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ckj crypto news crypto pioneers I'd like to welcome everybody to the show here on ckj crypto news we research research I believe I have found the ripple and money grant connection I pretty much found a article where they are working together priorly Ripple MoneyGram and earth porn earth port are all on the same team I pretty much said that I mean come on anybody that puts two and two together on the Walmart two world relationship all of a sudden the new fees and new faster speed I mean and with everybody's familiar with the Walmart and money grand partnership so I was in Walmart earlier you know I already tweeted the picture the Walmart to the world but then I noticed they're smaller writing at the bottom so then I said okay let me take a picture of that writing and then I started googling all the New York State bit licenses and numbers and I'm pretty much explaining this video huh I put it all together so anyway don't forget smash that like button and subscribe here on CK jet crypto news we research research my favorite thing is actually showing the foundation of how ripple is built the reason is taking so long is because we're working on the biggest bang in history this is truly revolutionary to send money across borders it takes time that it takes tons of regulations banks are the most heavily regulated market in the world to prevent from money laundering terrorism and all so if people want to say what's taking so long what's taking so long is we're crossing our T's and dotting our eyes with ripple ripple mass adoption that's for sure and I'm about to prove to that I'm about to prove you that right now so like I said smash that subscribe here we go first thing first is you can follow me on Twitter see KJ I see KJ crypto news I tweeted all these articles and a lot of time you found me on Twitter I'll just start tweeting a lot of old articles before I do the video so people like oh this articles all this articles always well this is what I do I used to work the law office I love doing legal research and I love going back to show the foundation I could cover today's news article why would I want to cover some bud catchy dumb clickbait that's not even really accurate I rather dig deep with my own research and find real facts but anyway ckj crypto news like I said pretty much it all started with this right here this is the picture right here Walmart's a world where Walmart's the world with our new low fees of course you know what ripple is three seconds four cents send up to $50 prior to send upwards of twenty five hundred dollars three money Grand Western Union will cost you upwards of a hundred dollars so for them to bring in the fees down to four eight and sixteen dollars we know they have to be using some kind of new technology but what caught my eye today when I was in Walmart is the small writing at the bottom MoneyGram is authorized to do business in all 50 states licensed and licensed as a money transmitter by a New York State Department of Financial Services known ding ding that actually really caught my eye right there licensed by New York start to New York State Department of Financial Services so that really caught my eye also so what I did is I remember that this is the same department that granted ripple its bitlicense so I said hold on there's ditalion right there so I came home after working all day of course and work harder this is my favorite I love doing research on Ripple anyway so I started googling money transmitter New York basically Department of Finance Massachusetts this ID number right here your forms transmitter license started googling all this and that actually brought me to some different products on MoneyGram and it actually brought me to state licensing right here license as money transmitted by New York banking state Banking Department state of New York license in Georgia so hold on I was thinking damn that actually brings us to the bit license and if you're familiar with the bit license it pretty much bitlicense how ripple labs approached this regulation and I believe this line right here is the hold up my effect let me now I'll just get to that hold on while the early days will provide intuitive roadmap on how digital payments protocols I think I'm gonna keep you guys waiting here's the article right here MoneyGram teams up with earth port to use ripple tech for remittances to Romania there's the article MoneyGram teams up with earth port to use ripple check for remittances I try to do the vid a little bit different I was gonna break it down how I did the research and how a crisscross that crisscross says well let's just get straight to the point this is much better MoneyGram teams up with earth port to use ripple for remittances to Romania MoneyGram a global provider of money transfer and payment services has partnered with earth port to launch a new service that allows users to send money directly to any Romania bank account in Romania the new service Romanians u.s. 3.2 billion in Berman's market in part of a money Grahams plans to expand its network and product services this is exciting and innovative opportunity for money grab and for ripple peter asha monograms executive vice president of americans in europe said in the media release we continue to expand our network and provide convenient ways for customers assent international remittances earth port to international payment infrastructure provide provided headquartered in london uses ripple census ledger to enable faster cheaper and more transparent cross-border payments ding-ding-ding earth for clients i mean it's huge right here 60 currency clearing systems its market portfolio strategic corridors from MoneyGram the company said in january the company launched a distributed ledger of a point of access and providing banks with full connectivity into the ripple Network back then the company said they tended to have more ledger stores list back then I bet now what are they gonna do here go shows ripple and there's earth port and then if you go to ripple laughs ripple has an earth port announce global partnership and this from 2014 and you know what's been taking so long it took almost three years for them to bring this through Western Union I mean MoneyGram to Walmart because of regulation at first you know first I'll read this and I'll tell you about that ripple labs is thrilled to announce a partnership with earth port a regulated financial institution whose cross-border platform represents the largest open network of Global Payments damn right it does the london-based firm which offices in New York and Dubai you know we're doing a lot of work in Dubai with ripples right now so it's all connecting crypto pioneers ripple partners it's all connected they're all going to connect to the ripple ledger I'm telling you they're going to start with X current and then they're going to move on to X rapid and they're gonna utilize XRP I'm telling you do not miss the ripple bus that's for sure that's why you should subscribe that's why you should smash that notification button so when I do all this research you'll be the first one to see it and you'll be the first one to get excited about the foundation that ripple is building behind the scenes the thing is the proof is in the partnerships like I say here on ckj crypto nose Earthforce customers will be able to leverage ripples friction-free cross-border payment solution and benefit the lower liqu liquid liquidity management cost and while maintaining the robust standard and this is what it's all about the standards of compliance that regulators expect the regulation is a very very serious situation we constantly out evaluate new technologies to reduce the cost and delays association with global bank payments to our clients but require these innovations to meet our high exacting standards for compliance ripple is a new technology and once integrated in our payment service could bring benefits and efficiencies and speed to global transfers damn right earth port will apply its existing compliance framework rules sets and secure payments networks to any earth port clients transacting using ripple protocol growth and international trade and e-commerce demographic shifts of population as your than both corporate and consumer demand for faster cost-efficient reliable and more transparent cross-border payment solutions this is huge crypto pioneers this is huge and one more thing I want to say is what is it right here this is what actually this is everybody's like oh why isn't ripple moving why is it moving this is why right here well the first thing I chased down to and I will show you this first I'm telling you I got so much research I did on this and I'm trying to make this video as short as possible to the point without showing you everybody oh I had to do this I had to do that because I know people just want to see the main parts but anyway I just want to show you one more thing in the early days there's no payment protocol easy as these emerging technologies put further or uncharted territory this is why it's taking so long uncharted territory navigating these regulatory waters has become a more component of our mission here at ripple labs as creators of an open-source protocol we are committed to being transparent about the process to provide insights on our perspective we're publishing our bitlicense comments this is actually one right here this is why I knew it was a connection between MoneyGram and this is ripple labs in 2014 and if you go down here see at first the problem was is MoneyGram had to get a license in New York and ripple had to be approved for the license in New York they had to get a bit license before they could even apply their technology to ripple I mean they can apply some money grant and this is why I write here relationship and this is our problem when they're trying to work out the details relationship between bit license and money transmitters licenses and basically what they're saying is that MoneyGram shouldn't have to apply for all these same licenses again at a starting point to clarify the relationship between bit licenses and money transmitter license as drafted the bit license proposal require money transmitters engaged in VCB a to obtain a bit license an additional – money transmitter license at the same time bit licenses would be licensed to encourage the V CBA only and not traditional money transmissions require money transmitters and virtual currency business to obtain two separate licenses both of which have largely similar requirements would only serve to stiffen innovation and competition and may impose nearly requirements for smaller companies so basically what they're saying right there is they're trying to work out all the kinks like basic like I said I connect the money Graham I connect it earth for I connected ripple labs it was a hell of a video crypto pioneers what do you guys think about that so pretty much like I said it's a no-brainer that Walmart two world is using ripple technology MoneyGram is using ripple technology here at MoneyGram teams up with earth were to use ripple tech for remittances to Romania so basically there it is right there black and white cryptic ripple pioneers what do you guys think about that video right now the ckj coin will pop up I'm sorry for jumping all over the place I'm about to livestream and I didn't know what I wanted to bring I wasn't even gonna make the video before our livestream but then I wanted to put the video out before our livestream because people say I talk too much in the video before I bring the news so I said I'll do the video first for people that don't want to see the talking here's the proof and I'm about to go live stream right now and do a lot of talking with the ripple family all righty crypto pine there's a ckj coin will pop up smash that coin hit that notification bail share the video you heard it here first the MoneyGram ripple connection all righty crypto pioneers thank you have a wonderful day

