Visa Acquires Ripple [XRP] Partner! Cardano Ledger Support! Binance XRP Base Pairs! [Bitcoin News]

all right welcome back everybody this is Erin at alt coin daily bringing you the latest in everything going on in the cryptocurrency space the reason you subscribe to our channel is because we break things down for you about cryptocurrency on a daily basis we're a cryptocurrency channel for the people by the people trying to show you that you don't need to be a financial expert you don't need to be a technology expert to get involved and start using Hotaling investing saving crypto currencies it's very easy to get started in this is a growing industry and it's only going to help you going towards the future if you learn this stuff now now today I want to stick to some higher cap altcoins that's the kind of news we're gonna cover I want to stick to ripple and ripples native token XRP I want to talk about finance XRP Tron and Z cash we have some news coming out of the card Dino Foundation which I'm pretty excited for and of course we're gonna be taking a look at the market and talking about the mack daddy of them all Bitcoin and at the very end of this video I want to ask you a question or I want to start a discussion on it seems that there is a global recession that is about to happen in the world and if we do enter a global recession will that mean that the demand for cryptocurrency goes up well this one person on reddit seems to think so and he or she provided plenty of resources we're going to talk about that at the very end so like always if you're new to the channel and you want to stay up to date to make 2019 your year you get into crypto currency hit the subscribe button and let's get into it alright so taking a quick look at the coin market cap we see that the overall market cap right now is a hundred and thirty billion dollars of course a year ago from today our all-time highs were above eight hundred billion dollars so we're far off from that right now Bitcoin is hovering between three thousand eight hundred and three thousand nine hundred dollars over the past couple days we just have not been able to break past $3,900 XRP 36 cents right now I said before that I've been waiting for XRP to come below 25 cents in order for me to even consider taking a position many people think I'm crazy for that that's me it has yet to go below 25 cents so that's something we're all waiting for if it never happens maybe I never take out a position aetherium right now is at a hundred and forty dollars Bitcoin cash 162 cos two dollars and 67 cents stellar eleven cents and so on and so forth litecoin thirty-two dollars let's get into some recent news visa to purchase Ripple cross-border payment partner earth port check this out so American payment service giant visa Incorporated is acquiring Ripple partner earth port PLC a payment network for cross-border transactions founded in 1997 london-based earth port is a financial service firm that offers cross-border payment services to banks and financial institutions earth port is a partner of the tech company Ripple and you know that ripples native token is XRP and the partnership is aimed at integrating the ripple protocol into the firm's existing payment network to improve international transaction so the acquisition for this was 250 million dollars or about 38 cents per share of Earth port and that's the story I mean this is we're headed in the right direction for ripple and obviously if you hold if you hold XRP you're hoping that this means that visa will be implementing X rapid and visa will be implementing using the X R P token in the future now there's no word on that yet but we'll see how this develops now as you know that create the reason x RP was created one of them reasons is for cross-border payments so visa using it for that would be a perfect fit and in related news this coin Telegraph article points out that in October they reported that visa was readying its blockchain based digital identity system the visa b2b connect for cross-border payments for launched in the first quarter of 2019 the system reportedly tokenized as sensitive business data such as banking details and accounting numbers granting them a unique cryptographic identifier that will be used for transactions on the platform so clearly visa has had cross-border payments in mind for a long time they recognized that cryptocurrency can really speed that up and make it a whole lot better whether or not they use XRP I mean we'll see it's gotta it's got a shot right we'll see in related news by Nantz adds ripple based trading pairs check this out cryptocurrency exchange by Nance will open trading of two pairs using ripple XRP as the quote currency so these are both set to launch the same day and the trading pairs for the base pair of x RP is going to be both TRX drawn and x z c z coin so if you hold tron and x RP this is probably really great news for you because they're going to be working together in a sense off of Finance so the question is x RP trading pairs for buy Nance why did this happen why x RP well if you don't know Roger ver be Roger ver of Bitcoin cash is an angel investor for both ripple and for buy Nance so I suspect that Roger has been pushing this for a while and the CEO of Finance Z Z has finally made it happen so you know it's just for Tron & Z cash to start and we'll see if they implement more x RP base in the future I mean xrp they're making moves in this bear market so I can't fault them for that and right now Tron is sitting at just below 2 cents and we have Z cash at just below $60 for your information picking either those up on by Nance would be the exchange that I prefer next up okay so if you follow Cardno on Twitter and I do recommend that you follow them you already know this but this is coming out of the Cardinal foundation I'm following them