VLOG #39 – Trontopia Fails to Launch – Big Digibyte Green Candle

CryptoSlo with more crypto gains what’s
going on guys good morning Tuesday what’s going on this morning well I just
woke up and I looked and didja bites bite off the freaking charts I have no
idea what caused it it went from like 0.13 to 0.18 in one candle a very very
very large candle so let’s see if this continues to follow or if it’s just a
single spike on the chart you have to watch it when there’s candles like this
because sometimes it is a kind of a glitch and then you’ll see an
appropriate candle down right you know the next candle will be a red candle
down because everyone will sell at a profit and it was just kind of a you
know I don’t know what you call it normally or someone trying to manipulate
so I don’t know if it’s a manipulation or if somebody just bought a bunch of
dish might wipe the board I don’t know so we’ll follow that in other news Tron
topia another delay you know the one thing I have against this is the
attention to detail the inability for them to meet deadlines is honestly it’s
kind of a red flag of how they may handle situations or development down
the line I mean they should have never said they
were gonna watch and then they’re gonna set it out launch again so I mean I
don’t know I just like I said I’m not saying it’s not going to be a good
platform I just I’ve disappointed that you know these devs in a way the devs
are starting to create a bad name for themselves because you know they’re just
on their own timeline and they do whatever they want and they don’t
they’re not held accountable to any standard but you know
if if you have a problem on the platform what are they gonna say soon you know
like I said the soon is becoming a beam if it’s just it’s so ridiculous so oh
the trauma Tesla giveaway that was churning along nice divs last night on
trunk bed as always not bad not bad so I know the dip hole was well over 10
million front went to bed 10 11 million but
I played a couple thousand a couple rounds trying to win that Tesla I didn’t
win one and still got my Beemer but it does get bad gas mileage so yeah
search on BET’s Tesla giveaway I’ll probably be later this afternoon and
I’ll be checking out seeing if we have any more new dabs head to think I went
back and played that stupid dungeon game I think is addictive with the giant
monster I’ve got the link down below for that you know like I said it’s like moon
you basically stay in the dungeon and if you stay too long you get whacked by the
monster so anyways short one today have a great
Tuesday have fun on those dabs this is crypto so
talk to me

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