VIPGAMES.IO – The Fairest Crypto Gaming Platform. Review of lottery games and DICE

Today we’re going to talk about a very interesting
online casino project based on EOS Blockchain. You have the opportunity to include English
subtitles. Enjoy your viewing There are not a few cryptocurrency projects
in the market in one way or another related to gambling. Projects such as EOS and TRON initially positioned
themselves as blockchain entertainment games and bets. It has been a long time since the announcement
and introduction of technology and the public is presented a lot of different sites that
have built a pleasant for users online casino projects using the necessary blockchain. Today I will tell you about the project VIPGAME.IO,
a project that in a short time gained popularity and trust among its users. Well, let’s go. The main motto of the project is a fair decentralized
and profitable cryptographic gaming platform. As bets the system uses such coins as EOS,
BTC, ETH, TRX, IOST. Thanks to decentralization, the team guarantees
the fairness of the game results thanks to blockchain. At the time of the release of this video. On the site of VIPGAME.IO already launched
2 games, and the third one is being tested and prepared for launch. But first, we need to register. The registration process is as simple as possible. Choose registration by phone number or via
E-mail, fill in the data, confirm the mail or SMS and everything is ready. To refill your account. The system offers you to choose the necessary
currency. And transfer the deposit for games. You can also withdraw tokens through this
section. Everything is as simple as possible. But back to the games. Now you can take part in two games such as
lottery and dice. Speaking of how the lotto is organized, I
would like to say that the game is played once a minute, it is 1440 rounds every day. And you have the opportunity to participate
in any rounds. All winning numbers are determined after each
round. The system is random, fast and reliable, which
makes it ideal for the lottery. The bones are arranged quite differently. Your task is to choose a random number from
1 to 99. The number is generated from a new block in
which your entry. If your bet is equal to or less than the number
you have chosen, then you get your winnings depending on the bet. The system has completely secured its solvency
by setting its maximum and minimum bets for participants. The minimum bet is 0.1 EOS maximum bet is
determined by the system. Which is equal to no more than 5% of the system’s
balance, so that each winner can get his or her own winnings. And so let’s sum up the results. Decentralized blockchain guarantees the honesty
of the game result. Games on the court are replenished, and soon
new games will appear. The team promises to introduce bets in new
coins. In other words, the project aims to develop. With you was…..

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