Virtue Poker: A Decentralized P2P Poker Platform Built on Ethereum

virtue is a decentralized poker platform that leverages cryptography peer-to-peer networking and blockchain technology to create a more secure and trustworthy online experience traditional centralized online poker platforms are responsible for storing player funds and are able to view users cards previously some platforms have had company insiders hacked the software in cheat by peeking at cards while others have shut down without notice stealing millions of dollars from players as a decentralized platform virtue does not have servers that store player deposits or can see players cards the virtue application uses a peer-to-peer mental poker protocol that allows players at each table to conduct gameplay independently without the need of a third party this makes it impossible for a malicious company insider to tamper with the integrity of the game each player deposits money into a digital wallet that they control in join games using these funds smart contracts on aetherium are used to escrow by ends and autonomously distribute payouts based on game outcomes when users leave a table their winnings go directly back into their wallet just like at a live casino with virtue you can finally play online poker trusting that your money is secure and your cards are truly secret interested in learning more about the future of online poker visit our website at virtue poker and sign up for our newsletter

7 thoughts on “Virtue Poker: A Decentralized P2P Poker Platform Built on Ethereum”

  1. everything copied from WPN poker, only skin is changed, beware another scam. After you purchase say 1000 dollars of VPP and play and win say 3000 when you go to exchange it back to real dollars, you may not even get 500 dollars for those VPP as the owners of already have a mine of VPP will be selling on the exchange in millions, it is bleeding technology, and not good until 5 years from now. Whoever buys in now is toast and they can retire to their islands and party hard with your money while you get is worthless VPP. They will get ETH which they will instantly encash to real dollars.

  2. How good will be Ethereum with generating random numbers ? Here is an interesting question right ?

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