it's they say we are thrilled to announce that we will be integrating the ledger hardware wallet in our Cardno ecosystem this means that users will be able to hold their ad a offline through the convenient and highly secure means of cold storage and if you clicked on the link you can see a related article basically saying the same thing today the Cardinal foundation has announced that it is integrating ledger hardware wallet devices in its ecosystem to enhance its security and features this integration will allow ad a holders to transfer their digital assets directly from their software wallets directly from their hot wallets to Ledger's more secure cold wallet the ledger in nós a dedicated Cardno app in the ledger wallet will help to create a seamless experience for its users so this is great news for ad a holders and although there's no official launch date for this yet for the ledger integration I suspect it's going to happen soon probably most likely within q1 of 2019 I for one will be transferring my ad a on to the ledger in an OS and that's where I'm gonna keep it because really Cardno is pretty speculative right now I see big things for Cardno in the future but really they're not gonna get going til next year 2019 2020 20 to 21 and so for me Cardno is a long term hold alright so let's take a quick look at what's up with Bitcoin as I said right now bitcoin is trading between 300 and or three thousand eight hundred and three thousand nine hundred dollars just the other day we dipped to about three thousand five hundred and seventy and we bounced up from there you know right now we're holding above three thousand eight hundred haven't really been able to break three thousand nine hundred I guess for a very short time we did but we fell right back down really we do have a lot of resistance around the four thousand two hundred dollar price point so it's looking like in the short term really is going to be difficult for us to you know break above that of course anything can happen right you know we're so volatile it's so open to manipulation anything could happen I'm really just talking basics right here I don't have any inside knowledge on the market okay the final thing that I want to talk about and by the way if we do if we you know if we don't break past four thousand two hundred and we fall I suspect you know we'll be going below the 3,100 bottom that was the lowest we've been all year possibly falling to two thousand eight hundred possibly falling to two thousand five hundred and then we'll see if we just keep going lower like we have all year possibly to eighteen thousand of course if you're trying to find the exact bottom you're gonna hurt yourself or you're just never going to invest at all because you really can never invest in the very bottom my my strategy works for me is I cost average especially during these down times and we are at the you know the market goes in cycles the market will go back up I don't know if it's going to happen at the beginning of 2019 but I suspect that we will see the market shoot back up mid 2019 possibly a new bull run to all-time highs at the end of 2019 but one thing that's kind of new to cryptocurrency that I want to talk about is this impending global recession and this is a post it says demand for crypto will increase in a global recession so I just want to recommend this reddit post to you I'm gonna be leaving links to all of this stuff in the description in this post this guy he theorizes that since it seems like we're entering into a global recession there's a chance that money will enter Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and one of the things he says I mean I'll treat a couple parts of it when he has sources for all this stuff he says when people lose their jobs the demand for escaping reality with a get-rich-quick fantasy increases and yes stats and articles to show that during recessions when you know lottery people buying lottery tickets that goes up when people lose their jobs during recessions more people turn to using and dealing drugs and as you know cryptocurrency is used on the black market not solely on the black market but that is a market that's using crypto currencies at the moment so will that cause more demand will that cause cryptocurrency to increase you know read this full thing yourself I thought it was interesting personally I think it's possible just because if the economy does go down the drain if traditional assets are you know decreasing by the month I think people are going to be looking towards speculative assets that they can put their money into and that doesn't mean they just dump all their money into speculative assets that probably means they just take a risk and put a little bit of money they know that all cryptocurrency is already it's already kind of crashed why don't I just put a little bit of money in cryptocurrency see what happens I don't know if enough people do that you know that's really all you need to create a new level of demand so we will see all right that is it for me today my friends subscribe to the channel if you want to stay a part of daily cryptocurrency news and discussions we're just about to begin the new year let me know what you're doing for New Year's any new year's traditions any New Year's resolutions actually my new year's resolution for this year and I think a lot of you should consider this is to spend cryptocurrency I mean don't just hold it we all need to be actively trying to spend and replace so a new year's resolution for me extremely easy I think I'm gonna be able to accomplish it but if everybody does this it will be good suspend your cryptocurrency this year just try it out to use your cryptocurrency as a means of payment see how great it is all right that is it for me today my friends this is Aaron at Alta point daily I will see you tomorrow