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  1. 'PLAN B': Ripple the company gets listed as Securities on the Nasdaq and JP Morgan advice an IPO price of between $650 to $700 per Share due to Ripple being just as big as Google .
    Ripple then buy back XRP from form the public at a rate of 1 XRP for 1 Share.
    Watch Suzie:

  2. Over time, how many Ripple could be burned? As XRP are burned, value goes up as well with the market cap. Any thoughts .Wont these two actions go hand and hand to increase value of each XRP.. Please comment..

  3. The Ripple Community appreciates your hard work and the news you uncover. Original research nicely tied in to the Big Picture. Great Job !!!

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  5. Just LOVE how you do new (and old) research instead of just watching other youtubers and putting a new twist on their work. I'm all in on XRP!!!

  6. CKJ Like many other investors in XRP here, you are without a shadow of doubt superior to all the other youtubers covering XRP. You collect your own research that not only is different to the mainstream easy to find information but find old news articles which in many cases is more substantial than anything stated recently. As you state it seems you're uncovering all the prior framework that makes XRP and Ripple what it is today. Great work as always, your hard work is much appreciated by us all!

  7. Just watched your show. Your audio volume was quite low. I had my volume maxed and I was still struggling to hear what you were saying.

  8. you are way above any other youtuber out there, second would be digital asset investor.
    all others are no match to your over all comprehensive research & substance not just reading out random articles from news feed.
    you deserve to be paid more than others collectively.
    judt my opinion, no offence to anyone.

  9. I think Commbank of Aus is using ripple since they been testing ripple since 2015. Its call PayID . Faster payments what they say.

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