Visa & Earthport, Rothschild & Goldman Sachs, Marco Polo

gentleman is Li and J again spqr just going over a bit of information has come out quite recently we've delved a little bit deeper as well and wanted to touch on a couple of points and quite a big link that we found which kind of ties everything that we're gonna discuss in this video together at the end so have a little look and guys let us know what your thoughts are good thanks Joe thanks for the intro is always made so basically we're looking the visa these are purchase of airport we when this news come out on Twitter when I'm fine and we thought you know we've got every little look at this Joe boy so what we started to do we started to do our usual thing and delve a little bit deeper and and then what we found was some information isn't groundbreaking stuff this video guys it's just really we didn't want to leave too big a gap in between our other videos while we wait for the interview questions to be answered and stuff yeah so what we want to do is cover this a little bit as well as something else we found in the past but now we just kind of gonna dig a little bit deeper and just show my research really and let you and let you guys make your own own minds up about the research so firstly these are boys British payments firm earth port for 198 million pounds that's a lot money yeah something we were talking about in the group as well as the recent stock increase yeah it's been floating around sort of 10 quid for a long time I've been all of a sudden five days ago these rumors are starting to come to show up to 30 pound what an opportunity that was yeah we should have should have capitalized a I think with this research do you reckon barigoule going capitalized on that because to be fair you post there god save the queen I'm not quite safer with it god save Queen the Queen video which to be fair you can't argue against that Kenya no I think I watch a video earlier odd credit who is by karma me am I gonna work in money Channel alright where he's talking about that the while visa had a video tour four years ago which was and and it was an advert sorry and the song was don't stop me now by Queen so I think there's been a lot of links but a lot of people like Rachel Lee and Sam I am both sort of gone into and talked about which is quite interesting but that's another link three years ago which could have sent people on the right path as well which if they looked close enough and then looked into the earth port rumors and looked of a stock making it made a lot of money there yeah of course but again who's the bonus just like a bit over years ago folks like here we go right so um what we what we were interested about this topic win visa ball earth port right is this an aggressive takeover because but didn't seem that interested in this area because we've got this article here yeah where is it which basically says visa CEO block training cryptocurrency not much used to our company basically yeah yeah this is an article was it day if this is dated 2018 like September yep yeah so I was looking at this year and I'm thinking about doing by now for you don't mean yeah literally it doesn't make sense to me they obviously knew what they were doing but were they trying to keep a lid on what was happening potentially it could have been I sent people in the wrong direction or a little thing you know a little theory what I have is I think visa is probably going to be like a swift situation where it's a bit outdated in terms of the technology it's probably not going to be necessary in a couple of years especially gonna want you for their payments they do some you more than ripple per second or whatever donor yeah but it's his old technology yeah I think it's going to be and for him to say he's not interested in in blockchain technology or cryptocurrencies and then all of a sudden he's buying up her business for is totally linked within that system it makes me think maybe xrp did wanna do a deal and you found an article as well which we'll look at in a second where they've actually been linked to a different blockchain yeah as well having that yes which I think runs on the etherium Network correct yeah again makes you think why would you be good no I'll be failing there yeah why why are people looking at aetherium for a job ripple and XRP do so much better and faster and cheaper is it because ripple don't want to be doing business when these guys are see there is a statement on this article yet it says a blockchain is too slow for visa style customer payments yeah yeah so it is because I've a now ship the bed because they've heard about colbalt potentially and they think the we better jump on this because of his update yeah yeah because that upside having been it has their reliability and the transparency and everything that ripple offers and now all of a sudden ripple with right up there we are how many transactions it can process it's not about it's too slow it's how many they can process per second yeah yeah that's what doesn't make sense it's it's like he's just completely disregarded the facts oh yeah the future potentials but at the same time this is why I'm assuming that maybe ripple didn't want a partner a visa rather than it being the other way around see it says here yeah Kelly stated that blockchain was designed to handle low volume high-value transactions he's talking about Bitcoin there isn't a year he's talking about Bitcoin because I'm starting with aetherium yeah whilst disregarding ripple it just it doesn't make any sense yeah but oh is this because obviously MasterCard we know MasterCard is a ripple net customer yeah a vice themselves because MasterCard are obviously waves ahead now a ways ahead fair they're bear bear down the track and which is their only way of bringing this back so we've only to have a look at this year visa induces international b2b payment solution built on a chain technology these the fearian based thing so uh what my theory is as this face is failing or are they taking the earth port take company to kind of compare always it's a kind of squash ripple or is it to kind of complement what they're doing yeah this is yeah I'll