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in the blockchain Global News I'm Greg greenberg reporting from the crypto invest summit in Los Angeles my guest gene grant he is the CEO and founder of verb x welcome gene good morning sir how are you today I'm doing real well so tell me about verb X you run a cryptocurrency exchange there's a lot of exchanges out there exhibiting at the conference why is yours better yeah so there are a lot of exchanges out there but no one has the same vision we do and very clearly our vision is to help customers from the first time they want to get involved in the cryptocurrency world so the sector Fiat moving in the crypto perhaps trade against some additional cryptos and then move all the way through to an investment in the security token all with the underlying reporting and safe custody so we're an end-to-end solution and the best thing about our firm is our founding group now there's seven of us founders we come from the traditional financial services sector the seven thunders of a twelve two hundred nine years experience one hundred and seventy nine years from financial services the only guy who didn't spend his career in financial services just retired as a deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency all right so you got a real deep bench so what does it mean coming from Wall Street to crypto I mean Wall Street is it goes through its phase they went through the whole big internet craze back in the late 90s so what does it mean going from the street to crypto so this is a brave new world it is a brave new world but it's got the same underlying concepts that we've always had in the United States and that's trust transparency and security so coming from from the financial services sector we're trying to build a business and then put a platform on top of the business the exchanges that you mentioned the current competitors there did the other way there were tech guys that built a platform and then tried to put a business around it the United States and the rest of the world expects their financial institutions to behave in a certain way to have a certain ethos and that's transparency to be accountable and and to to have safety and that's not something that we necessarily see in the market today can you drill down on the security aspect because for people first getting into crypto that's what they're looking for there there's a lot of trepidation they're worried they want to make sure that their Bitcoin isn't stolen because they read all the stories because those are the story that gets published how do you prevent that sure and in any given exchanges the exchange has to be a hundred percent right if we're gonna defend against hackers one mistake in the hacker wins they don't have to succeed once we have to succeed all the time so one has to be prepared for that eventuality that you know somebody will break in one day just like in a real bank but just like in a real bank you make sure that the amount of assets that can be taken are very very small so you have robust policies and procedures to make sure that the hot wallet contains a very minimum amount for operational purposes and nothing more and are you just crypto you do in stocks and bonds as well traditional security we're doing crypto currencies which are regulated in the banking regulations and security tokens which are regulated under FINRA and the SEC so it's one-stop shopping alright then finally what about your token time on you ever token out there right we issued a token on Monday April 23rd it's actually just a simple Delaware company with a preferred share token so that's all the investor protections that would normally be associated with a preferred share we're doing a 15 percent dividend off the top 15 percent gross we have the liquidation preference so it's not a value transfer in the event that something happens to the company the preferred shareholders get paid out first and then of course we have something called dragged along rights in the event that there's a change of control in the common shareholders the token holders actually participate in full upside by getting paid out at market price so it's a win-win for all of our investors win-win-win I like it thanks a lot for coming on speaking about it and thank you for watching blockchain global news on Greg Greenberg thanks for watching you

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