world, and set rules and ideas, and even if it ever fails it will hold stronger binds and inspire the generations to come for a better position.

  8. "Warlords will take over"
    Not lying, I paused the video at the beginning, haven't watched it yet. I imagined this being the prediction if the 2nd amendment weren't willfully ignored. More reaction later…

  9. Anarchists and libertarians are on the opposite of the spectrum.. this was not a good example of libertarians..

  10. wanna know how libertarians can achieve small gov? control ten to twenty percent of government, as such the libertarian govenment has enough power to create a deadloclk in the electoral college where the power will go to congress and thus we can bargain with the republican party to have rand paul be bresident and either a conservative or libertarian as vice president as can be decided by how powerful our bargaining chip is by representation in congress, but to acheive this we need to COLLECTIVLY start moving towards smaller states with populations of less then one million first, and a few states should be able to deadlock the electoral college which will shift towards the congress to decide as we will occupy certain electoral districts and states, and a brutal propaganda campaing targeted towards millenials with education plus the promise of cheap weed, afterwards we can pass legeslation to reduce government with our power, following this we will make the states we control as examples for the nation to follow, and as such we will need to start a large media company to the size of nbc, cnn, or fox plus start tv stations.

  11. Great video great video I love it I'm a Libertarian also I'm proud of it the Liberals and the Democrats and the conservatives are destroying this country with that nonsense

  12. Point taken. But libertarians have to be extremely disciplined. It’s very easy when you’re young and able-bodied. But when you get old, state assistance looks appealing.

  13. Feudalism isn't necessarily warlords. It could be just private courts like Wal-Mart Court in Arkansas, Apple Court in California. Vertical "live/work" companies, etc.

  14. Once ALL subsidies are gone, we'll see which unprofitable functions cease that we will regret. Be careful what you wish.

  15. Yeah you really are showing how “independent” you are while 99% of your Bullshit is complaining about democrats. When the rubber meets he road the vast majority of libertarians will vote for republicans and Republicans are the ones dumping money into these stupid YouTube channels. Follow the money useful idiots.

  16. Ok, but some of those people look like they would suspect that vaccines cause autism and planes leave chemtrails to mind control people.

  17. Citing societal problem and then blaming the problem on government is not an argument.
    This is what being a Libertarian has become currently and it is pretty lazy.

  18. I’m tired of extreme anarchy libertarians always crying that “taxation is theft” comparing a democratically elected body collecting taxes to help pay for public services like infrastructure to a random mugger in an alley.

  19. When discussing elections with statists, I tire of these lines…

    "Why would you throw away your vote?"

    "Can't let the other team win."

    "Gotta vote for who will win, for the lesser of two evils"…

    To that I say, "Your still voting for evil. Why won't you vote for individual liberty? Make the vote that empowers you." (and no socialism doesn't empower you)

  20. I'm sympathetic but in the end someone's morality will be the basis of a community. I haven't heard a deep thinking, well spoken Libertarian address this.

  21. Libertarians are utopians, no different from communists and fascists, good luck with utopia my leveller friends.
    No cops and you'll definitely go full Congo, good luck

  22. Plucky individualists explain how they're upset about all of the taxpayer-funded infrastructure that allowed them to get out their plucky rhetoric in the first place. lol 'reason'

  23. The question anarchists can't understand is "Why is there a "state" in every existing part of the world except for a few exceptions?". No matter what you call it "private judges, military, court rooms whatever" it's nature will still be that of a state because of its ability to use and conduct the rules of force. There is no escaping the reality of that. Anarchists truly seek to deal with men instead of ideas as they prefer to follow their whims.

  24. Unfortunately this video perpetuates the stereotype to mainstream America that Libertarians are a fringe element of society.

  25. @ 2:41 she says "I know the only thing that the universe cares about is how we treat each other." While saying that, she is wearing a shirt that says "I don't play nice." That's how she treats others.

  26. I'm tired of hearing how support for individual liberties and rights is akin to fascism and bigoted intolerance. Apparently, up is down, black is white, and wrong is right.

  27. I like Libertarians. But, we do need some structure and taxes do pay for large infrastructure. But, we could get rid of a lot of unnecessary taxation.

  28. I'm tired of hearing defending borders is racist and xenophobic. I'm tired of hearing I'm stupid for not wanting to live in degenerate cities. I'm tired of hearing I'm intolerant because I don't support the left's redefinition of a ten thousand year old institution defining the union of a man and a woman for the purposes of family into anything relating to lust between any two people, soon to be between a person and anything else that person uses for sex. I'm tired of hearing whites are responsible for slavery, when in reality whites primary contribution to that ancient, tens of thousands of years old institution is ending it. I'm tired of hearing human progress must be ended and humans must be depopulated because other, lesser species can't adapt. I'm tired of being told killing 3500 children a day is a women's health issue.

    I"m tired of libertarians claiming they are for smaller government and stronger property rights, then voting for the opposite.

