WaltonChain Twitter Giveaway Controversy, Bill Gates Hates Bitcoin, US SEC Subpoena's Crypto ICO's

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20 thoughts on “WaltonChain Twitter Giveaway Controversy, Bill Gates Hates Bitcoin, US SEC Subpoena's Crypto ICO's”

  1. Hehe 💕 the ditty outtake! Good balanced update. Can we get a little more volume please. Love your channel. Keep up the great content. Love, love, love your coin reviews. 😍😍😍

  2. Great informative video, direct to the point 👍, and thank you for not waffling away like so many YouTube videos by taking 5 minutes before actually addressing the subject. Will be watching again 🙂

  3. Anyone doesn't know Bill Gates is near the root of the evil that plagues the world, has probably been watching just a little too much TV, or went and got themselves an "education". His vaccines and human experiments have killed untold thousands of people. He, like the rest in that evil cabal always play the good guys while working their sadistic "magick" on the world.

  4. Great video as always Py!! I’m loving the small slice edition and I think you should keep these coming! You are easily one of my favorite YouTubers!! You already know 😘😘😘😘❤️

  5. @thewalton coin review.. the "walton names" are most likely the names of the trading bots that individuals run to help stabilize the prices of the coins on trading platforms and also for mining "if this is a mine-able coin".. helps people who run different bots to name them after the coin they are trading. "that are ran by anyone in the world not necisserially someone who works at the co.". so this was a pretty 'shallow' review ,and I'm glad that an employee won… after all,why not? the company was transparent about it, and took the risk to share that info with us publically..Instead of trying to correct the "blown"out of proportion public ignorance and risk introducing their trading platforms being thrown off balance by an influx of noobs rushing in with bots… they just apologized to save themselves much bigger headaches!? the company was in a rock and a hard place either way and im sure people will start to see right through this.. not everything and or one is a scam….

  6. at the @thisisbillgates comment,.. :'D :'D freaking hilarious.. sounds like refer madness all over again..obvious propaganda.. 😀 😀 😀

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