be honest I I wouldn't really have an opinion is just complete speculation it makes sense I guess from both aspects but I can't see anyone competing with ripple it's just I think it's too far gone it sounds to me like they're trying to make himself as high an event as possible yeah yeah but again leading me to believe I don't think ripple wanted to do the deal I think we could see the end of visa payments eventually with it kind of goes with everything about everyone say in any way we're talking about this new system is new payment method so if that's the case why would Visa be necessary no exactly exactly and it's up this more there's more of course here about visa with blockchain based digital technology this one says I've been a system with IBM in q1 2019 yeah you know everything's lining to q1 2009 and you know I make do you even do you want to have a little water visa not bother is he a bit I can we stick him over yeah cool and that's um this solution will integrate with high collegiate Frederick framework and we know how that links but obviously we got to go on to be selling at the website yeah I'm to another website another run video but this all in links quite nicely guys so what so FinTech provider bottom line technologies which serves 1,200 financial institutions into the release so I think they're trying to make themselves relevant yep you reckon potentially okay well what we're gonna do yeah this is now our link guys yeah well obviously we know we know for Earth Paul uses Whipple yeah I never confirms ripple pollen we just thought we bring this up because he just caught it's a nice nice page to actually show that the ripple logo is right there and it how it all connects yeah yep okay cool we saw this this is what was it Rachel lays post or something like that I think people were posting at the time I don't know who it was if it's Rachel Lee or someone else and we're crates rigid Rachel Lee with it if it's somebody else we apologize we will give let us know when we'll shoot you out on the next video yeah but basically this says earth port which counts Bank of America Merrill Lynch in Japan post Bank among its clients said visas offer was revised proposal that followed an indicative offer from the US company last month Rothschild & Co advised earth port on the deal while Goldman Sachs advised visa so these are boys don't know and I think what we were looking at is Rothschild & Co yes and that's where we've gone a little bit further to sort of link the whole thing together so here we go yeah so this is something Joe found actually this is a first for everything as soon as it comes to any form of sort of conspiracy um as your ring boy Suenos in the first hour you read a hundred books but you won't read articles I send him thousands every day and a I don't read a thing mate right here we go right so as Hearst advises on visas 198 million pound recommended offer for earth port yeah so it says Azhar is advising goldman sachs in relation to visas 198 million pound recommended offer for earth port PLC announced on the 27th of December 2018 yeah so as her of illegal guys behind goldman sachs reading this yeah yeah yeah yeah makes sense but then jet we get you again chai right here we go right so then we've enrolled onto the next one year and we fall right who's the legal representatives behind Rothschild we couldn't find who was linked to this deal too much child but we done this and then it says here as Hearst is advising Rothschild in relation to a hundred and twelve million pound takeover of fortin's PLC except a chocolate company this is this is old news but it's just sort of linking it together just and as we can see here effectively this law firm are on both sides sides of the deal and something else that we've come across as well which is another thing which sort of links everything together so law firm has joins accord project on smart legal contract standards so again leading into the blockchain and the link again of the same law firm well let me just run on service quickly yeah the Accord project which was formed by us-based legal tech pioneer Klaus last year and works in collaboration with world leading stand in standards bodies and technology organizations including the International Association for commercial and contract management our free and hide the ledger yeah so we're linking this legal firm yep to earth port yep Goldman Sachs yep rough salt forever Russia I'll free and hyper ledger yeah previous Accord projector so let's talk free we now yeah because this is an interesting theory these guys have a building of a regulatory framework for the whole thing yes I mean there's certainly a need to think a deep I think need bigger dive I think as a community please guys please have a look into this for us yeah because honestly we've got I think what six members now when the SPQR family and to be fair guys we're digging so far and the time we're spending to try and put this material together for you guys is relentless at times yeah so what we want to do is hopefully lean on some of you guys and work together as a team as we believe a whole XRP community is one team yeah and so if anybody else can find anything on this so it's asshur Ashurst law international law firm assess I think what this is is it there's a lip there's something missing that I think just will be the icing on the cake in terms of this I mean we're all theorizing on everything's linked and you know this is the bankers coin and it's gonna be a new standard on all of this stuff and I mean common sense will tell you if that's the case but what we're trying to do is really piece it together and I think this is quite big in the sense of they're all you know you don't want to make too many outrageous claims but almost kind of embed together in this sense for progressing via agenda anyway which of course being exiled P holders is huge for us and it's kind of what we want to be reading really but I think there's something missing but kind of just the penny drops so if if anyone wants to kind of pick up from here or if I have any theories or if they've come across anything they can add to you know to this information that they