  29. Liberterians don't understand the function of the state- which isto protect private property from the masses. Therefore, they don't understand that if they get rid of the state, a big company will just take it's place (maybe Amazon, mayve Google, maybe another one)

  30. Does Reason TV care that YouTube is censoring this channel? I have the notification bell selected & yet I have never received any of their videos in my mentions.

  31. People are in danger because leadership in the US is confused. Whips and Leaders are the true crux of our corruption. They were created during the height of Government corruption in 1899 and 1900. They were NOT implemented by the framers of the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence. Congress is manipulated by Whips and Leaders to broker the bills in a profiteering manner to 501c's, corporations and other countries. The myth is Congress is a weak victim overpowered by the large money lobbyist. But the truth, Congress is the tyranny understanding they have a monopoly selling bills and are aggressive at it. You want a bill passed you have to come through them. There is no defensible argument, Congress betrayed their Fiduciary duty. Whips and Leaders should have been eliminated with Antitrust in the early 1900's. Whips and Leaders front run our republic. This should be made into a documentary.

  32. Libertarians are about themselves. Every single libertarian I met is a far right wing nuts, they are very full of themselves. They won’t even bend over to help someone who has fallen.

  33. "I shouldn't object to paying 26 thousand dollars a year so I can have employees who can barely read"… Priceless!

  34. I appreciate many of these ppls sentiments however i am not sure they completely right. I'd like to move about halfway toward their positions from our current status.

  35. Libertarians live in a theoretical dream-world ignorant or indifferent to the historical injustices which have led to economic inequality. The only way to even the score is through government.

  36. Well, not all "libertarians" think like these people who remind me of "liberal hippies". I am for freedom and small government, and consider myself a libertarian. But, not no government. A government kept in check by starving it from taxes, is the best way to control government. Limit it's sources of revenue, so it can't grow big. Also, not everyone living here need be a citizen. But those who do with to get the benefits of citizenship, must pay the tax and perform the duties of a citizen. Other can go do what they want, but can't use government provided services or resources that the citizens use. Sounds fair.

  37. Everybody is a libertarian till thier house catches fire! Where's the fire department my taxes paid for??!!! Boo whoo.😂😂😂😂😂😂

  38. I lean libertarian, but what I don’t understand is why vote libertarian when there is no realistic chance of winning and risk a democrat coming into office and imposing socialism?

  39. I"m 50, and I started calling myself a libertarian in 1995, when I realized I had been a libertarian all my life, back when libertarian = minarchist. I might have to stop calling myself a libertarian, now that the hippyish anarchists have co-opted that label.

  40. I'm tired of hearing that Libertarians have to be against identity politics from my fellow Libertarians.

  41. lol the liquor one my response is always "Oh you mean the instances of illegal liquor poisoning people during prohibition? You mean the liquor the US government intentionally poisoned to dissuade people from drinking alcohol?"

  42. libertarians need to accept that some people cannot handle freedom and need responsible people to rule over them

  43. Is it possible to be a libertarian without being a weirdo? Seriously. A lot of these folks look like warmed over hippies.

  44. I love seeing black libertarians. It’s a sign that not all of them are trapped by the shitfest that is the Democratic Party.

  45. You guys are awesome. It was a pleasure to sit by the fire and share my wines with you. I wish I had more time to talk about my views. Hope to meet again in the future. You guys are amazing and thank you for your diligent work. <3 Sincerely, Ariel 🙂

  46. Do you have to be so stupid you don't understand what "warlordism" is in order to be a libertarian? If this encampment was attacked they would call the police. If their were no police they would have accept the "protection" of a WARLORD.

  47. I'm sick and tired of the Rand Paul types co-opting the term "libertarian." Also tired of polls and surveys that force me to pick "moderate."

  48. My eyes hurt from rolling so hard when people like Rachael Maddow tell me that voting Libertarian means I don't really care who is president. Her quote was, "If you don't vote for who can be president, then you don't care who is president." Honestly, it's the group-think and cult-like mentality that concerns me. Before the 2016 election, I saw so many posts online begging me to vote their way or (insert awful thing) was going to happen. I saw so little discussion of actual issues, and just emotional pleas of things like, "We should vote for Hillary so our young girls of today can see a woman be president." As if simply putting a woman in the White House beats out policy positions stated by Clinton. It's unreal to me that my fellow Americans would reduce Hillary Clinton to her BODY and want her to be president JUST for that. I wish I knew of some festivals like this one. We need more of this! Regular ole Jills and Joes, more or less centrists and reasonable people, to come together and live our lives the way we wish with limited gov't. Love this. More of these videos please! <3

  49. Reading Road to Wigan Pier has convinced me all this is utopian thinking. It’s just like communism but coming from the right.

  50. Libertarian is NOT anarchists. And you fucking Ancaps need to stop calling yourself libertarian.
    And yes anarchy = warlords

  51. What I want is for Warlords to take over society. Eventually, this will morph into a monarchy which is what I really want. Long live the king!

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