Vitalik Buterin Predicts Next Cryptocurrency Wave!

so here we are today at the University of Basel of is metallic who was honored a very nice title here at the University of Basel metallic you're one of the founders of crypto Vella Swift's crypto Valley you came here back in 2014 right from what you see today and how it was back then what has changed it has definitely grown a lot like when we were first there in 2014 there were maybe us and one or two other companies there and each company might have only had like a couple of people they are part-time and overtime like every time I come here the space definitely keeps growing and at this point it's looking like it's just huge you know there's just seeing people in all of the different universities get interested in the technology is seeing the interest from just all of this year a number of companies that are based here it's definitely looking like a large amount of progress and and also definitely I'm happy to see that as far as I can tell the regulatory environment seems to end of kids in getting you being friendly so it's definitely great when you I don't have one of those kinds of issues hanging over your shoulders thank you so much in the last question yes what we see today was scripted down and I sales down and all the gloom and doom and people are disappointed what do you think what what will be the events that will turn the mood and it will maybe it turns a mood outside the price and so on what needs to happen and well when will it be happen what's your prediction for to 2019 I think at this point so for the space to move forward and needs more actual applications that needs the technology that we that we've been striving to build for such a long time to finally get somewhere and get released like basically the next wave as of if crypto adoption is not going to be built on hype because the hype is and basically already come it has to come from really useful applications and things delivering value to people Vitalik thank you so much for being here you see all the success and see you soon bye

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  2. When you are a genius. You pay the price in other cognitive areas. Thank Goodness we can have geniuses despite the cognitive cons. ?

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