think will hold some value then please get it across in the comments or private message any of us world on Twitter and we'll have a little look and we'll see if we can yeah if we can sort paint a better picture of it so I'm just going back cuz my mind's a bit bored by this yeah just in terms of legal yeah how how can i advise goldman sachs on this why goldman sachs involved with visa and unwise what Charles involved yeah yeah yeah we know that yet and then when I won at one of the two of the Goldman Sachs when I pulled into that six banker meet in over the Christmas period because of us shut down and they confirmed that they had enough liquidity yeah it was one of those money yeah but what interests me more than anything else yeah is this as Hearst company this law firm how can I be advising Goldman Sachs as well as as well as Rothschild I know we haven't got confirmation but they advised Rothschild on this deal yeah but how can they work how can they work for Rothschilds and Goldman Sachs and and not be like a conflicts of interest might yeah well it must be a deeper level and you know in terms of them being connected in just different arms of the same of the same body isn't it really which takes us back to be is imagine taking that are Nazis yeah wife I woke up Christmas Day so I'm going on say so but no really that's a me to find yeah yeah if someone can find a be is as Hearst link they're not think we're onto something claim way yeah we don't we go too far into it because you don't know where no burn a little bit yeah well okay cool so I think we've done that one quite nicely we don't want to kind of go on about this I'm go on on this video too long and have it like a 45-minute an hour-long video because it's not really groundbreaking stuff it's just kind of want to share with you guys how our mind works so which led us on to this year there was it's been a lot of news today about Marco Polo us as a group we shared some information I'm on Marco Polo back in early December and is the original tui guys but what led me to it in the first place was if you see this slide picture here in the middle year I can't remember who share this but ever it was fantastic finds you but if you look here I've now II well I've kind of zoomed in here in circle if you says Marco Polo and by the looks of it we've see a chain which I am Legion and everybody kind of uncovered yeah and as well as another couple of things yeah this PCBs block here mate yeah yep does that suggest that as you see a chain runs through sift gpim ripple yeah and then a freak order multi chain a Mon ax runs through swift GPO and ripple but Marco Polo UBS our free market place and see a chain just once yeah yeah that's how I would interpret that image yeah yeah definitely yeah and it's not me just been ultra pro XRP here is it did we cover the Marco Polo and Ashurst link as well we didn't didn't know so that's another link so Asher's advises trivia on action acquisition of Corps property k1 in Hamburg so this was in sorry visit something but we were gonna just as well Marco Polo sorry yeah who's gonna link but this was February 2018 so these guys are advising as well so it's almost like a favor you know the main go to legal firm when it comes to FinTech you know and blockchain technology so we're talking we're talking visa we're talking earth port we're talking we're talking goldman sachs we're talking Rothschilds we're talking Marco Polo Marco Polo so maybe they're to go to with ripple I think we should keep looking mate I think we should keep digging on it yet so it's furthermore search it let's just kind of zoom in a little bit here guys so we can see you can see yeah I try again right so this is ABC suppress Malaysia and it says the Marco Polo initiative has developed a solution for post shipment trade finance empowered by the TRX power and platform from trade IX and our free corner block pot and blockchain technology it enables entering real-time seamless NICTA connectivity between trading participants eliminated for data silos which prevent free flow of information causing inefficiencies and discrepancies year yep so obviously I was talking about Bayer and ripple net and how it's all gonna be in a link chair yeah this is the reason I'm showing you this slide yet is because it's very clear yeah but ripple is connected to it somehow yeah because our free quarters in vulture and they're using it up here as a settlement mechanism and let's not forget that SBI but daddy of ripple and are free yep he's gonna be behind this as well and is within their interest within their interest to obviously use the XRP token imagine SBI got bags full then yeah they must yeah they must have actual and remember CEO coming out like I just go about pushing this barn yeah that was shared in a group yesterday and we it's all been out there but it was kind of a discussion topic which we said yes you guys remember this and we're like yeah yeah yeah all of us remembered it oh you guys probably remember it but let's have a chat about it yeah and I think I'm just on that point I think that's the value but we're trying to add is it's a bit of breaking news which is important but sometimes a breaking news only makes sense when you look back at history as well yeah and it's all linked together and it and it's joined so looking at this and linking the SPI stuff to everything that we've just spoke about when you look back over tweet that was put out this was a few months ago this was my and it was I could was I the value of x RP is $10 all I've got to do is push up flick a switch or four switch yeah and it it leads to a whole kitty roofing of 50 quid in 24 hours I mean that's there he's he's put that out there he's not he's not just gonna throw out complete and I I'm not saying that's a fact and it's gonna happen but there's something in that and linking all of this together it yeah it certainly doesn't make a bit of sense let me now just add on to that theory now we were in fear mode we all we love a good theory people right do you know you've the Riddler's and stuff like that very were posting fireworks yeah yeah and all that kind of finger winds for most fireworks usually when