37 thoughts on “Wall Street XRP Forecast? And New Ripple Net Customer”

  1. Soooooo,, the story about the 6 yr old had me laughing out loud! Reminds me of a famous comedian that actually had a show called “The Darndest things kids say” and a book by a teacher with similar content. Guess the tv show host

  2. Breaking News!! XRP is about to be life changing. My sources tell me that within the next few months XRP will be over $17.00 and honestly my sources are always right. Now I personally do not see this happening,but I trust my sources so I’m gonna load up. My sources told me 3 weeks before Ravencoin went 700% and I made huge profits so I’m running on a lot of free money already so I’m in gonna load up.
    Good luck to All.

  3. India know they have to get on board. But given the deep corruption & the humungous sum of money held in 'black' accounts some of those folks who have been exploiting the system since the dawn of man are not going to be too happy…& that includes the government.

  4. If Bitcoin becomes the only Global currency like Tone Vays and other Bitcoin Maximalists want , wouldn't that make accurate the Bitcoin and Time traveler story , which has accurately predicted BTC prices and Countries like Nth Korea and Saudi Arabia have the most Bitcoin are the new Superpowers and breakdown of humanity due to Bitcoin Scarcity ?

  5. Ha..ha…lol…Remember when Sean Connery played Brad Garlinghouse in that James Bond .007 movie "Thunderball"? XRP?????

  6. Just want to remind everyone youtubes original code was lifted from KIMDOTKOM"S mega code and altered a bit to be made functional. The cyrpto community did build youtube.

  7. crypto will never be money – XRP ( of which i have a tidy sum ) is an excellent transfer of value – a fantastic intermediary – a great method of settlement – bitcoin only has name recognition and no real use cases – XRP is the path for crypto – as this circus develops – people will come to grips with this very important fact –

    the banks will always be in charge – so what the banks use or hold IS the way things are gonna go – bitcoin is being pumped and because all the stupid pairing with other crypto the rest of the crypto are being dragged along – up and down with bitcoin – but the whole thing is manipulated

    the banks hold GOLD

    the banks hold SILVER

    the banks are interested in XRP because it makes it easier for them to move GOVERNMENT authorized money around – XRP will never be money but it is extremely useful because its fast and safe – dont you guys find it curious that every one keeps talking about bitcoin – etherium – litecoin but never do they speak of XRP and XRP is almost number one by metrics – its being quietly positioned and its being protected by much more powerful men than brad garlinghouse or the other jackasses at ripple – XRP is being protected by the global financial overlords – XRP is stealth – almost hidden in plain sight like the exchange stabilization fund ( another power house whose name shall not be spoken ) – XRP is destined to be government and central bank property – at some point they will take it over ( like gold ) but that doesn't men you cant buy a little now

    just watch what the banks do and dont listen to what they say

    no government holds any crypto as a reserve

    every government holds GOLD

    just use your common sense man

    logic and common sense will show the way

    the governments of the world will drop the hammer on crypto and only allow a very few to operate under their control because cash will always be king

  8. I'm the same way with being reserved, perhaps too reserved because it's the squeaky wheel that gets the grease.

  9. Hey DAI….just an FYI…there's a video circulating in which one of your guy PETER SCHIFF'S associates exposes that PS does indeed OWN BITCOIN!!!! Maybe he'll be calling you for that domain name after all! ?

  10. There are VISA/Mastercard payment cards that you can use for paying with BTC and other cryptos. I see people putting their monthly disposal income into BTC etc and using these payment cards paycheck to paycheck increasing their purchasing power as the value of these cryptos continues to climb.

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