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  1. Nice content ! . Very educative video. I made 20k from my 10k start up deposit from this . Having the right guidance will always make you win .

  2. Please prepare some review on the FUTUROCOIN project. I've invested in the FuturoCoin altcoin (good exchange rate now due to BTC crash) and I hope it will bring me profits. What do you think about investing in alt coins now? The prices of them are very favorable now due to the correlation with BTC and BTC price crash.

  3. Yay go XRP (not). Sorry ? just can't get into XRP. I try, then a little voice in my head says "don't be a dick"

  4. XRP is the banksters "coin." That is why I will never buy it. Yes it will go up in price, but the main point of crypto/blockchain is to free ourselves from the grasp of the evil banking system. I really hope people don't buy XRP for this reason.

  5. Do you guys think NCASH Nucleus Vision will make a comeback after all the fud this year?Hopefully we will see a $5 ADA cardano theres alot of progress being made .

  6. Breaking! VISA cards being used by several Ripple employees for lunch. Bitcoin don't need no parters. Very moving to promoten New scams…

  7. Sorry, but I don't see the connection between Crypto and VISA. What we have is VISA acquiring Earthport, a financial services firm, to help facilitate cross-border transactions. Earthport is partnered with Ripple to use the Ripple protocol for transaction processing. This has nothing to do with Crypto currency … it's just transaction processing using blockchain technology. There is no digital coin involved in this. There are many uses for blockchain that have nothing whatsoever to do with Crypto other than Crypto itself makes use of blockchain technology. So this 'news' is of no value to anyone interested in speculating in Crypto because it isn't really related.

  8. Daneel is a cryptocurrency app that can help you find crypto related
    information fast, in the future it will integrate with google home, it
    has made a partnership recently with singularity. Check this video out –

  9. As always very good information. Thinking about your suggestion to spend crypto, I assume that many like me are hesitant due to the severe tax implications of doing so. I think, until we see, at least in the US, the tax laws change, crypto will never become a viable medium for common spending. Just my humble opinion.

  10. There will be no more all time highs. However, we will continually hit new lows month after month, year after year.

  11. Assuming If a man bought BTC at 1000 then it's ok. But holding on to it even when it reached a high was foolish. If he added on at 19000 or 10000 he is a fool for not selling. The hype is over for now. It's gone. Bitcoin is useful only for trading and investing, but right now its more of trading,I made 60,000 from Btc. He is a fool in my eyes. trading bitcoin but my success never started that way as I had made substantial losses before my turning point in the Crypto space. I bought 2Btc last year which quickly rose in the bull run but eventually lost most of it and sold off what was left. That was the last I would ever have to do with bitcoins until I was introduced to Mr harald webster first of, he asked to know my trade experience. He then gave me a quick insight on what to look out for when choosing a platform and a bunch of other things most experienced traders may never tell you. Most importantly, he introduced me to his specially designed layout and provided me with professional advice and accurate trade signals. With his system, trading has become easy and profitable and I just want to spread the word and thereby help as many are in my previous unfortunate situation. For all questions, you can reach out for his help on his (([email protected] Com))

  12. Big news Ripple would have to offer shares in the company if it becomes a security so its a win win situation for us..

  13. think of this folks, Ripple and XRP were set up by the banks to steal your crypto for worthless coins, you can only obtain XRP by exchanging it with crypto! thats why they created so many of them.. watch the big movements 100mil XRP into an exchange followed by a large withdraw of bitcoin or etherium stop buying XRP and believing the paid pumpers.. the price never moves..

  14. You missed the main reason bitcoin will do well in a major recession. During the previous recession we started seeing a lot of banks and brokerages go out of business and wipe out the savings of working class people. One result is that people started wanting to hold some of their wealth themselves rather than trusting a 3rd party to hold their wealth for them. That was before Bitcoin so all we had was precious metals. The result was that my gold went up 70% and my silver went up 260%. I expect much the same thing to happen with Bitcoin and the less scamy alt coins during this next recession. We're already sliding down into the next recession and if it's anything like the previous one I expect it to bottom out in about 2 years. The previous recession started in 2008 and bottomed in 2011.

    Last time around I saw the recession coming and took steps to prepare. I bought precious metals and redoubled my efforts at paying down my condo mortgage. I knocked it to zero in 11 years. I also had been wanting a house so I waited and watched as the price of real estate continued to crash, until in the spring of 2012 I took some profits on Silver and used it as a down payment on my house. I bought this place for 160k and now it's worth about 300k. This next recession is going to rob much of that value of course but since it's paid off it won't be a problem. It's still a nice place to live. I kept the condo till 2016 and dumped what I got for it into the condo mortgage. I was tempted to buy bitcoins but I'm only willing to risk my surplus monthly income rather than massive amounts of money like what I got for the condo. In hindsight I should have bought bitcoin. Oh well.

    I've been expecting to see this next big recession start for a couple years now. They tend to come every 7 to 10 years. During this crash I expect to see people once again lose confidence in centralized entities to hold their wealth for them. It will take a few big bankruptcies for that to happen but I expect it to start happening next year. That should push the most stable and established of all crypto currencies (bitcoin) up very nicely. I also expect my precious metals to increase nicely as well. Once bitcoins reach my magic number (which isn't really that far off) I plan to sell this house, quit my mechanic job, and rent or live in a pickup truck camper while the recession cycles through. I expect it to bottom out around 2021 or 2022. That will be the time to move some bitcoin into conventional assets like stocks and real estate. It will also be the time to move my silver into gold. Last time around silver went up much faster than gold but when metals started falling again, I would have been wise to move my silver into gold to lock in the gains.

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