a fireworks you usually I know you're obviously fireworks not yeah but when's the second time Bay but they use the most I'd probably say my birthday May but New Year's Eve obviously yeah yeah yeah soon as it's 12 o'clock and obviously for Riddler's had that remember when the 12 was skipping yeah yeah yeah so he's at the time when they accelerate the prices at midnight and they're because always always company so we will point into q1 2019 yeah so is that the flick of a switch the new year just a theory something I thought was thinking about my selfie of it they like all those fireworks yeah for 12 o'clock q1 2009 in these at it I don't know I don't think I don't believe in this 50 quid theory in all fairness I think he's gonna be a slow gradual thing I think he I think it'll go slowly not slowly but I think it'll be ones of dollars rather than tens of dollars that's my theory but I think when you're looking at the ability to buy free x RP for a dollar yeah and then we're talking in the same breath 50 quid is so unachievable at least on a psychological level well pleasure you're looking at that green candle that's worth what 49 $49 and 70 cents live at that's never happened ever from the value but is coming yeah I think once we break a dollar is so much easier to go to five once we're at five all you doing is double into ten so the maths kind of makes them is still a huge increase and if you're looking at the percentage gains is ridiculous that lost you didn't it yo mean we went to was close to free dollars or a dollar fifty cents or something yeah but but I understand your logic insane want sure five dollars it make it's it's it's a lot easier isn't it yeah it's working with and I'll be stating the obvious ease here but yeah just one more trying to get your head around it yeah prospective it under acquit to tens of dollars is just what you think it would go long-term what was having this chat before we started recording and I can't answer it I don't know I understand people saying the five hundreds to thousands I get it and it makes sense but the fact that we are still so low and it's still bleeding it almost seems too good to be true and we spend a lot of time looking at actual facts and real research but links everything together so it should make sense but it still is huge but then if you speak someone that bought Bitcoin at a quid you know these people exist and they bought them by the boatload and they made these gains a bigger gains so if you think about it from that perspective of court of course why not it's that it's been done before yeah so history suggests that and this has got a real Luke News cases corners well wasn't it so yeah but I think with crypto one thing we haven't seen is a lot of Bitcoin people might argue this but what we haven't seen is real value based on utility that hasn't existed you know there's been a lot of hype a lot of most cryptocurrencies are speculative they have their speculative x' ups and downs and it's you know by oh by the rumor silver news or all that pumps and bumps but when it comes to have we seen of real token holding you know a real utility in use case pump based on yeah it's the liquidity here provides all the use case in action have we seen that I I can't think I don't think we have got that and it seems to be this whole everything's tied to Bitcoin and it is just the pumps and dumps and the whales and yeah so we we went there in new territory and it's exciting and is it's brave and it's it's fun and looking at this real but reason we do this research is one to put out the information so mainly it gives people comfort because it's hard to believe there's no doubt denying it it's hard to believe yeah but when you start looking at see if we B's BG's they do good but bad at the same time because it gets a lot of people's hope in the short term yeah but then I think they've been quite clear with that it's to hold don't despair ya know and I get that and I understand that but but i I've cream and I'm not saying I've invested based on a cartoon but based on real people having real educated opinions on these things I have probably invested a little bit heavier than I should have no not like you know if you read more get your house Joe no but like people say only invest with you you're willing to lose I'm not willing to lose any money ever so what you're willing to lose I and by the way we're again we are not financially it's not only not financial avoid I'm not willing to lose any money ever but I am willing to invest what I don't need in the very media or relatively near future but yeah I believe in here this is why I'm in but but sort of games it is it greed are we are we getting a bit greedy and a bit of ahead of ourselves it's not even caught up how can it be great I've not even a chance to cash in yet I think that's another thing as well we I think we need to do a video on this is get out strategy one because we don't know we don't want everyone run into the exchanges in this chaos that's what's gonna happen yeah it's gonna be chaos and you know I think they're not gonna have the tokens on the exchanges that worries me that really worries best more I made them remove recently to get it on offline yeah um I've left some on exchanges don't get me wrong and I've got I've got people over forever or on a temporary basis I don't know I don't know the people that own XRP now in comparison to the amount of people that own Bitcoin when it pumped and the money that was pumped out when Bitcoin was pumped I reckon there was more money then than there might be now he's gonna be huge but not a lot of people but we're talking about utility pumps here Joe but then they have to be accounted for somewhere else as opposed to the exchanges because people are saying they're on the exchanges but are they are they not in the escrow so may not impose their may not owned part partly by the banks and by these businesses as well well you're busy yeah this is something that is a minefield and it's something I think we need to look into as well but yeah if it happens he's gonna be chaos we need to maybe start having discussions about what what people's plans what are their sell out options of a store in cold or warm or on an exchange I think you should have a mix of everything just to cover your bases it's like anything here it's not like I'm gonna have my life savings in the shoe box under my bed all in the all in one place yeah yeah because if that is gone everything is gone yeah so what you do you store a little bit here a little bit there a little bit here and a little bit there so that's what I think you do I think you do a little bit of cold storage offline completely yeah yeah get it offline then you have someone exchanges and then I would talk warrix card yep so basically to everyday spending so we've been looking into but need to understand yeah but like for instance if you if you have a wire X card obviously you can exchange crypto to GBP euro us not US dollar yet so I don't think you're ready for view on the US market but I think it's coming and you can exchange it to for me in my country sterling and then you convince spend that on a card and you can withdraw from a cash point as a normal debit card yeah and so I just think you've just got a look at different ways of getting your money out of a space when it does go yeah because but then do you imagine if you've got obviously notes money's worthless it's not anything yet that's the thing you do you want to sell this one this is what personally before I have is I've got certain points I'm gonna sell but that money's going straight on stuff assets that's going we're talking houses we're talking commodities assets in business silver something tangible but I probably will leave maybe 50% of my xlp somewhere in a because if we go in how we're we're we're looking the way we think this is gonna go yeah is that you probably won't want to cash out all of it long-term no yes you will want to catch some interfere to buy tangible assets in the real world like maybe new cars pal debt and buy houses and things like that but if it hits a Fairmont we think it's going to surely you you chopping yes surely you want it or use it you what access will be in paid like in crypto in the future yeah yeah so what you don't want to do is make loads of profits in the future technology and beyond and it's gonna drop and boys is gonna drop every time you wake up doing what makes off he's currently the moment you want to hold the golden ticket and wait other markets to drop yeah then you're buying a discount correct that that's the the transfer of wealth so I but the thing that worries me is if we go into $50 and you do want to cash out some so you've got your maybe you're an issue investment maybe a bit of traveling or a house or whatever is you want to do and we don't have the option to do that but then at the same time if you hold it off offline then you're effectively gonna have to still go on an exchange to sell so maybe that's not worth it if it happens at that level then it we are all really but then if you can leave it on the exchange in your coins are still there you just leave it an extra month and you've still made a shitload more than the 30 cents you bought in at yeah I'll sell it for 50 almost another forty one the whole point becomes storing you in your investment though justice an extra layer of security more than anything else so then you can if for instance you hear about an exchange who's struggling to pay out or it as a paid out in 24 hours you're not gonna be transferring any of your XRP assets about I get one sign yeah and you you're not gonna load up an exchange with 10,000 eggs up hey just like that oh yeah yeah I had a chat like this in in a telegram group and he made a very good point I was saying about holding coins on them on an exchange and he was like there's people out there that hold thousands of Bitcoin you know the numbers you're talking about I'm not gonna tell you what I've got base it's enough certainly nowhere near the figures that you see floating around in it you know bitstamp yeah but we're certainly know while we might exactly so we are only a really really small proportion there so is it worth worrying about I don't know obviously obviously you do because it's your money but equally Europe you're just such a small fry you know look at for instance by Nance how many coins and how much is going on there what if XRP goes to a 10 out what all the coins are gonna get me says yeah but my if you don't you think various this is the greatest of investment opportunity of our lifetime this is how I see this year yeah if we it but being tickets it's like you know what if you go to his shop and you have the winning lottery ticket yeah and then hang on looking at the TV I bear my lottery numbers and you can't find the lottery ticket yeah you get one name it's gonna be one of those moments at most what are you most gonna be harder trying to find your nan OS or getting on to you exchange don't worry mate see more if you see him you know where to go country burns the misses are left to dig it out it's like yeah getting a dream date with that girl when you accidentally say something it's just outrageous just just don't say anything crazy Jake yeah so let's move back to Marco Polo because what we just wanted to kind of cover east a little bit more in depth because like I say is come out Dallas I'm Chad stylish new you SPQR member he was a guy who kind of reposted some of his stuff to die and I think I am Liam was commenting on some of his stuff on on Twitter as well so we just want to go a little bit further in depth so we've got our mock like hi-low blockchain platform for trade finance released yeah it's article here yeah but it just says down here the first product which is now live on the platform is receivables and discounting this is accounting stuff yeah yeah which provokes we'll start piling in on the 22nd of October at which point the final release of Marco Polo will be ready fact when will follow soon after yeah it's a factoring yeah okay so now let's move on to the next article visa just thought of cause we found this is a video explaining what the Marco Polo trade finance initiative easier so let's have a little look at this just so hopefully we can all understand it a little bit about despite these changes there has been little or no development for companies managing trade and working capital finance much of the current 8 trillion dollar open account trade finance market still operate nice I'm not Trillian own it yeah how many 20 as we got to now it was 16 on the other day it's 8 today so we're up to seventy seven trillion yeah I think our free was nearly two hundred and that was just a realist day alone well okay so we we need it we're getting to quadrillions nearly now online it's building up to that isn't it yeah but what if there's a better way to efficiently conduct trade finance and gain greater access to trade and working capital finance for companies all around the world well now there is thanks to Marco Polo Marco Polo is an open trade finance platform for financial institutions their corporate clients and many other participants within the trade ecosystem Marco Polo offers trade finance innovation through new powerful and customizable trade finance applications face them through the cloud api's application program interfaces distributed ledger technology it further offers innovation through trade finance built on a next-generation white play and business logic and ruled engines delivering dynamic trade orchestration programs that are unique to each bank and trade finance requirement because of this marco polo is more transparent reducing risk through improved security and trusted access to critical trade smarter by using solutions enabling automated contract and settlement processes and improved client experience and better connected through open api and quarter distributed ledger technology specifically built Sakura yeah yep and Marco Polo is a game but no my you come out with some I point out I am a quarter in there again yeah so what do you know he she explained that we going back here it's his fat twin yeah I don't know if everybody knows what Factory in Asia but factoring is for instance if a business has an impasse ales invoice just say I company I has done some work for Company B they will raise an invoice bliss say for 1 million quid yeah and then basically that payment terms they might be sore on 60 days with that client yeah yeah it may they've now got to wait 60 days for payment yeah once a lot of these bigger companies need help with cash flow yeah yeah so what they do they bring factoring facilities into their businesses yeah so basically they can release that asset yeah quickly you know I mean so as soon as they raise that invoice if I can factor it yes correct yeah and it's a big market yeah but but again it's making more assets liquid so basically we're making our sales invoices or liquid in a way yeah yeah you can't mean because we were it's enabling us to release the funds from a team boys quicker yeah that's just another side of this whole ecosystem again yeah exactly but he's just something can I point you to which are just art explained wants to finance trade for a client they will need to get access to the underlying trade data this been often involved receiving invoice data just via email or spending valuable time integrating with the client systems both processors are potentially insecure time consuming and may lead to human errors and if that data then needs to be shared to other banks the costs and risks again increase however with Marco Polo's the bank connects easily via an API to the corporates ERP system receiving access to the invoices and other trade data this information can be further enhanced through connecting to logistics providers verifying the invoice date and by matching it to shipment tracking all the underlying data securely on the quarter blockchain technology from our three enables interoperability between different trade systems and networks while allowing the bank to share the data securely with other financial institutions and provide more funding insurance options and in the current financial system Oh massive but this is this isn't just this is a big corporate companies now Sesame's as well yeah yeah this is everyone this is everybody yeah but the thing is you I've been in a situation where I've needed to look at cash flow for my business I know I've had ineffective in agreements as well yeah for those who don't know Lee runs runs a baking company yeah but anyway I hope you I've needed factoring I've needed to have factoring agreements in the past yes instance yes but it was what I do I've spent many years in recruitment and from the same similar perspective when you're paying temporary staff it's you could be waiting 30 to 90 days to get the funds back from the business you're working on small more small margin so you need the factoring so this ties into a huge industry very in itself as well of course but the thing is you we're factoring it's such a lengthy process honestly to actually get it set up originally yeah yeah it's six months yeah but then what you need to do every client you'll deal with you deal with you need to Vince up a factory of facility for each coin yeah yeah so what we're talking about is just this is another arm Tavish a speed line in the whole process that it's talking about um do you know we were talking about mortgages in the last video yeah it's exactly that yeah it's the business yeah it's everything like yeah yeah right so basically Marco Polo you've we've got some things here your net west newest member of blockchain trade finance outfit Marco Polo right let's have a look Anglo golf bank joins trade finance network Marco Polo down here the bank plans to got launched in early 2019 another one yeah it's going down in 2009 anyway saying this verse which would it wasn't me yeah why would it run up and all this guy this is some business naked so it's not like dated years ago Eve this is October 16 this year yeah so that was like what just over two months ago yeah so okay I've been we've got Ripple partner standard chard yeah and then it says obviously it doesn't really say a monster but anyway standard char but then if we click on this these are the initiatives we were looking into I'm so we've got Voltron we got Marco Polo there was bat via and we trade but now that theorem we trade have merged into one yeah okay and then you've obviously got the central point which is in the middle area and you've got IBM are free are free click quit so be ok and trade IX yet obviously we know our freeze connection to ripple and obviously all these banks here so big players here guys yeah and then if we go on to the next bit here which is how banks are teaming up to bring blockchain to Fateh right to trade finance let me just go down here this is betrayed financed blockchain consortium yeah so this is if we go back here the guys in the middle of all this yeah connecting everything we're talking in a rope ability here yeah yeah yeah so this is all the back to be an addict I've been been been be been a money flying all over world invoices factoring insurance mortgages for whole Shabana what we're waiting on the final link is Forex yeah if we can find a link to Forex that would be then we read yeah so guys if you find anything so we don't have to do that anyway so be here's the trade finance blockchains consortio it's a banks Erina see this is your bank we were just about to go under well could potentially be yeah be saved how HSBC involved in free and very massive investors in ripple yeah my best up yeah so they're like HSBC yeah cuz these are obviously different initiatives type targeted at different things so what we've tried to do we try to kind of go through these but we wanted to kind of just target Marco Polo just because of an oyster dye and I thought it'd be interesting for you guys to sit down and have a little listen and hear what we've got to say about Marco Polo really so I think it's easy to see all these partners we've ripple but a lot of people don't really know what these businesses do so it's good and this is what we've always struggled with is when there's been big news it's finding a video that you can sort of listen to people to actually know what's going on and explain it in there and it easy to digest so what we want to do is just kind of bring it all together have one video listen to this and it you know it's another thing to get excited about or at least reaffirm your investment is it's in safe hands even though it's bleeding it's not obviously these are news come out yeah you would expect the markets go crazy win yet yeah we've had in the group we've had a all these good news and nothing but this shows nothing's actually fully live yet not and this is what we're joining so when the spring goes it's going with this much firepower yeah and it's gonna be huge it has to be huge if it isn't then you know we are the biggest mugs on the planet it's got a description here of of Marco Polo yes Marco Polo their description the cab collaboration but combi not um combines our fries called at Enterprise Solution and trade IX is t IX court an open infrastructure powered by DLT the goal is to streamline accounting for businesses to track payment guarantees and expedite receivable discounting do you think serpent M&S are involved in all this because of what they because I supply counting software and stuff like lights businesses don't know yeah so do you think it's literally all intermingled yeah well it must be yeah I think the whole finance financial sector as we know it now is somewhat into me so yeah I think they what they're doing is I just replacing the backbone of the whole system they're just putting it on the blockchain we're talking the whole lot aren't mine yeah like I said all we need now is the the Forex yeah and we I don't know if we're missing anything but it looks to me like everything's covered accountancy business yeah real estate yeah peer to peer you know central bank's cross-border payments guys come from every angle this is I think where and there's no the five eight nine thing I I have no idea but there's no doubt in my mind for credibility of bearable and a fat reason inside a hundred percent school too many things way too many things and what he's saying is if you knew what's going on you wouldn't be able to sleep and we're now fine in a good way or a bad way a good way well it could be a bad way when we're on the ledger and we're all slaves to the blockchain logged which it probably is already but the fact but this is just so big and we're in the group I've literally I'll go for a look I've got 900 messages and there's about 400 articles because there's so much going on and we're trying to we're trying to wrap our head around it were scrambling this okay I think what we need to do is just piece by piece we just got to keep doing videos bit by bit I've kind of got where I am in my head but it's hard to explain it in one it's like a brain fart moment I can't get it all out where at once yeah what I need to we need to do is snip it down into individual pieces not we've done today like Marco Polo explain that yeah these are the earth port let's explain that and other connections other people haven't seen yeah try and keep it credible around one kind of sector which we've done and build the picture slowly but surely yeah slowly but surely just build the picture and then Michael for instance we've got videos on but always be the same as well we've got some interviews coming up as well so we just prepare an interview something nobody interviews we've got five or six array B from securitize and come back so if you listen and ramie get back to us Mike yes so hopefully if I answer all questions and out and I'm some of these are quite armed nice interviews guys and and trust me we'll be asking the questions but all you guys want answered so on yeah I think that's pretty much it Joe boy yeah we round off yeah round off yeah we just wanted to put all this together and again just you know I have a little chat about what we think is gonna happen and yeah thank you from their really good guys all right well happy Christmas and a Happy New Year you guys don't do anything I wouldn't do which is to take out a loan and buy xlp if you paid off now if you want arm if you want a boy now crypto sabai now pay now crypto service yeah and please it's Lee SPQR but the interest is 200% yeah yeah happy Christmas everyone and yeah staying here mate hold on hold on tight because something's coming we know it q1 2009 guys here we go

11 thoughts on “Visa & Earthport, Rothschild & Goldman Sachs, Marco Polo”

  1. Look into Nexo you can get 2 million loan and keep your XRP. If your like me in the U.K. you don’t pay tax on an loan so you get tax free money and keep your XRP why the rise in price. The down side is they can’t drop in price they have to stay more than half the value of the loan or you have to add funds/XRP. If they keep rising you can pay it off with the XRP in your wallet and put the rest back on your ledger.

  2. FOREX is already a decentralised market with high liquidity amongst the big five currencies USD, EUR, JPY, GBP and CHF. Currently the four major trading pairs are EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/YEN, USD/CHF. Beyond the four major pairs, liquidity is reduced due to lower trading volume. FOREX is decentralised due to the issues with declaring sovereignty over a breadth of currencies.

    SWIFT itself is a part of the Foreign Exchange Market, to replace it would be a huge step alone, following that I would personally pursue relationships with the super banks such as – Barclays, JP Morgan, CITI, Deutsche Bank, HSBC and UBS – They are collectively the "Interbank Market" and decide how much a currency is worth based on fundamental and technical analysis of governments. Then electronic Brokering Services (EBS) and/or Reuters.

    That would DEFINITELY have the affect of dominating the FOREX market. Following the above you'll find a trickle-down effect, through smaller banks and retail exchanges. RIPPLE could really impress if they improve liquidity and therefore cost of trading obscure currency pairs; this would be easy with an intermediary coin like XRP.

    If Ripple wanted added points for this fun game of Monopoly, they could grow relationships with both IMF and BIS.

    EDIT: Let's be honest, they've already done the majority of the above. The FOREX market dwarves things like the stock markets and Ripple knows that, it benefits them to be a part of it.

  3. American Express is using Ripple's blockchain tech, and will no doubt eventually use the XRP bridge asset, reducing the time and cost of settlement. American Express is planning to cut the fees it charges retailers and other businesses by more than it has done in two decades. We can only guess as to how they can now reduce customers fees (RippleNet). They are going to become SERIOUS competition to fellow card companies, including Mastercard and Visa. If American Express is cheaper, they can steal their competitors customers.

    American Express has gained approval for a payments license in mainland CHINA. American Express can now begin building a network business to process domestic, RMB transactions in China. The young Chinese don't like using paper money, they prefer to pay with their phones… or a card. That's a whole new market for AmEx with one billion potential customers.

    AmEx is in ascension and I suspect is going to be a serious threat to Visa in the future. What is Visa going to do? They can't bring down Ripple, especially not if it gets the backing of the Federal Reserve, The U.S Government (Ripple were recently invited to the Whitehouse, what's all that about?), the support of the World Bank and the IMF. And gets used by the world's Central Banks, (largely owned by the Rothschilds). Ripple have said they are talking to/working with 30-40 central banks. Visa can't stop Ripple. They can't fight it. Their competitors will be using it. So what are they going to do?

    Visa says it doesn't need blockchain technology. Good, then f*ck off and die… cos that is what is going to happen if they don't adapt. Because blockchain is the future of banking and FI.

    My guess, Visa, whether they like it not, will line up with the rest and be another RippleNet customer/user. Because what's the alternative?… SWIFT?

  4. Love you guys! Great info, great perspective and really fun to listen to! ?????

    Maybe we won't have to cashout..maybe we will be able to just use right off the exchange by the time it pops!

  5. Faster payments is a relative easy job, but every actor who speeds up his payment’s speed WILL HAVE TO increase their settlement speed in the background. That’s what earthport, temenos, sap, r3 are ALL proposing to all of their clients. These are all ripple-compatible and depending on the legal framework, xrapid will be used, OR xcurrent with DIRECT use of xrp between parties, and EVENTUALLY ILP will take it all over imo. All the companies with direct contact with end-users, are really going to have to reinvent themselves in order to stay relevant…
    MASSIVE dusruptions underway…


    Not my research. Through R3, DTCC is ready May 2019. I also thought I read the switch will be flipped over a weekend. Yes so I believe Kichiro could be correct.

  7. Great fckin job. You guys are one of the very few in the entire XRP space questioning this Visa earthport deal. I am wondering if visa Is stupid like Kodak or they really are interested in XRP. Only time will tell.

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